Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir Goswami Maharaj

Guru Tattva



Trindandi Swami Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir Goswami Maharaj

Functions and Events Secretary World Vaishnav Association Founder President-Acharya Sree B. D. Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Gaudiya Math Sonia Vihar B-18, Block Second Pusta, Delhi –110094, India

“Harau ruste gurustrata gurau ruste na kaschan I

Tasma t sarv-prayatnen guru meva prasadayet II”

“ The displeasure of Godhead when directed towards any disciple is not harmful provided he is bcked by his Divine Master, whereas one who is denounced by the Spiritual Preceptor (Guru), finds no shelter in the infinite number of worlds. Even God remains silent and adamant to such a person who disregards the Spiritual Master. So by all means disciple should satisfy his Guru Dev.”

All Glory to Sree Guru and Gauranga

Namo Om Vishnupadaya Gaur Krishna Katha vibhoraya cha I

Srimate Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir Goswami iti namine II

Yasya deve para bhaktir-yatha deve tatha gurau I

Tasyaite kathita hyarthah prakashante mahatmanah II

“ Scriptures disclose their real meaning only to those persons who have equal devotion to the Supreme Lord and His representative , the Spiritual Preceptor.”

All glory to Sree Guru and Gauranga




My Divine Master

Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswamni Maharaj

“If we are sincere to render honest services to the Supreme Lord Sree Krishna and Guru Dev as well as the devotees , I am sure thatwe shall get divine help for our spiritual progress as well as for others.”. (Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj }

“ Don‘t try to see God but work in such a way that God will want to see you.” ( Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami thakur Prabhupada )

All Glory to Sree Guru and Gauranga


Tridandi Swami Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir Maharaj Maharaj Bhakti Shastry, Dharm Ratna, Praveen, Siddhantmod. Functions and Events Secretary World Vaishnava Association (W.V.A) President-Acharya Sree Mahavir Goswami Gaudiya Math Block –B-18, Second Pusta Sonia Vihar, Delhi-110094, India

Second Edition : January 2003

Copies : 1000

Donation : US $ 10 only

To be had at : Sree Mahavir Gaudiya Math (Regtd No.556) Moskovsky street-210, Flat No.109, Kharkov, Ukraine. Sree Mahavir Gaudiya Math Block B-18, Sonia Vihar, Delhi-110094, India

“Transcendental knowledge is very subtle. Even after hearing Hari Katha , understanding is necessary. Understanding is also useless if one does not start practical life. Understanding should bring modification in our habits, conduct and in all walks of life”.

(Swami B. P. Mahavir )

All glory to Sree Guru and Gauranga


1. Gurudevastam
2. Hymn of Param Hans Bhakti Dayit Maddhav Goswami Maharaj
3. Manglacharan
4. Meaning of Guru
5. Who can function as Guru
6. How to obtain Spiritual Knowledge
7. Meaning of Diksha
8. Symptoms of Guru Deva
9. Learning from Gurudeva
10.Alertness to accept Gurudeva
11.Blessings or Sri krishna in the form of Guru
12.Realisation of God depends upon his mercy
13.Diksha Guru, Siksha Guru and Chaitya Guru
14.Non-distinction beetween Guru and God
15.Duties of Disciple
16.Guru kripa hi kevalam
17.Teachings of Lord Hari as a Guru Dev
18.Greatness of Guru Dev
19.Who is Acharya
20.Attainment of Vaikuntha and subtle knowledge
21.Mantra under Guru Dev
22.Dispassion comes with the service of God
23.Aim of education
24.To whom God imparts intelligence
25.Prostitute became Shiksha Guru
26.Independency and dependency of God
27.Liberation with the association of sadhus
28.Sages purify holy places (Tirthas)
29.Command of Mahaprabhu over Sri Advaita prabhu
30.Benediction of Sri Gauranga
31.Importance of Gurukul
32.Worship of Guru is first
33.Controlling force of senses – a great quality
34.Tramscendental knowledge destroys all sins
35.Seeing faults of caste and ugly face of vaishnavas-a serious apradha
36.God is easily attained by Devotees
37.Guru - A true boatswain
39.Katha void of bhakti prohibitted
40.Benediction of Gurudeva
41.Devotion by simplicity
42.How disciple becomes Guru
43.Gurudeva not gready
44.Deciding Guru according to varnas (castes)
45.Three categories of vaishnavas
46.Superiority of vaishnava Guru
47.Superiority of devotee
48.Division of castes
49.Covetous can also get bhakti
50.Maya away from Sri Krishna
51.Important of saints
52.Qualification of disciple
53.Who is not fit for diksha (initiation)
54.Examination before diksha necessary
55.How to make prayer for initiation
56.Anything belonging to Guru Dev - honourable
57.How to utter name of Guru Dev
58.How to welcome Guru Deva on arrival
59.No deed against Guru Dev
60.Main duty of disciple
61.Never go to Guru Dev with empty hands
62.Guru Dev - Real father
63.Hindrances by demigods
64.To leave off Guru Dev - A great sin
65.Our great loss
66.Result of disobeying Guru Dev
67.Earnest longing of disciple
68.Superiority of bhakti
69.Spiritual life under guidance of Gurdeva
70.Result of slandering vaishnavas
71.How to offer Dandvat pranam
Ekam–eva aksharam yastu guru shisyam pravodhayet I

Prithivyam nasti tad-dravyam yad-dattva cha-anrini bhavet II

“There is nothing on this earth which is equal to one word taught by Sri Gurudeva. Disciple becomes indebted when he gets transcendental knowledge from his Gurudeva. Nothing can be compared even with one word spoken by Gurudeva. No any thing is available on this earth giving which disciple can become free from debt of one word of Sri Gurudeva.”

Chalam chittam chalam vittam chale jivan yauvane I

Chla chale hi sansare ddhar eko hi nischalah II (Niti shastra)

“Mind, wealth, youth and life all are changeable and perishable. Even this whole universe is temporary and perishable. Only Dharma is permanent and pleasure giving one. Hence always follow dharma”.


   First of all I offer my prostrated  obeisances  to the 

Lotus Feet of my Spiritual Master His Divine Grace OM vishnupada Param Hans BHAKTI DAYIT MADHAV GOSWAMI MAHARAJ, the founder President-Acharya Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, Organisation. I offer my respectful salutations to pujyapad Tridandi Swami Bhakti Ballabha Tirth Maharaj and Pujyapad Tridandi Swami Bhakti Bhusan Bhagabat Maharaj. Pujyapad Bhakti Bhusan Bhagabat Maharaj taught me vaishnava philosophy like professor and nourished me like father. After getting initiation I lived with him in Sree Gaudiya Math, Tezpur, Assam (India) for a long period. Under his guidance I took Tridand sannyasa and started preaching . My Gurudeva is the most powerful Acharya , delivering pure love of God strictly in disciplic succession. His service is my life and soul.

   During  the period of  1974-75, I had written  Guru 

Tattva in hindi language. Maximum portion of Guru Tattva was published in quarterly magazine ‘Sree Chaitanya Sandesh‘ from our Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, Sector 20-B, Chandigarh (Punjab), India. While I was on my preaching tour in Malaysia, Germany, Austria and France etc. during 2000-2001. a need was felt necessary to publish a book regarding conduct between Gurudeva and disciple. On 01 Jul 2002 I came to Russia and Ukraine. I started my writing about Guru and disciple. In Ukraine I got this opportunity to write and computerise this book ‘Gurudeva overtops disciple‘ as my lectures were delivered in the evening only.

  There is nothing in this world which a human being can 

understand without the help of a guide. This guide is called Gurudeva . The importance of this guide is necessary in every field of knowledge. But there are many who preach against the idea of accepting a Spiritual Guide. Theyare ignorant and perky. Function of Gurudev is to enlighten the ignorant people, by removing their misunderstandings in spiritual matters and throw sufficient light so that they may not be misled by pseudo- propagandists. Sri Gurudev by his unfathomable mercy and influlence helps the worthy disciple to change his aversion to God. Gurudev is an absolute-realised person who is competent enough to make others to realise the Eternal Truth. One who has not realised the Spiritual Truth cannot be a Spiritual Master.

   In this book  qualifications of Guru and disciple, 

importance of Diksha, Bhakti, Vaishnava Guru and human life, how to surrender and serve Gurudeva, necessity and greatness of Guru, result of disobeying Guru, kinds of bhakti and other important topics have been explained. This book reveals the religious dimensions of the Guru-disciple relationship.

   I am fallen and  can not award any benediction to my 

readers. I remain fallen and dumb, begging at the Lotus feet of my Guru Maharaj and waiting for his mercy which alone can allow this poor devotee to write this book 'Gurudeva overtops disciple (God)'. But I can confidently assure my readers that by reading this book they will gain quick access to the mercy of Sri Krishna.

In the service of Sri Gurudeva and his Lord Sri Krishna

Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir (On preaching tour in European countries)


Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharivika – Giridhari ki jaya, Radha-Govinda ki jaya, Radha-Madan Mohan ki jaya, Radha-gopinath ki jaya.

Om Vishnupada Paribrajakacharya astottara-sata pujyapada Srimad (name of Guru deva) patitpavan Guru Maharaj ki jaya; Paribrajakacharya nityalila pravistha Om Vishnu pada Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Maharaj ki jaya.

Om Viahnupada nitya lila pravistha Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati thakur Prabhupada ki jaya.

Om Vishnupada nitya lila pravistha Gaur Kishor dasa babaji maharaj ki jaya.

Om vishnupada nitya lila pravistha Bhakti Vinoda Thakur ki jaya.

Om Vishnupara nityalila pravistha Jagannath das babaji maharaj ki jaya.

Sri Gaudiya Vedant acharya Baldeva Vidyabhusana Prabhu ki jaya.

Srila Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura ki jaya.

Srila Narottam, Srinivasa and Shyamananda prabhu trya ki jaya.

Srila Krishna dasa Kaviraj Goswami prabhu ki jaya.

Srila Rupa, Sanatana, Bhatta Raghunatha ki jaya, Sri Jiva, Gopala bhatta, Dasa Raghunatha ki jaya.

Sri Svarupa Damodara, Raya Ramananda, Loka nath, Bhugarbha adi Sri Gaura parsada vranda ki jaya.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu, Sri Advaita Prabhu, Gadadhara, Srivasadi Sri Gaur bhakta vranda ki jaya

Gokula, Mathura, Vrandavan dham ki jaya.

Brahmand ghat ki jaya, Putna khal ki jaya, Nand bhavan ki jaya, Vansi-vat ki jaya.

Kesi ghat ki jaya, Chir ghata ki jaya, Raman reti ki jaya, Kaliya deha ki jaya, Seva kunj ki jaya, Nidhu vana jaya.

Gopiswar Mahadev ki jaya. Imali tala ki jaya, Panch kosi parikarama ki jaya, Nand gram ki jaya.

Nand baba ki jaya, Yashoda maiya ki jai, bal Krishna bhagavan ki jaya; Pavan sarovar ki jaya; Sanatan Goswami ki bhajan kuti ki jaya,Mathura dham ki jaya, Bhutesvar Mahadev ki jaya, Sanketa dhama ki jaya, sanket Vihari ki jaya, prem sarovar ki jaya, Rasa mandal ki jaya, Lalita, Vishakha gram ki jai, Barsana dhama ki jaya.

Srimati Radharani ki jaya, Vrasbhanu Maharaj ki jaya, Kritida devi ki jaya.

Sankhari gali ki jaya, mayur kutir ki jaya, Javat gram ki jaya Gahavar vana ki jai, bhandir vana ki jai, khidir vanam ki jai, vilva vana ki jai , Bhadra vana ki jai, Loha vana ki jaya , Kumud vana ki jaya, Madhu vana ki jaya, Tal vana ki jaya, Tamal vana ki jaya, kama vana ki jaya, Gokul Mahavana ki jaya, Vrandavan vana Dhruva vana ki jaya.

Govardhana Giridhari ki jaya, Giri raj parikrima ki jaya, Giri raj Maharaj ki jaya, Giri raj Mukharvinda ki jaya, Dana ghati, Mana ghati ki jaya, Kusum sarovar ki jaya, Narada kund ki jaya, Udhava kund ki jaya, Manas ganga ki jaya, Chakleswar Mahadeva ki jaya, Lalita kund ki jaya, Vishakha kund ki jaya, Vimla kund ki jaya.

Sri Radha kund – Shyama kunda ki jaya, Sri Raghunatha Goswami Samadhi ki jaya, six Goswamis bhajan kuties ki jaya.

Vraja basi gan ki jaya.

Purushottam dhama ki jaya, Jagannath, Baldeva and Subhadra ki jaya, Tota Gopinath ki jaya, Gambhira sthan ki jaya, Sri Radha- Radhakant ki jaya, Kashi mishra bhavan ki jaya.

Namacharya Hari dasa thakurer samadhi pitha ki jaya, Siddha vakul gachh ki jaya.

Prabhupader Janma sthan ki jaya, Jagannath dham basi bhakta vrand ki jaya.

Kshir chora Gopinath ki jaya, Sakshi Gopal ki jaya, Rasa vihari ki jaya.

Bhuvnesvar Mahadev ki jaya, Bhakta vatsal Sri Nrisinha Bhagavan ki jaya, Bhakt raj Prahlad ki jaya.

