Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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Perennial Psychology
A manual on Oida Therapy


Part I
  1. The need for an OIDA-based approach in psychology
Part II - Human Existence
  1. How important are we?
  2. Consciousness
  3. Relations with others
  4. Our life comes from the Supreme
  5. Love is part of our existence
  6. The three modes of the material nature
Part III - The Healing Circle
  1. The characteristics of the Healing Circle
  2. How the Healing Circle functions
  3. Help from the Healing Circle
Part IV - Mystic Traditions and Healing Faith
  1. Review on mystical traditions
  2. Mystical traditions and institutionalized religions
  3. Faith and the personal-impersonal God
Part V - The Characteristics of a Healthy Human Existence
  1. Consciousness or the functioning principle
  2. The vision of psychologists
  3. Psychologists vs. religion and spirituality
  4. Features of existence
  5. The Importance of considering the soul
  6. The evolution of consciousness
  7. Truth and mercy
  8. The application of OIDA for believers
  9. The principle of the Supersoul
  10. The soul as a servant of the Supersoul
  11. Levels of spiritual revelations and realizations in OIDA
  12. The conception of OIDA for the health of the soul
  13. The non dogmatic concept of spirituality
Part VI - The Impact on Human Society
  1. Darwinism and the Evolution Theory
  2. Impact of faith and political systems
  3. Benefits of OIDA Therapy
Part VII
  1. Earlier efforts of western sciences
  2. Abraham Maslow
  3. Erich Fromm: The Scientist of Love
  4. Viktor Frankl
  5. C.G. Jung
  6. Werner Heisenberg
  7. Kurt Gödel
  1. Practical application of OIDA-Therapy
  2. Do you have faith?
  3. Are You a servant of the Truth?
  4. Are you loving?
  5. Do you love animals?
  6. Are you intelligent or are you a hopeless case?
  7. Do you fear?
  8. Are you violent?
  9. Evaluation questionnaire on education and educational systems
  10. R U N V S ?
  11. Do you lie?
  12. Are you stupid?
  13. Devoloping contact with your inner guide
  14. Meditation on lies (The importance of truth for the quality of life)
  15. Comment on the 12 self-help steps of the AA
Part IX
  1. Ways of acquiring knowledge and faith
  2. Direct perception
  3. Deduction, logic and comparison
  4. Through spiritual practice and inner quest
  5. Doubt and faith
Part X
  1. Different types of faith
  2. Partial faith
  3. Distorted faith
  4. Healing faith
  5. Manipulated faith
  6. Disheartened faith
  7. Acquiring faith
  8. Eliminating the false concepts of faith
  9. Distorted perceptions of faith
Part XI
  1. The main human mistakes and sins
  2. Luxuria
  3. Gula
  4. Avaritia
  5. Acedia
  6. Ira
  7. Invidia
  8. Superbia
Part XII - Inner Transformation
  1. Fear and overcoming fear
  2. Selfishness and selflessness
  3. Ego means “existence” in the Latin language
  4. Feminine Principle in OIDA-Therapy
Part XIII - Thoughts on OIDA
  1. Walther Eidlitz - The perfect sacrifice
  2. Swami B.R. Sridhara – The success of faith
  3. +Afterword
Part XV
  1. +Appendix
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