What Is Bhaktipedia?

Bhaktipedia[^Bhaktipedia is a compound word of Sanskrit bhakti (love for God) and Ancient Greek pedia (teaching), i.e. the science of how to love God. This word refers also to the wiki-based system that we use, similar to Wikipedia.^] is basically a collection of all authentic texts which can be of importance to all those engaged in the study of bhakti yoga.

Bhaktipedia is independent from any mission or devotional line[^Bhaktipedia is a project dedicated to the World Vaishnava Association^], but wishes to serve all those engaged in or wanting to find out about bhakti-yoga.

This is a library only so we do not wish to propagate a particular lineage or direction in vaishnavism, although the selections found here pay special attention to gaudiya vaishnava siddhanta.

Bhaktipedia is available in several languages.

It is the intent of Bhaktipedia for people not only to read these texts but also to contribute effectively in editing, correcting, translating so that more and more high quality publications can be made available to the public.

Since the correction of the texts calls for special knowledge, you can become an editor or you can load on articles only in possession of password. Each text has a main caretaker who decides in whose assistance he can have confidence. If you wish to participate contact me.

Swami B.A. Keshava
Head librarian


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