Nabdvipa dhama ki jai, Ganga devi ki jaya, Yamuna devi ki jaya, Saraswati devi ki jaya, Kshetra pal Shiv ki jaya, Jagannath mishra ki jaya, Sachi mata ki jaya, Sachi angan ki jaya, Mayapur chandra Sri Gaur hari ki jaya, Anterdvipa Mayapur dhama ki jaya, Simant-dvipa, Godruma- dvipa, Madhay-dvipa, Kola-dvipa, Ritu-dvipa, Jahnu-dvipa, Modadruma-dvipa, Rudra-dvipatmak Nabdvipa dhama ki jaya, Srivasa kirtana bhavan ki jaya, Advaita bhavan ki jaya, Nadiya Vihari Gauranga Mahaprabhu ki jaya, Jagai-Madhai ghat ki jaya, Chand kaji samadhi pitha ki jaya.

Nitya lila pravistha Om Vishnupada Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Maharajer Samadhi Mandir ki jaya, Srila Prabhupader Samadhi Mandir ki jaya, Bhakti Vinod Thakurer Samadhi Mandir ki jaya, Gaur Kishor dasa Babaji Maharajer samadhi mandir ki jaya, Anant koti vaishnava gana ki jai, Gaudiya bhakta vrinda ki jaya, prem se bolo nama sankirtana ki jaya.

Vandana of Param Hansa Bhakti Dayit Madhava Goswami Maharaj

Namo om vishnupaday rupanuga priyay cha I Srimate bhakti dayita madhav swami namine II

Krishna -abhinna prakash sri murtaye dintarine I Kshama guna avataraya gurve prabhave namah II

Satirth pritisad dharma-guru priti pradarshine I Ishodyan prabhabhavasya prakashkaya te namah II

Sree kshetre prabhupadasya sthanoddhar sukirtaye I Sarvasvata ganananda samvardhanay te namah II

I offer my prostrated obeisances to the Lotus Feet of my most revered Spiritual Master His Divine Grace Om Vishnupada Param Hansa Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Maharaj who is dearest to the devotees entourage of Sri Rupa Goswami.

He is Embodoment of Non-Distinct Manifestation of Sri Krishna. He is gracious to the wretched and incarnation of forgiveness. He showed an example of love of his Gurudeva by serving his God-brothers and revealing the glories of Ishodyan, Sridhama Mayapur.

He immensely increased the joy of the hearts of His God-brothers by his conspicuous glorious deed of recovering the Holy Birth Place site of Srila Bhakti Siddhant Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupada, at Puri Dhama (Orissa). Saraswati Thakur was son of Sri Bhakti Vinod Thakur who was Magistrate during the period of British reign in India.

Srila Bhakti Siddhant Saraswati Thakur and Srila Sachchidanand Bhakti Vinod Thakur were Nayan manjari and Kamal manjari respectively in Vrindavan lila of Sri Radha- Krishna. They propagated Nama Sankirtana Dharma in the age of Kali Yuga as divine panacea for all ills not only in this world, but even in the Celestial Globe, the Divine Name is adopted by demigods and goddesses as an elixir.


Shat- sajjan vandit pada-yugam, yugdharm pracharak dhuryya- janam I

Jantasu subhasan shakti-dharam, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (1)

I offer my prostrated obeisances to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj whose feet are worshipped by thousands of thousands people, who is foremost amongst the preachers of the dharma of Kali Yuga, and who has wonderful convincing power to deliver divine discourses in the huge gathering.

Atidirgha manohar gaur-tanum, mridu-mand suhasya yutasya dharam I

Uru-lambit hast-surup-yutam.pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (2)

I offer my prostrated obeisances to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Maharaj whose personality (body) is tall, attractive one with golden reflection, who has smiling face, whose arms are handsome and extended upto his kneels.

Shishu-kal- supathya-suyatna-param, janani-savidhe- srut-shastra-matam I

Parmarth-krite parihin griham, pranamami cha madhav dev pada II (3)

I offer my salutations to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who from very childhood remained interested in study, who strudied Srimad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharta and Srimad Bhagavatam from his chaste mother named Srimati Shaivalini Devi Dasi , and who renounced his house for the spiritual welfare of the fallen souls.

Prabhupada-pade-arpit deha-matim, guru-karya-krite yativesh- dharam I

Prantesu sadahit-kari-varam, pranamami cha maddhav dev padam II (4)

I offer my prostrated obeisances to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj, who surrendered his body and intelligence to the Lotus Feet of his Guru Dev Srila Bhakti Siddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada, who accepted tridand sannyasa in order to fulfil desire of his Gurudeva ( Prabhupada) and who always remained engaged in the spiritual welfare of those who came and took shelter at his feet.

Prabhupada- manomata karyya ratam, susamadrit bhakti- vinoda- padam I

Raghu-rupa-sanatan-labdh patham, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (5)

I offer my prostrated obeisances to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who remained always busy in preaching devotional principles as desired by his Guru Dev Srila B.S.S Thakur Prabhupada, and who honoured the Lotus Feet of worshipful Bhakti Vinod Thakur and who followed very carefully the path shown by Srila Raghunath Das Goswami, Srila Rupa Goswami, and Srila Sanatan Goswami.

Taru-dhikkrit marjan shakti dharma, laghu-sevan- matrak-hrist hridam I

Harikirtan santat dattmatim, pranamami cha maddhav dev padam II (6)

I offer my humble prayer to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who is more tolerant than a tree ( if any a branch of tree is cut off, tree does not speak yet tree gives fruits from its other branches and tree can die but does not request anybody for water), whose heart is always satisfied and glad by the little service rendered by the fallen souls and who is perpetually absorbed in Kirtan.

Math-mandir nirmit kirti-dharam, guru-gaur-kathasu cha nitya ratam I

Svayam-acharne par dhairya param, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (7)

I offer my humble prayer to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who got very high reputation in constructing Maths (Temples); who constantly absorbed in glorifying the glories of his Gurudeva and Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, who has wonderful patience and leads his life practically.

Karuna-ardra-hridahrita vishnujanam, jana-nandit vandit krity-kulam I

Nij-desh-videsh-suvandya padam, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (8)

I offer my humble prayer to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who always invited vaishnavas from very coreof his heart, whose family dynasty is famous and respected for good deeds, whose lotus feet are worshipped in his own country and abroad also.

Guru pankti surakshan yatna param, guru sodar gaurav dana-ratan I

Anu-raktsu sevak vakya dharam, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (9)

I offer my humble prayer to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who remaining in the preceptorial line protects greatness of past Gurus, who is always engaged to honour his god-brothers and who accepts and follows the teachings of senior and liberated vaishnavas.

Bhagavad—bhajane-hyanurag param, vrita palan karm sudartya yutam I

Prabhupada pada-uddhrit kari janam, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (10)

I offer my humble prayer to the Lotus Feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who follows religious rules and regulations very strictly and who emancipated thousands of thousands people by the way shown by Srila Prabhupada.

Kripaya kshamtam-apradhi janam, kalusayut sakt-sudin naram I

Supathe parichalaya sarva dinam, pranamami cha madhav dev padam II (11)

I offer my salutations to the lotus feet of Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Guru Maharaj who has unique power of pardoning the apradhi or greatest sinner people and power of inspiriing the fallen souls for leading the spiritual life. Oh my beloved Gurudev I am greatest sinner and apradhi and have fallen in this world of sorrows.

Kindly be kind and shower your unfathomable mercy upon this fallen soul. I am fallen and unfortunate man, yet I dare to obtest your excellency for benediction as you are more beneficent.

In the service of Sri Gurudev and Gauranga Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir

Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada-Padma-Stavah (By Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhar Goswami Maharaj)

Sujanarbuda-radhita-pa`da-yugam, yuga-dharma-dhurandhara- patra-varam I

Varada-abhaya-dayak-pujya-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (1)

O Srila Prabhupada, your beautiful lotus feet are cherished by millions and millions of the purest and most qualified devotees, and you are the most competent personality to preach the recognized process for present era. Your sacred lotus feet are adorable, as they openly grant fearlessness and bestow the highest benediction to all living entities.

I eternally offer my respects unto that charming effulgence that shines forth from the radiant lotus toe-tips of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada.

Bhajanorjita-sajjana–sangha-patim, patitadhika-karunika- eka-gatim I

Gati-vanchita-vanchaka-achintya-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (2)

You shine forth as the natural leading monarch among thehighest class of devotees due to your immensely powerful bhajana, and you are the exclusive, ultimate aim of the truly fallen due to your far-reaching merciful embrace.

Your inconceivable lotus feet bestow full shelter for the cheaters and the cheated. I eternally ofer my respects unto the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Ati—komala—kanchana—dirgha-tanum, tanu—nindita-hem-mrnal- madam I

Madana-arbuda-vandita-chandra-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (3)

Your divine figure is so graceful and delicate, your skin so soft, and your towering form so radiant and golden.

Your overwhelmingly beautiful appearance mocks the pride of golden lotus stems as countless cupid offer their bumble respects to your lotus toes which are like glowing white petals of the radiant moon. I always offer my salutation unto the lotus feet of Srla Prabhupada.

Nija-sevaka-taraka-ranji-vidhum, vidhuta`hita—hunkrta- sinha-varam I

Varana-agata-balisa-shanda-padam, Pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (4)

Like the charming moon which pleases its orbiting stars, you are surrounded by your intimate disciples and are fulfilling their hearts’ desires. Your lion-like roar causes the envious to tremble and quickly flee while your tender toes gracefully bestow the ultimate benefit for the innocent. I offer my prostrated obeisances unto to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Vipuli-krta-vaibhava-gaura-bhuvam, bhuvanesu vikirtita- gaura--dayam I

Dayaniya-gana-arpita-gaur-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (5)

You have widely spread the glories of Sri Gauranga’s holy abode, Sri Mayapur dhama, and you have openly declared the nature of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s mercy throughout the universe. Your graceful personality has planted the lotus of Gauranga’s holy feet in th hearts of your deserving servitors.

Chira-gaura-jana-asraya-visva-gurum, guru-gaura-kishoraka- dasya-param II

Prama-adrta-bhakti-vinoda-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (6)

As the universal holy master, you are eternal refuge for Sri Chatanya Mahaprabhu’s devotees. You are always dedicated to serving your holy master Srila Gaura Kishora das, and you are the abode of utmost honour for Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakur. I always offer my respectful salutation unto the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Raghu-rupa-sanatana—kirti-dharam, dharani-tala—kirtita- jiva-kavim I

Kaviraja-narottama-sakhya-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada padam II (7)

The intense magnitude of your devotion allows you a glorious position within that initmate group of Raghunatha das, Sanatana, and Rupa Goswamis. Your happy and elevated philosophical conceptions have crowned and seated you along with that esteemed personality, Srila Jiva Goswami. And you share friendly relations with Krishna dasa Kaviraja and Narotama dasa, being as dear to them as their very own lives. I always offer my pranam tol the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Kripaya hari kirtana murti dharma, dharani bhara-ha`raka- gaura-janam I

Janaka-adhika-vatsala-snigdha-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam (8)

You serve the living entities by mercifully revealing your divine personality as the embodiment of Hari-kirtana, and by so doing, eliminate the offenses which burden the earth. Your loving disposition is more affectionate than even a father to the followers of Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

Saranagata-kinkara-kalpa-tarum, taru-dhik—krta-dhira- vada`nya--varam I

Varadendra-ganarchita-divya-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada padam II (9)

Just like a transcendental desire tree, you fulfil all the desires of the Lord’s unalloyed servants. Your firm and patient nature insults the tolerant disposition of a tree, what to speak of your benevolence. The purity of your divine lotus feet attracts the worship of the great demigoddess like Durga devi and demigod Indra. I eternally offer my due respect to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

Parahansa-varam pramartha-patim, patita—uddharane krta-vesa-yatim I

Yati-raja-ganaih parisevya-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam II (10)

Being the storehouse keeper of life’s highest wealth, pure Krishna Prema, you surpass all the other great maha-bhagavata devotees! Simply to rescue the fallen souls, you accepted the dress of a recluse. Hence, your divine lotus feet are adorable in every respect of the greatest salwart sannyasis.

Vrsabhanu-suta-dayita-anucharam, charana-asrita-renu-dharas- tam-aham I

Mahad-adbuta-pavana-shakti-padam, pranamami sada prabhupada-padam (11)

Since your are an exclusive servitor of Vrsabhun-nandini Srimati Radhika, my bold aspiration is to take full shelter as a minute atomicle particle of thast shining dust that clings to your beautiful lotus feet. Your wonderful sakti can deliver the whole world.

I enternally offer my respect unto that charming effulgence that shines forth from the radiant lotus toe-tips of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada.

Sri Sad-Goswamya-Astakam (Srila Srinivasa Acharya)

Krishnotkirtana–gana-nartana-parau prema-amrtambho-nidhi, Dhira-adhira-jana-priyau priyo-karau nirmatsarau pujitau I

Sri Chaitanya-krpa-bharau bhuvi bhuvo bhara-avahantarakau Vande rupa-sanatanau raghu-yugau sri-jiva-gopalakau II (1)

I worship six Goswamis, Sri Rupa, Sanatana, Raghunatha Bhatta, Raghunatha dasa, Sri Jiva, and Gopal bhatta, who were always engaged in singing Krishna’s name, beauty, qualities, pastimes, and dancing in the mood of the sweetness of His lilas. The Goswamis are the very embodiment of the ocean of the nectar of divine love (prema- amrta-samudra-svarupa). They are accepted and respected by learned and ignorant persons alike, and their activities endear them to all because they hold no envy towards anyone. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has fully blessed them with his mercy. Thus they are able to spread the sweet nectar of bhakti , thereby diminishing the burden of sinful life on the earth.

