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Benefits of OIDA Therapy

Benefits on Social Level

According to Vedic psychology, the actions of human beings are influenced by three modes of material nature. These modes are: goodness, passion and ignorance.

The mode of goodness is the healthy condition, whereas passion and ignorance are causes for entanglement and disease. A person situated in the mode of goodness will naturally develop a certain behavior by which we can recognize this influence as prominent. Such a person will be vegetarian; will have awareness about environmental concerns; will be respectful towards all the other races, genders and beliefs; he will be a positive influence in the society in all respects. (see CD35)

OIDA-therapy brings to awareness that non-violence and a sustainable interaction with nature, environment and animals is very important for a healthy development. The production and consumption of the products of this world has to be balanced. The bare necessities of people have to be covered at least and an equal chance must exist for all the people in this world.

It is not our subject here to propose a system of social justice, but it is a natural side-effect in the character of those who understand OIDA-therapy, that they cannot abuse others, or put other living entities into terrible conditions.

It was very strongly stressed in Vedic times, that those who have others depending on them should behave like loving guardians and make sure that those who depended on them could be freed from the cycle of repeated birth and death.

OIDA-therapy brings about a natural inclination for accepting responsibility for our actions.

If OIDA-therapy would be discussed, studied, taught and included in the educational systems, it would probably bring about a great change in the way people think and see things.

Societies, especially today, are in a continuous re-assessment and re-evaluation of their processes. OIDA-therapy is by nature everybody’s friend, because it invokes the values which people cherish the most, and it even helps to discover new values from previously forgotten areas. Of course, there will always be opposition from those who do not want to change for the better, usually because of the profit they are making when they keep others in a fool’s paradise.

Benefits on Family Level

For the family and all those connected to us, OIDA-therapy provides an intense help by showing the importance of the family structure in itself and the amazing values we can obtain by fulfilling our duties towards husband, wife and children. All mystical traditions agree that in the mode of goodness the virtue of good family life is an important part of spiritual perfection.

Everyone should feel very much encouraged to lead a successful family life.

Specific therapy for partnerships and even relationships of parents and children are made very easily on the basis of the values, which have been inspired by our faith. We can discover that solutions are much closer to us than we would ever have thought.

Considering that even wars have been started over who owns a few square feet of land, and that generally family conflicts are no more than clashes of ego, OIDA-Therapy helps us to have the right focus. We have to learn to forgive and to make the best of this human form of life.

The conditions of families and children are nowadays so fragile that almost any therapy can help. OIDA-therapy focuses all efforts on becoming established in the mode of goodness.

OIDA Therapy and its benefits on the individual level

On the individual level OIDA-therapy offers plenty of opportunities for self-healing.

It also offers the guidance of some one who is an expert in your mystical tradition to help you on your way. Of course, experts will also be able to help you through their courses, counseling and other services, like retreats, etc. OIDA-therapy to a large degree, once healing takes place, also opens a door to further dvancement on your spiritual path.

This is especially exciting. OIDA-therapy does not want to convert anybody to anything. It helps you to discover what is naturally yours; where you feel a natural inspiration; and helps you to discover the elements which will free you from any negative condition.

It can be also very helpful to get to know how other mystical traditions deal with the problems of human life. It can make you more broad-minded and more determined to follow the path of love, which is the essence of all mystical traditions. It is therefore one of the goals of OIDA-therapy, to present all the different mystical traditions in such a way, that everyone will be able to perceive this essence, which is love.

At the same time OIDA-therapy can bring about more social engagement and more patience. Someone who has regained health through OIDA-therapy will almost naturally transmit that health to others as part of his joyous celebration of his recovery.

A higher consciousness is always a great gift and through OIDA-therapy one is able to discover, not only that there is a higher consciousness, but that there are many levels of higher consciousness, which are still to be discovered.

On one hand OIDA-therapy makes you realize how small you are; on the other hand it shows you how great your potential is.

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