Bhaktipedia is a collection of bhakti literature for publication and it is also a world-wide editorial workshop for perfecting and refining these texts. More >>

You can find the materials in three groups. The books and articles are individually listed in the Catalogues. The Thesaurus helps understanding all the definitions contained in the texts. There are specific tools for our editorial staff to use.

Search the Catalogues

In the centre of a library there is catalogue room. The complete catalogue includes all the titles we have here. We also offer a catalog by subject matter. More >>

Learn the vedic wisdom

The Vedic literature is vast and multi-faceted, it is difficult to comprehend without a proper guide. Study is thus recommended under the guidance of a guru or spiritual master. Bhaktipedia helps you in your study from the first step through all the aspects of philosophy and spiritual practice to the understanding of the advanced scriptures. Beside this you can do research in the supplementary literatures. More >>

Look it up in the Thesaurus

When we read we often meet words hardly known to us or not known at all, but there is help in the Thesaurus. Words are categorized by names, places & events and definitions. More >>

A unique feature: the library as an editorial room

Bhaktipedia is not only for the readers, it is simultaneously redaction work. Writers, translators, editors can work together worldwide here to refine their projects. It is not free as is Wikipedia, editors must be qualified to work with us.

Contact us!

In case you wish to share opinion, have a question or would like to take part in the work, just send a message.

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