Nana–shastra-vicharanaika-nipunau sad-dharma-sansthapakau, Lokanam hita-karinau tri-bhuvane manyau sharanyakarau I

Radha—Krishna—padarvinda-bhajana-anandena mattalikau, Vande rupa—sanatanau raghu-yugau sri jiva-gopalakau II (2)

I offer prayers to the six Goswamis, who are expert in extracting the essence of all the revealed scriptures with the aim of establishing the jivas in their etetnal position of performing pure devotion (Suddha-bhakti-rupa-parama- dharma). Their activities bring auspiciousness and supreme benefit to all. Thus, they are worthy who take shelter of them, and they are so much absorbed in their service to Sri Radha-govinda that they have become mad like bees intoxicated by the honey of Their lotus feet.

Sri-gauranga-guna-anuvarnan-vidhau sraddha-samrddhy-anvitau, Papottapa-nikrntanau tanu—bhrtam govinda-gana-amrtaih I

Ananda-ambudhi—vardhanaika—nipunau kaivalya-nistarkau, Vande rupa—sanatanau, raghu-yugau sri jiva-gopalakau II (3)

I offer salutations to the six Goswamis, who have so much deep faith and love for Sri Gauranga.They are always glorifying Mahaprabhu’s and Govinda’s qualities in songs which create a cooling rainshower for the conditioned jivas burning up in miseries and sinful activities.Then the purified jivas can enter the ever-increasing oceans of divine bliss (anandambudhi). As the jivas experience this bliss, the whole world becomes auspicious. They rescue the jivas experience this bliss, the whole world becomes auspicious. They rescue the jivas from impersonal liberation by pouring upon them the nectrar of bhakti-rasa.

Tyaktv turnam ashes-mandala-pati-srenim sada tuchchha vat, Bhutva dina-ganeshakau karunaya kaupina—kantha-asritau I

Gopi-bhava-rasa—amrtabdhi-lahari—kallola-magnau muhur, Vande rupa-sanatanau raghu—yugau sri jiva-gopalakau II (4)

I worship the six Goswamis, who abandoned as insignificant their position in the aristocracy and took on the garb of renunciation. Out of extreme mercy for the conditioned souls, they humbly took only kaupins and old, tattered cloth for their covering to demonstrate how a sadhaka (devotee) should live. But they were always submerged in the ecstatic ocean of the gopis love (gopi-bhava- rasamrtabdhi) for Krishna, experiencing again and again towering waves of ananda rising up in their hearts.

Kujat—kokila—hansa-sa rasa—ganakirne mayur—akule, Nana—ratna—nibaddha—mula–vitapa-sri yukta-vrandavane I

Radha-krishnam ahar-nisam prabhajatau jiva-arthadau yau muda, Vande Rupa-Sanatanau Raghu-yugau Sri Jiva-Gopalakau (5)

I offer my prayers to the six Goswamis, who were always engaged in worshipping Sri Radha and Krishna in the transcendental land of Vrandavan , which is full of so many swans, cuckoos, parrots,peacocks and other birds who are always calling out their sweet songs. The very splendid trees are full of fruits and flowers and have all valuable jewels under their roots. Day and night the Goswamis were doing their bhajana in that Vrandavana and bestowing upon all jivas the highest benediction of life in the form of bhakti.

Sankhya-purvaka-nama-gana—natibhih kala-avasani-krtau, Nidra—ahara-viharkadi—vijitau cha-atyanta–dinau cha yau I

Radha-krishna-guna-smrter madhurima-anandena sammohitau Vande rupa sanatanau raghu-yugau sri jiva-gopalakau II (6)

I worship the six Goswamis, who passed all their time in chanting the holy names, singing songs, and offering dandavat-pranam, thereby humbly fulfilling their vow to complete a fixed number daily. In this way they utilized their valuable lives and conquered over eating and sleeping. Always seeing themselves as completely worthless, they became enchanted in divine rapture by remembering Sri Radha Krishna’s sweet qualities.

Radha—kunda—tate kalinda-tanaya—tire cha vansivate, Premonmada-vashad-ashesa- dashaya grastau pramatau sada I

Gayantau cha kada harer guna-varam bhava-abhibhutau, Vande rupa-sanatanau raghu-yugau sri jiva-gopalakau II (7)

I offer dandavat pranama to the six Goswamis, who had become mad in prema (premonmada) in the mood of separation from Sri Radha-Krishna. Sometimes they were going to the banks of Radha-kunda or the Yamuna and sometimes to Vansi-vata. Intoxicated in Krishna’s prema, they were overwhelmed in bhava and jubilantly sang of Sri Hari’s most sublime and brilliant madhura-rasa.

He radhe! vraja-devike! cha lalite! he nanda-suno! Kutah, Sri govardhana—kalpa-padapa-tale kalindi-vanye kutah I

Ghosantav-iti sarvato vraja—pure khedair-maha-vihavalau Vande rupa-sanatanau raghu-yugau sri jiva-gopalkau (8)

I am doing vandana to the six Goswamis, who were always calling out “He Radhe! O Queen of Vrandavan! Where are You? He lalite! O son of Nanda Maharaj! Where are You? Are you seated beneath the kalpa trees of Sri Gavardhana Hill? Or, are you roaming in the forests along the soft banks of the Kalindi (Yamuna)?” They were always lamenting, overwhelmed and burning in feelings of great separation as they wandered thoughout all Vraja-mandal.

Sri Guruvastakam

Sansara davanala lidha loka tranaya karunya ghanaghanatvam I

Praptasya kalyana gunarnavasya vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (1)

Just as a rain cloud extinguishes a blazing forest fire by showering its rain upon it. Sri Gurudeva, by his rain of divine mercy, delivers the people burning in the fire of material existence, suffering the three-fold miseries —adhyatmika, adhibhauitika and adhidaivika. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva who manifests when Krishna`s mercy becomes very thick and who is an ocean of auspicious qualities.

Mahaprabhoh kirtana nritya gita-vaditra madyan manaso Rasena I

Romancha kampasru taranga bhajo vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (2)

Sri Gurudeva is inspired by Mahaprabhu`s sankirtana and is always dancing, singing and playing musical Instruments. Because he is tasting Mahaprabhu`s prema -rasa in his heart like a madman he sometimes exhibits ecstatic symptoms - his hairs stand on end, he shivers, and waves of tears flow from his eyes. I offer prayers unto Sri Gurudeva`s lotus Feet.

Sri vigraharadhana nitya nana sringara tan mandira marjanadau I

Yuktasya bhaktans cha niyujato api, vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (3)

Always worshipping Sri Vigrahas and absorbed in sringara –rasa, Sri Gurudeva daily dresses deities differently with beautiful clothes and ornaments designed to enhance Their meetings. He cleans the temple and performs other services for Them. He also engages his disciples in these services. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Chatur vidha sri bhagavat prasada svadv-anna–trptan hari bhakta sanghan. I

Kritvaiva trptim bhajatah sadaiva, vande guroh sri charanravindam II (4)

Sri Gurudeva is always satisfied to see Sri Krishna`s devotees relishing four kinds of foodstuffs that have been offered, namely, 1, those which are chewed, 2. those which are sucked, 3. those which are licked and 4. those which are drunk. Thus the devotees become satisfied by tasting mahaprasada. By accepting prasada in the mood of service, material life is destroyed and the bliss of divine love is awakened in the heart. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Sri radhika madhavayor apara madhurya lila guna rupa namnam I

Prati kshanasvadan lolupasya, vande guroh sri Charanaravindam II (5)

At every moment Sri Gurudeva is exeriencing intense greed in his heart to taste the unlimited sweetness of the holy names, forms, qualities, and pastimes of Sri Sri Radha- Madhava in Vrandavan. I offer my prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Nikunja yuno rati keli siddhyai, ya yalibhir yuktir apeksaniya I

Tatrati dakshyad ati vallabhasya, vande guroh sri Charanaravindam II (6)

Sri Gurudeva is always present with the sakhis, planning the arrangements for the perfection of yugala-kishor`s amorous pastimes (rati –keli) within the kunjas of Vrandavana. Because he is so expert in making these rasteful arrangements for their pleasure, he is very dear to Sri Radha and Krishna. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Sakshad dharitvena samasta sastrair uktas tatha bhavyata eva sadbhih I

Kintu prabhor yah priya eva tasya, vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (7)

All the scriptures proclaim that Sri Gurudeva is sakshat Hari, the direct potency of Sri Hari, and is thus considered by saintly authorities to be His non-different representative. Because Sri Gurudeva is so dear to the Lord, being His confidential servitor (achintuya –bhedabheda–prakash–vigrah the inconceivable different and non-different worshipable manifestation of the Lord). I offer prayers unto his lotus feet.

Yaya prasadad bhagavat prasado, yasyaprasadan na gatih kuto api I

Dhyayam stuvans tasya yasas tri sandhyam vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (8)

Only by the the mercy of Sri Gurudeva one can receive the mercy of Krishna without his grace the living entities can not make any advancement nor be delivered. Meditating three times a day on the glories of Sri Gurudeva and reciting stavastsuti, I offer prayers unto his lotus feet.

Srimad guror astakam etad uchchair brahme muhurte pathati prayatnat I

Yas tena vrindavana natha sakshat sevaiva labhya januso anta eva II (9)

That person who very attentively recites this astakam to Sri Gurudeva during brahma muhurta ( 96 minutes before sun -rising) is sure to achieve direct service to the lotus feet of Sri Krishna, the very life and soul of Vrandavan (Vrandavana natha), upon attaining his vastu siddhi or pure spiritual form.. After chanting this Guruastakam devotees together should follow vaishnava vandana.


Vande-aham sri guroh sri yut pada-kamalam sri gurun-vaishanvans cha, Sri rupam sagrajatam saha-gana raghunathanvitam tam sa-jivam I

Sadvaitam savadhutam parijana sahitam krishna chaitanya devam, Sri radha Krishna padan saha gana Lalita sri Vishakhavitans cha II

I offer pranamas to the lotus feet of ‘Sri Gurudeva ( including Sri diksha guru and bhajan siksha gurus), guru varga (our entire disciplic succession) , and all other vaishnavas, to Sri Rupa Goswami, his elder brother Sri Sanatana Goswami, Sri Raghunatha Das Goswami, Sri Jiva Goswami and their associates, to Sri Advaita Prabhu, Sri Nityanand prabhu, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates, and to the lotus feet of Sri Radha and Krishna accompanied by Sri Lalita and Vishakha and all the other sakhis.

Sri Guru–Pranam

Om ajnana timirandhasya jnananjana Salakaya I Chakshur unmilitam yena tasmai sri guruve namah II

O! Gurudeva, you are so merciful. I offer my humble pranama to you and am praying from the core of my heart that, with the torchlight of divine knowledge, you opened my eyes which have been blinded by the darkness of ignorance.

Namas te gurudevaya sarva siddhi paradayine I Sarva mangala rupaya sarvanda vidhayine II

I offer my prostrated obeisances unto the lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva who is the embodiment of all auspiciousness and who bestows all spiritual perfection and happiness.

Sri Guru-rupa sakhi–pranama Radha-sanmukha-sansaktim sakhi sanga nivasinim I Tam aham satatam vande guru-rupam param sakhi II

I forever worship my Gurudeva who in his form as exalted sakhi is happily immersed in the company of Srimati Radhika and the other Sakhis.

Srila Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir Goswami - Vandana

Namo Om Vishnupadaya Gaur Krishna Katha vibhoraya cha I Srimate Bhakti Prabhav Mahavi Goswami iti namine II

I offer my prostrated obeisances to the lotus feet of my Gurudeva Srimad Bhakti Prabhav Mahavir Goswami Maharaj who is always absorbed in glorifying the pastimes of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Who is known as Gaur -Krishna being combined manifestation of Sri Radha and Krishna.

Arila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami – Vandana

Namo om vishnupadya rupanuga prayay cha I Srimate bhakti dayit madhava swami namine II

Krishna abhinn prakash sri murtaye dintarine I Kshma guna avataraya gurve prabhave namah II

Satirtha prati sad-dharma guru priti pradarshine I Ishodyan prabhavasya prakash kaya te namah II

Sri kshetre prabhu padasya sthanoddhar sukirtay I Sarasvata ganananda samvardhanay te Namah II

I offer my prostrated obeisances repeatedly to the Lotus Feet of most revered Spiritual Master His Divine Grace Om Param Hansa Bhakti Dayit Madhava Goswami, Vishnupada Maharaj who is dearest to the devotees entourage of Sri Rupa Goswami. He is Embodiment of non-distrinct Manifestation of Sri Krishna.

He is gracious to the wretched and incarnation of forgiveness. He showed an example of love of his Guru Dev by serving his God-brothers and revealing the glories of Ishodyan, Sridham Mayapur. He immensely increased the Joy in the hearts of his God-brothers by his conspicious glorious deed of recovering the Holy birth place site of Srila Bhakti Sidddhant Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupada at Puri Dhama (Orissa), India.

