Study guide

Learn the vedic wisdom

The Vedic literature is vast and multi-faceted, it is difficult to comprehend without a proper guide. Study is thus recommended under the guidance of a guru or spiritual master. Bhaktipedia helps you in your study from the first step through all the aspects of philosophy and spiritual practice to the understanding of the advanced scriptures. Beside this you can do research in the supplementary literatures.

First steps…

In case you are not an expert in Vedic teachings and practices of vaishnava bhakti, it is recommended to start here with recommended literature. This catalogue lets you select works which can be understood easily even without preliminary studies.

Philosophy and practice

Fundamental works of vedic culture, books of vaishnava philosophy and spiritual practice (sadhana) from original sources, spiritual masters and other outstanding authors can be found here.

Confidential writings

Writings listed here may not be properly understood without initiation and explanation given by the guru. Since, for this a more far-reaching experience and familiarity with the subjects is required.

Supplementary literature

We have collected and are in the process of collecting all writings connected to the Vedic culture: essays, remakes, health, lifestyle, art etc.

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