Srila Saraswati Thakur, Prabhupada was son of Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakur who was Magistrate during the period of British reign in India. He is father pioneer of Gaudiya Vaishnav Bhakti Cult.

Srila Prabhupada - Vandana

Namo om Vishnu padayan Krishna presthaya bhutale I Srimate bhakti –siddhanta - sarasvati-iti-namine II

Sri varsabhanavi devi dayitaya krapabdhaye I Krishna sambandha vijnana dayine prabhave namah II

Madhuryojjvala premadhya sri rupanuga bhakti da I Sri gaura karuna sakti vigrahaya namo-stu te II

Namaste gaura vani sri murtaye dina tarina I Rupanuga viruddha-apasiddhanta dhvanta harine II

I offer pranama unto Om Vinupada Srila Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupada, who is very dear to Sri Srishna, who is most beloved of Sri Varsabhanavi devi Radhika, who is an ocean of mercy, and who is kindly bestowing realization (sambandha vijnana) of our eternal relationship with Sri Radha and Krishna. Again and again I offer obeisances unto Srila Saraswati Thakur who is the;mercy incarnate of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu (who descended upon the earth to bestow ujjvala madhurya rasa,(full conjugal prema), and who is embodiment of the line of Sri Rupanuga-bhakti.

I offer obeisances unto Srila Bhakti Siddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada who is the embodiment of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu`s teachings (vani). You deliver the fallen souls and you annihilate the darkness arising from misconceptions which are opposed to the precepts enunciated by ’Srila Rupa Goswami..

Srila Gaura Kishor Das Babaji - Vandana

Namo gaura–kishoraya sakshad vairagya murtaye I Vipralambha rasambhodhe! padambujaya te namah II

I offer pranama unto the lotus feet of Sri Gaura Kishor Das Babaji Maharaj who is renunciation personified and an ocean of vipralambha rasa, always being absorbed in the mellow of divine separation of Sri Radha and Krishna.

Srila Bhakti Vinoda – Vandana

Namo bhakti vinodaya sach-chid-ananda namine I Gaura shakti svarupaya rupanuga–varaya te II

I offer pranama unto Sachchidananda Sri Bhakti Vinoda Thakur who is the foremost of rupanugas and the embodiment of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu`s shakti, Gadadhara Pandita.

Srila Jagannatha das babaji – Vandana

Gauravirbhava-bhumes tvam nirdesta sajjan priya I Vaishnava sarvabhauma Sri Jagannathaya te namah II

I offer pranama unto the topmost vaishnava, Sri Jagannath Das Babaji Maharaja, who verified the appearance place of Sri Gaura Sundara and who is so dear to all saintly devotees.

Sri Vaishnava - Vandana

Vanchha kalpa tarubhyas cha kripa sindhubhya eva cha I Patitanam pavanebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namah II

I offer pranamas unto the Vaishnavas, who are just like wish fulfilling desire trees, who are an ocean of mercy, and who deliver the fallen , conditioned souls.

Sri Vraja-vasi-vranda-pranama

Muda yatra brahma trn-nikara-gulmadisu param, Sada sankshan janma-arpita vividha-karmapy anudinam I

Kramad ye tatraiva vraja-bhuvi vasanti priya-jana, Maya te te vandyah parama vinayah punya-khachitah II

Although Brahma is always busy carrying out his many weighty duties including creating the material universe, still he longs to take birth in Vrandavan as a blade of grass, a shrub, or in any other species. With utmost humility I worship each of the dear devotees who reside in that Vrandavan. They are all supremely worshippable and highly pious.

Srila Sanatan Goswami – Vandana

Vairagya-yug bhakti-rasam prayatnair, Apayayan mam anabhipsum andham I Krpambudhir yah para-duhkha-duhkhi, Sanatanam tam prabhum asrayami II

I was unwilling to drink the nectar of bhakti-rasa laced with renunciation, but Srila Sanatan Goswami, being an ocean of mercy who cannot tolerate the sufferings of others, induced me to drink it . Therefore, I take shelter of Srila Sanatan Goswami as my siksha guru.

Srila Rupa Goswami – Vandana

Sri chaitanya mano-abhistam sthapitam yena bhutale I Svayam rupah kada mahyam dadati sva-padantikam II

When will Sri Rupa Goswami give me the shelter ofhis lotus feet? Because he understood the innermost desire of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he was able to establish His mission in this world and is very dear to the Lord.

Adadanas trnam dantair idam yache punah punah I Srimad-rupa padambhoja-dhulih syam janma-janmani II

Clasping a straw between my teeth, I repeatedly beg to attain the dust of the lotus feet of Srimad Rupa Goswami birth after birth.

Sri Nityananda Prabhu Pranama

Sankarasanah karana-toya-sayi, garbhodasayi cha payobdhi-sayi I Sesas cha yasyansa-kalah sa nityanandakhya-ramah saranam mamastu II

Sankarasana, Sesa Naga (serpent God) and the Vishnus who lie on the Karna, Garbha and kshir Oceans, are the plenary portions of the plenary portions of Sri Nityananda Rama. May He give me shelter.

Sriman Mahaprabhu - Vandana

Namo maha vadanyaya Krishna prema pradaya te I Krishnaya Krishna Chaitanya namne gaura tvise namah II

I offer pranama unto Sri Krishna Chaitanya dev who is Sri Krishna Himself. Having assumed the golden hue of Srimati Radhika, He is munificently bestowing Krishna prema, the rarest of all gifts.

Tapta kanchan gaurangam ananda rasa vigraham I Nigudha premadam sree mach-chaitanyam pranamamya-aham II

I offer my countless salutations to Lord Chaitanya Whose countenance`s reflection is like molten gold, Who is ocean of bliss and giver of unalloyed divine love.

Anarpita-charim chirat karunya–avatirna kalau, Samarpayitum unnatojjvala-rasam sva-bhakti-sriyam I Harih purata—sundara-dyuti—kadamba-sandipitah, Sada hrdaya-kandare sphuratu vah sachi nandana II

May the Supreme Lord Who is know as the son of Srimati Sachidevi be transcendentally situated in the innermost chambers of your heart. Pesplendent with the radiance of molten gold He has appeared in the age of Kaliyuga by His causeless mercy to bestow what no other avatarar has ever offered before the most sublime and rediant mellow of devotional service – the mellow of conjugal love.

Pancha Tattva

Sri Krishna Chaitanya, prabhu-Nityananda I Sri advaita Gadadhara Srivasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda II

Pancha Tattva – Pranama

Pancha tattvatmakam krishnam bhakta rupa svarupakam I Bhaktavataram bhaktakhyam namami bhakta saktikam II

I offer pranama unto Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in His five features as Bhakta rupa (Mahaprabhu), bhakta –svarupa (Sri Nityananda prabhu), bhakta-avatara (Sri Advaita prabhu), bhakta (Srivasa Pandit) and bhakta-shakti (Sri Gadadhara Pandit).

Sri Krishna – Pranama

He Krishna karuna sindho dina bandho jagat pate I Gopesa gopika kanta radha kanta namo stu te II

I offer my unlimited pranamas unto you , O Krishna! You are the ocean of mercy, friend of the fallen souls. Lord of creation and master of the cowherd community! You are Gopi-Kant, beloved of Gopis, and above all you are Radha-kant, beloved of Srimati Radhika!

Krishnaya vasudevaya haraye paramatmane I Pranata klesa nasaya govindaya namo namah II

Time and again I offer pranamas unto Sri Krishna who is the sone of Sri Vasudeva, and the remover of His devotees material attachments and sufferings.

Namo nalina-netraya venu-vadya-vinodine I Radha-adhara-sudha-pana-saline vana-maline II

I offer my pranam unto Sri Krishna whose eyes are like lotus flowers, who merrily plays the flute, who is expert in drinking the nectar of Radhika’s lips, and who is adorned with a garland of forest flowers.

Adharo-apya aparadhanam Aviveka-hato-apya aham I Tvat-karunya-pratiksho-asmi , prasida mayi madhava II

Although I am a mine (store) of offences and although I cannot tell right from wrong, I still hope for Your mercy. O Lord Madhava please be merciful to me.

Sri Radha - Pranama

Tapta kanchana gaurangi! radhey! vrindavanesvari I Vrisabhanu sute devi! pranamami hari priya II

O Gaurangi, whose complexion is like molten gold! O Radhe! Queen of Vrindavana! O daughter of Vrasabhanu Maharaja! O Devi! O dearmost of Hari! pranamas unto you again and again!

Radha - Dhyanam

Amala-kamal-kantim, nila-vastram sukeshim Shashadhara–sama–vaktram khanjana-akshim manojnam I Stana-yuga-gata-muktadama-diptam kishorim, Vraja–pati-suta–kantam radhikam asraye aham II (1)

I take shelter of Srimati Radhika whose complexion is like that of a spotless lotus flower, who is attired in blue cloth, whose hair is very beautiful, whose face is like the full moon, whose charming, restless eyes are like khanjarita birds (wagtails), upon whose breasts rests a radiant pearls necklace, who is eternally youthful, and who is the dearmost lover of the son of Nanda Maharaja.

Bhajami radham aravinda-netram, Smarami radham madhura- smitasyam I Vadami radham karuna-bharardram, Tato mamanya-asti gatir na ka-api II (2)

I worship Radha who has lotus eyes, I remember Radha who has a sweet smile and I speak of Radha who is melted with compassion. There is nothing else for me . She is my very life and soul.

Pranam to the dust of Vraja Gopis feet

Vande nanda-vraja-strinam, pada-renum abhikshnasah I Yasam hari-kathodgitam, punati bhuvana-trayam II

I repeatedly offer my obesissances to the dust from the lotus feet of the cowherds damsels of Nanda baba`s village of Vraja, Nand Gaov. I place thast dust upon my forehead. When these damsels loudly chant the glories of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna the vibration purifies the thtee worlds (heaven, bhuvarlok and earth).

Prayer to Sri Radha

Ha! Devi kaku-bhara-gadgadaya-adya-vacha, Yache nipatya bhuvi dandavad udbhata-artih I Asya prasadam abudhasya janasya krtva, Gandharvike tava gane gananam vidhehi II (1)

O Devi Gandharvike! In utter desperation I throw myself on the ground like a stick and with a choked voice humbly implore You to please be merciful to this fool and count me as one of Your own associsates.

Raddhe vrndavana-adhishe karuna-amrta-vahini I Krpaya nija-padabja-dasyam mahyam pradiyatam II (2)

O Radhe, queen of Vrndavana, vessel of nectarean mercy! Please bestow upon me the service of your lotus feet.

Yat—kinkarisu bahusah khalu kaku-vani, Nityam parasya purusasya sikhanda-mauleh I

Tasyah kada rasa-nidher vrsabhanu-jayas, Tat-keli-kunja-bhavana-angana-marijani syam? II (3)

O daughter of Vrsabhanu Maharaj, O ocean of rasa! The Supreme Bhagavan, the source of all avataras, who wears a peacock feather in His hair, falls at the feet of Your maidservants and propitiates them with many humble and griefstricken words to be allowed entrance into Your kunja where You engage in playful amorous pastimes. If only I could become one stick in the broom used by Your sakhis to clean Your delightful grove. I would consider my life a success.

Radha-kunda - Vandana

He sri sarovara sada-tvayi sa mad-isa, Prasthena sardham iha khelati kama-rangaih I

Tvam chet priyat priyam ativa tayor itimam, Ha darsaya-adya krpaya mama jivitam tam II

He Radha-kunda! My mistress is engaging in very secret and beautiful playful pastimes with Her darling Krishna in the Kunjas on your banks. You are so near and dear to Them. Therefore I am taking your shelter and pray for your mercy that you will show me my Swamini, who is my very life and soul.

Sri Govardhana - Pranama

Govardhano jayati shaila—kula, adhi—rajo Yo gopika-abhir udito hari-dasa-varyah I

Krishnena shakra-makha-bhanga-krata-archito yah, Aham asya kara-padma-tale apy avatsit II

Glory to Govardhan Hill, the king of all mountains including Sumeru mountain, who was given the title Hari-dasa- varyah, the best servant of Hari by the gopis, who was worshipped by Sri Krishna and Vrajvasis stopping sacrifice to Indra, and who was held on the nail of little finger of Lord Krishna’s lotus right hand for seven days.

Saptaham eva—achyuta-hasta-pankaje, Bhrnga-ayamanam phala-mula-kandaraih I

Sansevya-manam harim atma-vrndokair, Govardhana—adrim shirasa namami II (2)

I bow my head and offer pranama unto Giriraja Govardhan, who rested upon the lotus hand of Achyuta for seven days, who is embellished with the humming of black bees and who expertly sees Hari and His dearest devotees by providing caves and kunjas which supply and abundance of varieties of fruits flowers and roots for their enjoyment.

Sri Sambandhadhideva – Pranama

Jayatam suratau pangor mama manda mater gati I Mat sarvasva padambhojau radha madana mohanau II

All glories to the all merciful Sri Radha Madan Mohan! Although I am lame, foolish and devoid of intelligence, Your lotus feet are my refuge and my everything!

Sri Abhidheyadhideva - Pranama

Divyad vrindranya kalpa drumadhah, Srimad ratnagara sinhasanasthau I

Sri sri radha srila govinda devau, Presthalibhih sevyamanau smarami II

I meditate upon Sri Sri Radha Govind deva who are seated beneath a kalpa vraksha tree on an effulgent bejeweled sinhasana in the supremely beautiful land of Vrindavan, where they are always being served by their beloved sakshis, headed by Lalita and Vishakaha.

Sri Prayojanadhideva – Pranama

Sriman rasa rasarambhi vansivata tata sthitah I Karsan venu svanair gopir gopinathah sriye stu nah II

Sri Gopinatha who originated the transcendental mellow of the rasa dance always stands beneath the Vansi vata tree, attracting all the kishori (young)-gopis with the sound of His flute, thereby showering me with auspiciousness.

Sri Nrisingha Deva Pranama

Namas te narasinghaya prahladahlada–dayine I Hiranya-kasipor vakshah sila tanka nakhalaye II

Ito nrisinghah parato nrisingho yato yato yami tato nrisinghah I Bahir nrisingho hridaye nrisingho, nrisingham adim saranam prapadye II

Vagisa yasya vadane akshmir yasya cha vakshasi I Yasyaste hridaye samvit tam nrisingham aham bhaje II

Sri Nrisingha jai Nrisingha jai jai nrisingha I Prahladesha jai padma mukh padm bhranga II

I offer pranama unto Sri Narasingha Bhagavan, who gives joy to Prahlada maharaj and whose nails are like chisels on the stone like chest of demon Hiranyakasipu. In His mouth the goddess Sudddha Sarasvati is always present, on His chest Lakshami devi always sports, and within His heart special affection of His devotees is always manifests–I worships that Sri Nrisingha deva. Sri Nrisingha deva is here and also there. Wherever I go Sri Nrisingha deva is there. He is in the heart and is outside as well. I surrender unto Sri Nrisingha deva, the origin of everything and the supreme refuge. All glories to Sri Nrisingha deva who is protector of his devotee Prahlada. Glory to Prahlada who worshipped Lord Nrisingha deva.

Tulasi Pranam

Vrindai tulasi devyai priyayai kesavasya cha I Krishna bhakti prade devi! Satyavatyai namo namah II

Oh, Vranda Tulsi Devi, I pay my sanstang dandvat pranam to you as you are beloved of Sri Keshav.You are giver of Vishnu Bhakti. Hence , kindly be kind and award Krishna bhakti to me. Vranda Devi conducted penance and became loving consort of Lord Krishna. If Vranda Devi becomes satisfied she may take us to the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna. Therefore Tulsi Devi should be served with deep reverence in order to achieve Krishna bhakti. I offer pranama again and again to Tulasi devi who is most dear to Sri Krishna and who is also renowned as Vrinda devi and Satayavati of. O devi! You are the bestower of Krishna bhakti.

Bhakya vihina aparadha lakshaih, Kshiptas-cha kamadi-taranga-madhye I

Krpamayi tvam saranam prapanna, Vrnde namaste charanar- vindam II

I am devoid of devotion, replete with millions, replete with millions of offences and distracted by waves of evil desires. O compassionate Vrinda devi, I take shlter of You and pay my innumerable prostrated obeisances at Your lotus feet. Kindly rescu me.

Narayanam namaskrtya, naram chaiva narottamam I Devim sarasvatih vyasam, tato jayam udirayet II

One should offer respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord Krishna, unto His eternal friend (the superrmost human being), unto mother Sarasvati (the goddess of learning), and unto Srila Vyasdeva ( who compiled the Lords`s pastimes) before starting any recitation/Hari katha.

Mahamantra of Kali Yuga

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

All devotees should sing this manglacharan together. After vandana devotees should remember or chant Guru parampara daily in the morning. Jaya dhvani and manglacharan or vandana etc. are parts of devotion.

Mahamantra of Dvapar yuga

Hare Murare madhukaith bhare, gopal govind mukund shore I

Yagyesh narayana Krishna vishno, nirasryam mam jagdish raksh II

Mahamantra of Treta yuga

Rama narayana-anant mukunda madhusudana I Krishna keshava kansare-hare vaikutha Vaman II

Mahamantra of Satya yuga

Narayana para veda narayana para-aksharah I Narayana para mukti narayana para gatih II

Namana mukhyatamam nama krishnakhyam me parantap I Prayaschittatam–ashesanam papanam mochakam pasram II

Sri Krishna said, O, Hiro Arjuna! Amongst all My Names, ‘Krishna‘ is the most important Name. It is the sole atonement for all sins and is also the best Rescuer. The word ‘Mochaka‘ means the giver or bestower of the highest Mukti i.e. Sri Krishna Himself.

Namo-astu nama-rupaya namo-astu nama–jalpine I Namo-astu nama-shuddaya namo nama-maya cha II

I bow down to Him Whose form is the Divine Name, to him who babbles the Name, to him who is purified by the Name and to Him Who is full of Names and to Him Who is saturated with Names.

Sing aloud, sing aloud ‘Krishna‘ Nama in prayers, That cleans mind‘s mirror of sins many layers Chant aloud, O chant aloud krishna‘s sweet Names That rid life‘s fires and the fires and the fury of their flames

Bhagavat Guru –parampara (Bhagavat parampara, the line of siksha rather than diksha)

Krishna haite chatur mukha, hoy Krishna sevonmukha, Brahma hoite naradera mati Narada hoite vyasa, madhva kohe vysa dasa, Purnaprajna padmanabha gati

In the beginning of creation Sri Krishna spoke the science of devotional service to four faced Lord Brahma,who in turn passed these teachings on to Narada Muni who accepted Krisna Dvaipayana Vyasadev a as his disciple. Vyasa transmitted this knowledge to Madhvacharya, who is also known as Purnaprajna Tirtha and who was the sole refuge for his disciple Padmanabha Tirtha.

Nrihari madhava banse, akshobhya paramahanse, Sisya bali angikara kore Akshobhyera sisya jaya tirtha name parichaya, Tara dasye jnanasindhu tore I

Following in the line of Madhvacharya were Nrihari Tirtha and Madhava Tirtha , whose principal disciple was the great paramahansa Akshobhya Tirtha. He is in turn accepted as his disciple Jayatirtha, who passed his service down to Jnanasindhu.

Taha hoite dayanidhi,tara das vidyanidhi, Rajendra hoilo taha haite Tahara kinkara jaya dharam name parichaya, Parampara jano bhalo mate I

From him the line came down to Dayanidhi, then to his disciple Vidyanidhi , then in turn it was introduced to Rajendra Tirtha, whose servant was the renowned Jayadharma, also known as Vijadhvaja Tirtha. In this way the guru prampara is properly understood.

Jayadharma dase khyati sri purusottama jati. Ta haite brahmanya tirtha suri Vyasatirtha tara dasa, lakshmi pati vyasa dasa Taha haite madhavendra puri I

The great sannyasi Sri Purusottama Tirtha was a renowned disciple in the service of Jayadharama; from Sri Purusottama the line descended to the powerful Brahmanya tirtha, then to Vyasa tirtha. He was succeeded by Sri Lakshmipati, who passed the line down to Sri Madhavendra Puri

Madhavendra puri bara, sisya bara sri isvara, Nityananda sri advaita vibhu Isvara puri ke dhanya, karilen sri chaitanya, Jagad guru gaura mahaprabhu I

Sri Isvara Puri was the most prominent sannyasi disciple of the great Sri Madhavendra Puri, whose disciples also included the avataras. Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Advaita Acharya. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the golden Lord and spiritual preceptor of all the worlds, made Isvara Puri greatly fortunate by accepting him as diksha Guru. (Nityanand Prabhu took diksha from Lakshmipati Tirtha and was actually Madhavendra Puri`s god-brother but he accepted Madhavendra puri as His Siksha Guru. Thus we follow Bhagavat Parampara, the line of siksha rather than diksha)

mahaprabhu sri chaitanya, radha Krishna nahe anya, rupanuga janera jivana visambhara priyankara, sri svarupadamodara, sri gosvami rupa sanatana

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is Radha and Krishna combined, is the very life of the rupanuga Vaishnavas who follow Sri Rupa Gosvami. Sri Svarupa damodara Gosvami, Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatana Gosvamis were the dearmost servants of Visvambhara.

Rupa priya mahajana, jiva, raghunatha hana, Tara priya kavi krishnadasa Krishnadasa priya vara narottama seva para, Jara pada visvanatha asa I

Dear to Sri Rupa Gosvami were the great saintly personalities, Sri Jiva Gosvami and Sri Raghunatha das Gasvami, whose intimate disciple was the great poet Sri Krishna das kaviraja. The dearmost of Krishnadas was Srila Narottama das Thakur, who was always engaged in Guru seva. His lotus feet were the only hope and aspiration of Sri Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura.

Visvanatha bhakta satha baladeva jagannatha, Tara priya sri bhakti vinoda Maha bhagavata bara sri gaura kishora bara Hari bhajane jara moda I

Prominent among the associates of Sri Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakur was Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana. After him the line descended to Srila Jagannatha das Babaji Maharaj, who was the beloved siksha guru of Sri Bhakti Vinoda Thakura. Bhakti Vinoda was the intimate friend of the great mahabhagavata Srila Gaur Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaj, whose sole delight was Hari bhajan.

Sri varsabhanvi bara, sada sevya seva para Tahara dayita dasa nama Tahara param prestha, rupanuga jana srestha. Madhava goswami guna dhama I

Beloved disciple of Gaur Kishor das Babaji Maharaj, was Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada, also known as dayit das (servant of Radhika rani). Gaur Kishor das babaji has only one disciple i.e. Srila Prabhupada. Beloved of Srila Prabhupada was Srila Madhava Goswami Maharaj, ocean of all qualities.

Sri bhakti dayit khyati, satirtha sajjane priti, Din hina agatir gati Tahar param priya, Krishna nama jar hiya Mahavira goswami jar nama Bhakti prabhav khyati, gaur Krishna jane priti Eka desh-videshe karila prachara

His beloved disciple is Mahavir Goswami in whose heart Krishna nama always exists. He got title Bhakti Prabhav (influence of devotion). He has love and respect for the followers of Sri Gaur-Krishna Mahaprabhu. He alone preached in his own country India and abroad.

Ei saba harijana gaurangera nija jana Tadera uchchhiste mora kama I

It is my desire to honour the remnants (uchchhit)–their mahaprasad and their instructions from the lotus mouths of all these personal associates of Sri Krishna and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It is my desire to honour the remnants of devotees of Lord Hari–their mahaprasada and their instructions from the lotus mouth of all these personal associates of Sri Krishna and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

After chanting this Bhagavat Guru parampara devotees together should start Guru-vastakam as given below:

Sri Guruvastakam

Sansara-davanala-lidha-loka tranaya karunya ghanaghanatvam I Praptasya kalyana gunarnavasya vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (1)

Just as a rain-cloud extinguishes a blazing forest fire by showering its rain upon it. Sri Gurudeva, by his rain of divine mercy, delivers the people burning in the fire of material existence, suffering the three-fold miseries —adhyatmika, adhibhauitika and adhidaivika. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva who manifests when Krishna`s mercy becomes very thick and who is an ocean of auspicious qualities.

Mahaprabhoh kirtana nritya gita-vaditra madyan manaso rasena I Romancha kampasru taranga bhajo vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (2)

Sri Gurudeva is inspired by Mahaprabhu`s sankirtana and is always dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. Because he is tasting Mahaprabhu`s prema-rasa in his heart like a madman he sometimes exhibits ecstatic symptoms-his hairs stand on end, he shivers, and waves of tears flow from his eyes. I offer prayers unto Sri Gurudeva`s lotus feet.

Sri vigraharadhana nitya nana sringara tan mandira marjanadau I Yuktasya bhaktans cha niyujato api, vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (3)

Always worshipping Sri Vigrahas and absorbed in sringara –rasa, Sri Gurudeva daily dresses deities differently with beautiful clothes and ornaments designed to enhance Their meetings. He cleans the temple and performs other services for Them. He also engages his disciples in these services. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Chatur vidha sri bhagavat prasada svadv-anna–trptan hari bhakta sanghan I Kritvaiva trptim bhajatah sadaiva, vande guroh sri charanravindam II(4)

Sri Gurudeva is always satisfied to see Sri Krishna`s devotees relishing four kinds of foodstuffs that have been offered, namely, 1, those which are chewed, 2. those which are sucked, 3. those which are licked and. 4. those which are drunk. Thus the devotees become satisfied by tasting mahaprasada. By accepting prasada in the mood of service, material life is destroyed and the bliss of divine love is awakened in the heart. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Sri radhika madhavayor apara madhurya lila guna rupa namnam I Prati kshanasvadan lolupasya, vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (5)

At every moment Sri Gurudeva is exeriencing intense greed in his heart to taste the unlimited sweetness of the holy names, forms, qualities, and pastimes of Sri Sri Radha- Madhava in Vrandavan. I offer my prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Nikunja yuno rati keli siddhyai, ya yalibhir yuktir apeksaniya I Tatrati dakshyad ati vallabhasya, vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (6)

Sri Gurudeva is always present with the sakhis, planning the arrangements for the perfection of yugala-kishor`s amorous pastimes (rati –keli) within the kunjas of Vrandavana. Because he is so expert in making these tasteful arrangements for their pleasure, he is very dear to Sri Radha and Krishna. I offer prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva.

Sakshad dharitvena samasta sastrair uktas tatha bhavyata eva sadbhih I Kintu prabhor yah priya eva tasya, vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (7)

All the scriptures proclaim that Sri Gurudeva is sakshat Hari, the direct potency of Sri Hari, and is thus considered by saintly authorities to be His non-different representative. Because Sri Gurudeva is so dear to the Lord, being His confidential servitor (achintuya –bhedabheda–prakash–vigrah the inconceivable different and non-different worshipable manifestation of the Lord). I offer prayers unto his lotus feet.

Yaya prasadad bhagavat prasado, yasyaprasadan na gatih kuto api I Dhyayam stuvans tasya yasas tri sandhyam vande guroh sri charanaravindam II (8)

Only by the the mercy of Sri Gurudeva one can receive the mercy of Krishna without his grace the living entities can not make any advancement nor be delivered. Meditating three times a day on the glories of Sri Gurudeva and reciting stavastsuti, I offer prayers unto his lotus feet.

Srimad guror astakam etad uchchair brahme muhurte pathati prayatnat I Yas tena vrindavana natha sakshat sevaiva labhya januso anta eva II (9)

That person who very attentively recites this astakam to Sri Gurudeva during brahma muhurta (96 minutes before sun rising) is sure to achieve direct service to the lotus feet of Sri Krishna, the very life and soul of Vrandavan (Vrandavana natha), upon attaining his vastu siddhi or pure spiritual form. After chanting this Guruastakam devotees together should follow vaishnava vandana


Human beings have been trying to achieve eternal peace since the beginning of Creation. Why? It is because of eternal nature of the individual soul . Nature of soul is happiness Sukhasya–atma-svarupam the form of pleasure. But it is seen that even after efforts made by man ever existing peace does not come to him. Man does not get happiness as a result of his activities.What is reason for this? Reason is this that man does not follow and adopt right process by which eternal peace is achieved. Of 84 lakhs species, human life is only one in which ever existing highest peace can be gained. In order to know the right path for eternal happiness, one should go to Divine Master. One who imparts transcendental knowledge is called Guru.

Gu-shabda-stva-andhkarah syat, ru-shabdastan-nirodhakah I Andhkar-nirodhitvad, gurur-ityabhi dhiyate II

GU-means darkness and RU means light. One who removes our darkness of ignorance and lit up light of transcendental knowledge is Guru. Shri Guru Dev removes ignorance about God and blesses the fallen souls with divine knowledge for spiritual progress.

Hai gu kar tam nam, ru harat karat prakash I Yahi guru ka artha hai, dharm granth itihas II

Guru bina mala ferta, guru bina karta dana I Guru bina sab nisfal gaya, puchho veda puran II

Gurudeva destroy our darkness of ignorance and gives us light in the form of knowledge of our real-self. Acceptace of Spritual Master is very necessary in human life. Without acceptance of Gurudeva, chanting names of god through beeds, giving charity and other religious activities are in vain. It is said so in all Vedic scriptures. Human life without worship of God under guidance is no better than brutes.


Guru is known as an Acharya. He practises process in his life and teaches people by setting an example of his own life. In Vayu puran this definition has been given as under.

Achinoti yah shastra-artham achare sthapayatypi I Svayam–acharte yasmat-acharyasten kirtitah II

One who practises riligious rites in his own life and establish the doctrine of scriptures is called an Acharya. Acharya should peach by giving example of his own life.

Apani achari dharma jiver shikhaya I Apani na kaile dharm sikhan na jaya II Aie ta siddhant gita-bhagvate gaya III

It is mentioned in Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam that preacher of religion should apply his teachings in his own life first, then teach those who come to him. Preaching in such a way become convincing one. Preaching without practical life is useless. A person who teaches by an example of his own practical life is respected as an Acharya.


In the battle field of Mahabharat-dharma kshetra and Kuru kshetra, Sri Krishna teaching his devotee and friend Arjuna how to gain spiritual knowledge (Gita-4/34).

Tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya I Upadekshyanti te jnanam jnaninanstattva darshinah II

Oh, Arjuna try to know the Absolute Truth by approaching a spiritual master through submissive manner and rendering service to him. Having become satisfied with the service rendered by faithful servant, the self- realised soul imparts knowledge about the Absolute Truth. Because he has seen the truth. In this sloka Lord Krishna advises us to approach a bona-fide spiritual master in the line of disciplic succession from the Lord Himself. Nobody can become bona- fide spiritual master without following principle of disciplic succession. The Lord is the original spiritual master. Unless there is submission and service, inquiries from the learned spiritual master will not be effective. Satisfaction of the self- realised spiritual master is the secret of advancement in spiritual life. When disciple is submissive and is always ready to render service, the reciprocation of knowledge and inquiries becomes perfect.

Yaj-gyatva na punar moham evam yasyasi pandava I Yena bhutany asesani drakshyasy-atmany-atho mayi II

Sri Krishna again said in Gita (4/35), Oh Arjuna! Having obtained the real knowledge from a self-realised soul you will never fall again into such illusion, for by this knowledge you will see that all living beings are parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord. They are in mine Hence scriptures teach us to go to Guru dev to have divine knowledge. In Mundkopnisad (1/2/12) it is said that:

Tad-vijnanartha sa gurumeva-bhi-gachchhed I Samit-panih srotriyam brahm-nistham II

One who is desirous to acquire confidential knowledge should go and approach bona -fide divine master taking items /flowers/fruits etc. in his hands for worship without having ego in his mind. Humble submission satisfies Guru Dev. Without humble submission nothing can be gained. Humble submission means unconditional surrender to the lotus feet of Sri Guru Dev.

Divine Master should be from preceptorial line i.e. Guruparampara. He should be absorbed in Brahm. His all activities should be done in the service of God. Guru dev is not God. He is the form of mercy of God. He is predominated God. It is recommended by vedic literature that student should go to Vaishnava Acharya only. Vaishnav acharya engages his disciple in the service of God and not in his own service. But it is duty of disciple to serve Guru dev honestly sincerely and regularly.

Karmnah mansa vacha ye archayanti sada hari I Tesam vakkyam naraikaryam tehi vishu samanarah II

Those who serve God physically, mentally and by speech, should be obeyed by all to get spiritual benefits. They are worshipful like God. When God blesses someone, He appears in the form of Guru Dev. God says:

Gyana data guru rupe ami bhagavan I Updesh kari ami guru rup dhari II Gurur updeshe lok jaya bhav tari III

I impart divine knowledge to the fallen souls in the form of Gufudev as a result of which they across the occean of sorrow. Without mercy of Guru Dev one can not have mercy of God. Sri Guru should be from vaishnav sampradaya. Now question arises, what is sampradaya? Sril Baldeva vidyabhusan says regarding sampradaya:

Shstanushist gurupdisto margah sampradaya I Tad-updisten patha bina mantra shastraday–uplabdha II Vishnu–mantra muktida na bhavanti III

Descending of spiritual knowledge through preceptorial order i.e., guru and shisya parampara started from God Himself, is called Sampradaya. Lord Krishna is its original or beginner of the sampradaya. There are four sampradaya in the age of kali yuga. If man takes mantra from a saint who is not from vaishnav sampradaya , goes to hell as mantra is non-effective. Nobody can get liberation without taking initiation of Vishnu mantra from a vaishnav acharya.

Grihita Vishnu dikshako vishnu puja paro narah. I Vaishnavoh bhihitoh bhigairitroh smad vaishnav II

Vaishnava is he who takes Vishnu mantra from vaishnav acharya and is engaged in worship of Lord Vishnu. Sri Mahadev says in padam puran:

Sampradaya vihina ye mantraste vifla matah I Atah kalau bhavisyanti chatvarah sampradayinah II

Mantra taken from non-vaishnava monk is non-effective mantra or of no use. Shiva makes us alert for not taking initiation from a saint who is not from vaishnava sampradaya. He again says that there will be four sampradayas in the age of Kali yuga.

Sri, brahm, rudra, sanka vaishnava kshiti pavanah I Chatuaraste kalau bhavya hutkale pursottmat II

Oh, Mahadevi, These four vaishnava sampradayas are: 1. Sri 2. Brahm 3. Rudra and 4. Sanak, The fallen souls will be purged and uplifted spiritually by these four sampradayas. In these days Brahm-Madhva Gaudiya sampradaya has been propagating Sanatan Vaishnav Dharma in all over the world. In the age of kali yuga four sampradayas were headed by four great acharyas.

1. Sri Ramanuja Sri Sampradaya 2. Sri Madhvacharya. Brahm Sampradaya 3. Sri Vishnu swami Rudra Sampradaya 4. Sri Nimbarkacharya Sanaka Sampradaya

Life history and precepts of these acharyas I have described in details in the book written and published by me “The Doctrines of four great vaishnava Acharyas’’ One who wants to know about these Acharyas he should read this book.


In Bhakti Rasamritasindhu (3/11/44), meaning of diksha is given as Pooja or Archan. Diksha has been stated as sthiti in chaitanya chandroday (8/22):

Divyamjnam yato dadyat kuryat papasya sankshyam I Tasmat dikshet sa prokta desika istatva-kovidai II

Mantra taken from vaishnava divine master confers divyajnam i.e, Bhagavat–svarupa-Sambandha Jnanam. Mantra of diksha destroys all the sins and the seed of all sins. This is called Diksha.


What are qualities of Guru? In these days every body wants to become Guru without having qualities of Guru. Here we shall try to explain what merits Guru Dev should have to function as an Acharya. Sri Guru Dev is from spiritual world and is Predominated God. Whereas people of the world are slaves of illusion (Maya). Worldly minded people are toys of Maya. When Guru Dev appears before the fallen souls and they surrender and obey his command, they can get themselves out of clutch of maya as Guru Dev has cogency. Sripad Visvanath Chakravarty thakur says:

Atah purva-prokta bhaktireva sansartarni I Saiva vivriyate sranvityah-tasmaditi II

Shabde brahmani vede veda-tatparyya–gyapake I Shastra-antare cha nisnatam nipunam II

Anyatha shisyasya sanshasychchhed-abhave vaimanasye cha I Sati kasyachit sraddha shaithilyampi sambhavet II

Pare brahmani cha nisnatam aprokshanubhav-samartham I Anytha tat - kripa samyak falvati na syat II

Parabrahma-nisnatattva-dhyotak maha I Upasham-asrayam krodh lobhaday vashibhratam II

True devotion helps the devotees to across dreadful ocean of this world .Bhakti can be gained through the mercy of Guru Dev. If one wants to have devotion he should have association of Guru Dev with submissive mood. Sri Guru Dev should be absorbed in Param Brahm mentally. He should not have any other worldly desire for self gratification of his own senses. He should be perfect in Vedic lore to remove doubts of the disciple. It is recorded in the scriptures that if Guru Dev is not capable to remove or clarify doubts of the disciple, the disciple can go to other capable Guru for his spiritual progress. Because disciple should always go and take shelter at the feet of competent Spiritual Master. Hence it is necessary for Spiritual Master to become perfect in the teachings of scriptures to convince the fallen souls for worship of God. If Guru Dev can not remove the doubts of his disciples, his blessings will be non-effective. He should be away from lust and wrath etc. If Guru Dev is under influence of lust . desire, anger. lamentation, moroseness and worldly enjoyments, disciple does not have faith and interest in his service. Natural qualities of Guru Dev are peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance honesty, knowledge, wisdom and religiousness .Sri Guru Dev should be clean from all sides: It Gita (15/5 ) qualitities of a Devotees are mentioned as under:

Nirman-moha jit-sang-dosa, Adhyatm-nitya vini vrattkamah I Dvandvair vimuktah sukha-dukha-sanjnair, Gachchhanty amudhah padam avyayam tat II

Sri Guru Dev should be free from false prestige, illusion and false association, material lust,dualities of happiness and distress. Guru Dev with these qualities, alongwith his disciples attains the eternal kingdom. He should not be deluded by pride. He should always think of God in the form of Sri Krishna. Very good example is given by our predecessor acharyas. If a married woman is attached to another man,or if a man has an attachment for a woman other than his wife then attachment is to be considered very strong. One with such an attachment is always thinking of the loved one. The wife who is thinking for her lover is always thinking of meeting him, even while she is carrying out her household chores. In fact she carries out her household work even more carefully so her husband will not suspect her attachment. Similary Sri Guru Dev should always remember the supreme lover. Sri Krishna is Supreme Lover. We should remember Sri Krishna constantly and at the same time perform our material duties very nicely. A strong sesnse of love for Sri Krishna is required in this regard. If we have strong sense of love for the Supreme Lord then we can discharge our duty and at the same time can remember Him. In this respect we have to develop strong sense of love for Sri Krishna.


In Srimad Bhagavatam (.7/7/30-31) devrisi Narada said that:

Gurushu-srusaya bhaktya sarv-labdha-arpanen cha I Sangen–sadhu–bhaktanam–isvar-aradhnena cha II

Sraddhya tat-kathayam cha kirtanair-guna-karmnam I Tat-padamburuh-dhyanat tallingesksha-arhanadibhih II

From the description given above we come to understand that Guru should be in the line of Vaishnav Guru-parampara beginning from Sri Krishna Himself. After surrendering to the feet of such Guru Dev desciple should get education. How to get educatiion it is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam. There are many means to root out seed of all bad karmas. Such as jnana marga, karma marga, dhyan yoga, asthanga yoga, hata yoga, kundli jagaran etc mentioned in scriptures. But when we analyse all means we come to conclusion that listening glories of God from vaishnav Guru or Acharya is the best means for our spiritualisation. It has been recommended by Lord Himself that the practice of virtues through which love may be developed for the Almighty Lord is possible by serving the divine master. Serve Guru Dev with firm faith and listen hari katha from his lotus lips. Whatever is gained as donation hand over to Guru Dev. Follow the teachings of Guru Dev in your practical life.Association of vaishnava saints who are beloved of Lord Krishna and rendering services to them is the highest path for realisation of I-ness and Godness. This is an auspicious way. Sri Prahlad Maharaj says, ‘To have faith in the glories of Lord Krishna explained and chanted by vaishnavas and Guru Dev, singing pastimes of Him, meditating the lotus Feet of Him and seeing Sri Vigrah and doing archana-worship of Him, naturally develop prema bhakti for Him’. Once prema bhakti is gained then nothing is needed in this world . If one attained Prema Bhakti, he has attained everything. Regarding importance of saintly person Gurudeva Prabhuddh yogendra said to King Nimi maharaj (Bhag.11-3-21/22):

Tasmad gurum prapadyet jigyasuh srey uttamam I Shabde pare cha nisnatam brahmanyupsham ashram II

Tatra bhagavatan dharman shikshed gurvatm daivatah I Amay–Yanuvratya yaistusyedatma-atmado harih II

Once navyogendras went to King Nimi who welcomed, served them and asked questions for his spiritual progress. In reply, fourth yogesvar Prabuddh said that one who has desire for his bright future, should go to spiritual Master for learning transcendental knowledge. Sri Guru Dev should be an expert in Vedic lore so that he can teach his disciple well. He should be realised soul absorbing always in meditation of God. He should have peace of mind. good conduct and out of clutch of Maya. He should be able to train his disciple by his own experience. If disciple gets such bonafide Guru Dev, he should serve him like God with firm faith. In his company disciple should learn those religious performances by which God is realised. Lord Hari becomes very satisfied with the service of Sri Guru Dev. How to live with Sri Guru Dev and learn, Sri Prabuddh says (Bhag.11-3-23):

Sarvto manso–asangam-adau sang cha sadhusu I Dayam maitrim prasrayam cha bhutesvddha yathochitam II

While living with Guru Dev disciple should give up attachment with his body and relatives. He should develop dispassion in his mind from wordly things because attachment with any woldly object is the cause of our bondage. The same attachment if we have for Hari–Guru and Vaishnavas it becomes cause for our liberation. Hence disciple should learn how to love Sri Krishna and His devotees. Thereafter he should learn very humbly how to develop love for all beings and how to have friendly feelings for all. Devotee should be friend to all without malice. In Srimad Bhagavatam (11-3-24) it is stated that:

Shaucham tapstitiksham cha maunam svadhyay-marjavam I Brahmcharyam-ahinsam cha samtvam dvandva-sangyayoh II

In the spiritual life purity of body and soul is Necessary. By washing body with water and soap or clay wearing neat and clean good clothes is purity of external body. Abandoning fraud, imposture, coguetry, perpetration, intoxication, false ego, pride, lust, anger, enviousness, blaspheme against the religion, and making ideas, mind and heart purified by observing celebacy and religious rites, is the purity of soul. Lust, anger and greed are three gates leading to hell. One tries to satisfy his lust. When he can not satisfy his lust then anger and greed arise. These are enemies. To purify soul one should give these up, for they lead to the degradation of the soul. Living in the Gurukul novice should study the scriptures and learn tolerance and non- violence to make mind trim. Srimad Bhagavatam (11-3-25) speaks as follows:

Sarvatratm-esvarnviksham-kaivalyam–niket tam I Vivikt-chir-vasanam santosam yen kenchit II

Novice should realise presence of soul and Supersoul in all beings at all the places and under all circumstances. Parmatma (super soul) is controller of soul. Soul is miniature smallest amongst the smallest) and Paramatma is greatest amongst the greatest. Soul is dependent upon God and God is independent personality. Tar sam tate baro keho nahi ar. There is nobody equal or superior to Him. This realisation should be gained by disciple while risiding with Guru Dev.. Devotee should live in seclusion beyond worldly society. Living with worldly minded people is harmful for spiritual life. Always have company of good devotees. Devotee should give up idea, saying, this is mine, that is mine, this is my house, this is my husband, these are children. He should not consider any thing as his own, for every thing belongs to God and not to him. Householders should wear neat and clean clothes, does not matter they are old. They should be satisfied with whatever they get according to their good or bad karmas. Whatever they are getting is the fruit or result of karmas done by them in their previous births.

Sraddham bhagavate shastre-anindam-anyatra chapi hi I Manovakkarm dandam cha satyam sham-damavapi II

Srimad Bhagavatam (11/3/26) speaks about faith in scriptures. Disciple should have faith in the scriptures which inspire for hari bhajan and should not slander the other scriptures. He should practise to control his own senses. By pranayam mind, by keeping silence his speech, by desirely practice his karmas, always speaking true his tounge, keeping force of senses restricted the body, can be controlled and purified. This is possible in Gurukul while living with Guru Dev. All actions of God are wonderful and auspicious (Bhag. 11-3-27)

Sravanam kirtanam dhyanam-harer-adbhut-karmanah I Janma-karma–gunanam cha tada-arthe–akhil-chestitam II

Pastimes of Lord Hari (Sri Krishna) are divine and surprising one. Disciple should learn how to listen, chant and meditate the glories of Sri Krishna by all means. Appearance, sportive games and disappearance of son of Sri Nand Baba are immaterial or divine. By our all mentally and physically powers we should make efforts to glorifying the glories of glorious Lord Krishna. In Srimad Bhagavatam (11-3-28/29) Prabuddha yogendra said to Nimi maharaj:

Istam dattam tapo japtam vrattam yachcha-atmanah priyam I Daran sutan grahan pranan yat parasmai nivedanam II

Evam krishna–atmnathesu manusyesu cha sauhradam I Paricharya chobhayatra mahatsu nrisu sadhusu II

Disciple should learn how to surrender all his favourites and activities to the lotus feet of Lord Hari. Sacrifice (yajna),charity, penance, good conduct, wife, son, house, his own life whatever is beloved, should be surrendered in the service of Lord Hari for the gratification of His senses, for all these are not for self- gratification. All things belonging to us are meant for satisfaction of Sri Krishna only. If disciple obeys and serves honestly his Guru Dev his learning will be useful.

According to the teachings of Srimad Bhagavatam when disciple having gained knowledge regarding ritual rites, starts devotional services for the happiness of Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna immediately manifests in the heart of the devotee and destroys bad ideas from his heart. As such heart and mind become purified. True Guru is he by whose blessings secret knowledge of the scriptures is revealed/disclosed in the heart of the disciple. Any fallen soul can get spiritualisation if blessings of true divine master are obtained. It is possible only when they surrender unconditionally and serve divine master honestly. In Manusmriti pranam to Gurudeva is offered as under:

Sarva vedant siddhant Gocharam tamagocharam I Govindam parmanandam sadgurum pranati-ajyaham II

I offer my humble respects to Sri Guru Dev who disclosed all secret principles of Vedant which were not known earlier to me. He is form of ever existing pleasure. He is non-distinctive from Govinda. Sri Manu Maharaj, the first king of the creation, says, I offer my obeisances to my Guru Dev who is knower of the doctrines of Vedant and revealed the same in my heart. He is form of mercy of Govinda. God is one without second.

Eka eva paro vishnuh sarva-vyapi na sansayah I Aisvaryad rupam ekam cha suryad–vat bahudheyate II

Sri Vishnu is one, and yet He is certainly all-pervading. By His inconceivable potency, in spite of His one form, He is present everywhere, as the sun appears in many places at once. He is beyond time and space. Although the Lord is one, He is present in innumerable hearts as many. Sri Krishna is present as Paramatma in everyone‘s heart makes the yogi faultless.The Vedas (Gopal –tapani Upanisaad 1.21) confirm this inconceivable potency of Lord as follows :

“eko pi san bahudha yo vabhati.”


Guru is potecy of Sri Krishna. Guru is controller of the fallen souls under supervision of Sri Krishna. Jiva is servant. Sri Guru dev is preacher and Predominated God. He is inconceivable power of God. In this connection my Param Guru dev, Nityalila Pravist Om Vishnupada Bhakti Sddhant Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada said, “My Guru Dev is greatest among the greatest and we are smallest among the smallest. In the age of Kali Yuga everybody wants to become Guru and identifies with the personality of God. We should be very alert and aware of such Gurus.

In this world many are roaming who with some mystic power enchanting the people, claims themselves as Guru They are without any religious practice, transcendental knowledge, penance and character. Their aim is only to satisfy their own senses. They are under influence of lust, wrath and greed. The senses, the mind and the intelligence are the sitting places of lust, anger and greed . They are always running after name and fame. One should not go to such Gurus. They go to hell alongwith their followers.

Guru guru sab vishva pukare I Guru vahi jo bharam nivare II

Bahut guru hain asa jagmahi I Harai dravya bhav dukh ko nahi II

Bina vichare jo guru karahi I So nara bhav sagar mai parahi II

Gurus who are running after self satisfaction of their own senses and claim themselves the great one, they are cheating the public snatching money and creating more problems. There are thousands of thousands Gurus of such kinds. Non-vaishnava Guru should not be accepted. If one has darshana of such Gurus, his all good deeds are destroyed.

Papi pakhandi avichari I nastik kutil vratti vak dhari II

Krodhi kutil kutark vivadi I lobhi samta rahit visadi II

Abhimani nindak shatha natkhat I durachar yut abla-lampat II

Asa guru kabahu na kijai I inko dur se hi taj deeje II

Gurus who are always committing sins, non-believer in God, only in the dress of sadhu without any religious practice, greedy, with anger and unnecessary talk, characterless, without shrewdness, slandering others, and having illicit sex-relations with the wives of others, are perpetrators and should not be accepted as divine masters. Those who have desire to have progress spiritually they should give up these covetous Gurus. They have nature of Heron (Bhagula). Bhagula (heron) is a big bird having white feathers and eats Fish. Bagula (heron) goes to pond and stands in the water closing his eyes as if a Brahmin in white dress is meditating God of water. Fish comes to touch his feet and Baagula (heron) catches the fish and takes in his stomatch. That is why those who are sadhus in dress only but in actions are compared with heron and asre called Bagula Bhakta. Such sadhus are hypocritical.

Aise guru ajagar bane ghor narka mai jay I Shisya gana chiti bane nonch nonch ke khay II

Such gurus become snakes (serpents) and disciples become ants. Gurus and disciples go to hell and in the hell disciples eat flesh of their Gurus in the forms of serpents. Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur said, “Mathay tilak gale kanthi mala Kare parer balar sange khela Dekhte vishnaver mato Aie beta kalir chela”.

Tilak is on the forehead and tulasi mala around the neck appears in white dress and seems to be a vaishnav but plays with girls of others. He is disciple Kaliyuga. Such person should not be accepted as Guru. Be aware of such Gurus.


When Sri Krishna becomes satisfied with the service rendered by devotee. He by His causeless mercy manifests Himself in two forms and train the follower. It is mentioned in Sri Chaitanya Charitamrata (M.22/47) that:

Krishna yadi kripa kare kon bhagyavane I Guru Anteryami rupe sikhay apane II

I heard from my Divine Master Srila Bhakti Dayit Madhav Goswami Maharaj that Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami in his self composed Sri Chaitanya Charitamrata said that if Sri Krishna showers mercy upon any jiva He appears as Guru before the fallen soul and imparts transcendental knowledge. Secondly, He as dweller in the heart inspires jiva to perform Hari Bhajan to get place in the spiritual world. Nobody can acquire spiritual knowledge without mercy of God. Religion can be known if God makes it known to us.

Tumi yadi vyakta na karo apnare I Kahar shakti ache tumhar janivare II

Without blessings of God nobody can understand His Divine Personality. If God does not make Himself known to anybody, nobody has power to know Him. In Gita (10/2) also Sri Krishna has said:

Ne me viduh sura-ganah, prabhavam na maharsayah I Aham adir hi devanam, maharsinam cha sarvasah II

Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin or opulences, for, in every respect, I am the source of the demi-gods and sages. It is stated by Brahma in Brahma-Samhita, the creater of the universe, that Sri Krishna is one and Supreme Lord. No one is greater than Him. He is the cause of all causes. Even the demi-gods and great sages cannot understand His divine personality, so what is the position of the so-called scholar of this tiny planet. No one can understand why Supreme Lord comes to the earth as human being and executes woderful activities. One should know that scholarship is not the qualification necessary to understand Krishna. Even the demigods and the great sages have tried to understand Krishna by their mental speculation but they failed to do so. It is not possible to understand Krishna by foolish speculation. Only the devotees who are fully surrendered unto the Supreme Lord can understand, by the grace of the Supreme Personality. God is sat-chid-ananda-vigrah, non-material, eternal bliss and absolute knowledge.

Hence Brahma says,“ I offer my obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna who is the eternal blissful form of knowledge. Tam ekam Govindam. You are Govinda, the pleasure of the senses and the cows. Your form is transcendental, full of knowledge, bliss and eternality (Gopal–tapani Upanaisad 1.35). ”But foolish persons derid Krishna as an ordinary man. The scholars may be born as extra-ordinary men due to their previous good work, but conception of Sri Krishna is due to a poor fund of knowledge. They are mudha or simpletons. They do not know that the body of Krishna is a symbol of complete knowledge and bliss. Miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, who partake of atheistic nature of demons do not know Sri krishna.


In Katho. Upamnisad (12/23) it is explained very nicely in the following sloka:

Nayamatma pravachnen labhyo na medhya na bahuna srutena I Yame-vaish vrinute ten labhyastasyaish atma vivrinute tanum svam II

Paramatma, Who is all pervading Soul or Supersoul, can not be realised by intelligence, scholarship, speech and hearing. When one surrenders and serves God honestly and obtains His unfathomable mercy can get his heart enlightened by realisation of Ultimate Reality i.e., Sri Krishna.

No realisation is possible without blessings of God. “Anumane pramane haya isvar tattva gyan”. When Sri Sarvbhaum Bhattacharya said that by notional ideas and evidences, personlity of God can be realised Sri Gopinathacharya objected saying that it is not possible so as you say. In Chaitanya Charitamrita (m.6/82,83,86,89) it is rcorded that:

Anuman praman nahe ishvar tattva gyane I Kripa bina ishvarer keho nahi jane II

Ishvarer kripalesh haya ta jahare I Seyi ta ishvar tattva janivare pare II

Ishvarer kralesh nahik tomate I Ateva ishvar tattva na paro janite II

Vastu tattva gyan haya kripate-praman I

“Who is Sri Krishna Chaitanya? Is he sannyasi? Who is His sannyasi Guru?”: asked by Sri Sarvbhaum Bhattacharya. In reply Sri Gopinath Acharya said,” Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is a sannyasi. Srila Keshav Bharati is his Guru Dev who awarded him sannyasa. But He is God Himself. He is Supreme Power. Sri Sarvbhaum became alert and asked , how can you proclaim that He is God. He may be preterhuman but not God. Personality of Godhead can be realised by presumptions and evidences. Sri Gopinath Acharya said, “You do not have blessings of God and can not realise the personality of Sri Chaitanya dev. He is Supreme Power.

Dhan jana panditya bale krishna nahi payi I Kewal bhakti bas chaitanya gosayi II

By dint of money, by scholarship and by many followers one can not realise the personality of Sri Krishna Who is Supreme One. He came in the form of Sri Chaitanya Dev to relish the prema as was relished by Srimati Radharani in Vrandavan. Now Sri Radha and Krishna combined themselves and manifested as one personality so called Sri Gauranga, after acceptance of sannyasa known as Sri Krishna Chaitanya. His personality can be realised only by devotional services which are possible through unconditional surrender to His Lotus Feet. Hence Sri Guru Dev teaches his disciples how to render devotional services to the satisfaction of God. Prema Bhakti is superior to other means to realise Ultimate Reality. Oh ! Sarvbhaum jee you will also proclaim as I proclaimed after getting blessings of Lord Chaintaya dev and it was happened. After getting blessings he became true follower Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Athapi te deva padambuj-dva–prasad–lesha–anu-grihita eva hi I Janati tattvam bhagvan–mahimno na chanya ekopi chiram vichinvan II

In Srimad Bhagavatam (10-14-29) Sri Brahma, the creater of the universe, making prayer to Sri Krishna, says, “ Oh Krishna! I tried to know you by my intellectual power but failed as I was enchanted by your illusion. You can be known if you makes Yourself known to others. After surrendering unto Your Lotus Feet and getting your favour. Now I understood Your Supremacy. I have committed apradha. Please excuse me. According to directions of Sri Guru Dev, one should render devotional services to satisfy God for spiritual realisation.

Yesam sa eva bhagavan dayayedanantah Sarvatmana-ashrit–pado yadi nirvyalikam I Te dustaramati-taranti cha devmayam Naisam mamahamiti dhih sva-sringal bhakshaye II

In Srimad Bhagavatam ( 2-7-42), Srila Suka Dev Maharaj addressing King Parikshit says that Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Ultimate Abode, the purest, the Absolute Truth, Original Person and transcendental. Everything is resting on Him. He is the Supreme Existence. He is free from bodily needs, birth and death i.e., unborn. He is unborn but He appears on this earth to establish religious principles. He has no cause, for He is the cause of all causes. Everything is emanating from Him. Unless one is in disciplic succession, he can not understand Sri Krishna.

One should always meditate upon Him and enjoy one‘s transcendental relationship with Him. There is nothing beyond Him. Nobody is equal or superior to Sri Krishna. He blesses those who serve Him physically, mentally and by speech. Those who surrender everything honestly unto the Lotus Feet of Shri Krishna they gain causeless mercy automatically without any prayer. Having got benediction from Lord Hari sober devotees across worldly sea of three modes of illusion. Such single minded devotees do not have attachment with their perishable body which is eatable by Dogs and jackals after death. They do not consider their bodies, wife, children, houses, wealth and relatives as their own. Devotees are detached absolutely from the material relationship and are absolutely attached with the service of God constantly. They do not even have desire to have Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Why? What pleasure they get while rendering devotional services and chanting names of Sri Krishna, that pleasure they can not have in four kinds of liberations (Muktis). As long as one identifies himself with the material body he is considered a conditioned soul.

Bhakti sukha aage mukti ati tuchchh haya I Ateva bhakt gana mukti nahi laya II

Self realised devotees experience presence of God in the bodies of all beings. They are uttam vaishnavas. They do not consider themselves as enjoyers, for Sri Krishna is Enjoyer of all things.

Sthavar-jangam dekhe, na dekhe tar murtti I Sarvvatra haya tar istadev sfurtti II (

Viddhya-vinaya-sampanne brahmane gavi hastini I Shuni chaiva svapake cha panditah sama-sarshinah II (Gita 5/18)

Krishna conscious person does not make any distinction between species or castes. The sages, by virtue of true knowledge, see with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater. The brahmana and outcaste may be different from the social point of view. Dogs, cows and elephants etc, may be different from the point of view of species. But these differences of body are meaningless from the view point of a learned transcendentalists. This is due to their relationship with the Supreme one, Sri Krishna. Plenary portion of Sri Krishna as Paramatma, is present in everyone‘s heart. Such an understanding of the Supreme is real knowledge. As far as the bodies are concerned in different castes or different species of life.

Lord Hari is equally kind to everyone because He treats every living being as a friend yet maintains Himself as Paramatma regardless of the circumstances of the living entities. Lord as Parmatma is present both in the outcaste people (chandal) and in the brahmana, although the body of brahmana and that of an outcaste people are not same. They differ from each other in activities and eating. Body of chandal is always impure but God reside therein. The bodies are material productions of different modes of material nature, but the soul and the Supersoul within the body are of the same spiritual quality. The Supersoul is present in all bodies without distinction. But , the similarity in the quality of the soul and the Supersoul does not make them equal in quantity, for the individual soul is present in a particular body whereas the Paramatma is present in each and every body. The individual souls are numberless and the Paramatma is one only. He is one without second yet All Pervading.


In the religious life there are three Gurus. Viz. Diksha Guru, Shiksha Guru and Chaitya Guru who encourage the fallen souls to lead a spiritual life. The function of Diksha Guru is to initiate his disciples with Holy nama and Diksha mantra. While initiating Guru Dev wanrns his disciples not to commit an offence against Holy name and vaishnavas. He is bestower of the knowledge of relationship beteween Supreme Lord Krishna and His servitors. Diksha Guru is one. Before and after getting initiation disciples need to know fundamenteal principles of religion they should follow. One who inspires and teaches them is called Shiksha Guru. Shiksha Gurus (instructing divine masters) may be many. Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj in his Sri Chaitanya Charitamrata (adi. 1/20,35,44) offered salutations unto the feet of Diksha Guru and Siksha Gurus in the beginning.

Granther arambhe kari mangla charan Guru, vaishnav, bhagawan–tiner smaran

Tiner smarane haya sava vighan vinasan Mantra guru aur jata shiksha–guru-gan Tahar charan age kariye vandan

Yadhyapi amar guru–chaitanyer das Tathapi janiye ami tahar prakash

In the beginning of my book I offer my submissive salutations to the Lotus Feet of Diksha Guru Dev, Vaishnavas and Bhagawan because remembering of these three, great perils are removed and devotee becomes fealess. I worship the lotus feet of initiating master and instructing master who inspired me for Hari Bhajan. Sri Krishna Das Kavi raj Goswami says,” My Diksha Guru Dev Sri Nityanand Prabhu is servitor of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu yet I realise Him as effulgence of Lord Gauranga”. Guru Dev is not God but he is not less than God for disciples. He is predominated God. He is Sevaka Vigrah Bhagawan whereas God is Sevya Vigrah Bhagawan. Sevaka Vigrah Bhagawan is always engaged in the service of Sevya Vigrah Bhagawan. Sri Guru Dev is only medium for disciples through which disciples can get benediction of Lord Krishna. There is no any resort for disciple except Sri Guru Dev. Hence, Sri Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami realises his Guru Dev Sri Nityanand prabhu as effulgence of God. Sri Guru Dev is effulgence of God for disciples. Sri Nityanand is Guru tattva. He was Balram in Krishna lila in Vrandavan. When Sri Krishna made His Advent as Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Sri Baldeva also came as Sri Nityanand Prabhu.

Brajendra nandan jeyi, sachi sut hailo seyi Balram hailo nitai

When I was in Bikaner (Rajasthan, India) my lectures were arranged in Goswami Tulsi Das Kutir. In the morning I spoke on Sri Chaitanya lila and evening on Srimad Bhagawat Mahapuran. One day I was absolutely absorbed in Sri Gaur-Nitai lilas and composed the following lines:

Dhanya kali me aye gaur nitai I Ve hain dono bhai , ve hain dono bhai II

Krishna Bane hain Gaura, balram huye nitai I Mil karke dono bhai, radha prema ki mahima prakatai II

Dhanya kali me aye gaur-nitai Prem bhakti me duniya nachai, Braja rasa sima gana sunai I Bhukti mukti ki khol kalai. Hari kirtan ki dhvaja faharai II

Dhanya kali me aye gaur nitai. Mahavir patito men nami, gaur nitai bano tum swami I Esi kripa karo he dayanidhe. Nish-dina japu gaur nitai II

Dhanya kali me aye gaur nitai. In this fortunate Kali yuga Sri Krishna and Balram came as Sri Gauranga and Nitai. Both are brothers. Both of them together proclaimed the importance of divine love of Srimati Radha Rani for Her beloved Sri Krishna. They caused the people dancing in love for God. They disclosed secret mood (rasa) of Vrandavan. They rejected bhukti and mukti, and propagated nama-sankirtan all over the world. Mahavir is the greatest fallen soul among the fallen souls. Please be kind and become my resort. Have unfathomable mercy upon me so that I can chant the names of Sri Nimai and Nitai day and night constantly. Parmatma also functions as Guru prevailing in the hearts of all. He inspires the fallen souls to go and approach Shiksha and Diksha Gurus for spiritual welfare. He is called as Chaitya Guru. The function of Chaitya Guru is to enable a sincere man to serve His devotees. Devotee gets inspiration from Chaitanya Guru Who is existing as Paramatma within his heart. As such Parmatma himself functions as Chaitya Guru, Diksha Guru and Shiksha Guru. These three are one and the same. Regarding instructing divine master it is stated in ( that:

Shiksha guru ke ta jani krishner svarup I Antaryami bhakta shresta, eyi duie rup II

Diksha Guru and Siksha Guru open our spiritual eyes with spike of collyrium of transcendental knowledge to realise the Supreme Lord. They impart divine knowledge from outside while Chaitaya Guru inspires the soul to receive, retain and realise true reality from inside. Chaitya Guru is indwelling Divine Monitor. Chaitya Guru always keeps us awaken in our bhajan –sadhan (hearing and chanting the holy name). Unless and until we surrender ourselves completely to the Lotus Feet of Diksha and Shiksha Gurus, our Chaitya Guru does not help us in any way. Chaitanya Gurru means Paramatma, all pervading Supersoul Who is partial Manifestation of Lord Krishna. It chaitanya charitamrtam (m. 22-47) it is said when Lord Krishna is pleased with his devotee he gives inspiration as Supersoul for Hari Bhajan.

Krishna yadi kripa kare kon bhagyavane I Guru antaryami rupe shikhay apane II

When a devotee is blessed by Lord Krishna, later manifests Himself before former (devotee) as hearts of all beings. As an Indwelling Monitor He inspires His devotees for Hari bhajan.


Srila Krishna das kaviraj goswami said in his Sri Chaitanya charitamrita (.adi.1/45) said that:

Guru Krishna rup hon shastrer pramane I Guru rupe krishna krapa karen bhakt gane II

Guru is the form of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna Himself blesses the devotees in the form of Guru Dev. Therefore Guru Dev should not be considered as an ordinary person. Guru Dev is causeless merciful incarnation of Sri Krishna for the eternal welfare of the fallen souls. Sri Krishna also addressed Sri Uddhava and said (Bhag.11-17-27):

Acharyam mam vijaniyann-avamanyet karhichit I Na martya-buddhyasuyet sarvdev-mayo Guru II

Sri Krishna came to this earth from His eternal Abode and remained for a period of one hundred and twenty five years. Demi-gods came to Dvarika and requested Him to return back to His Abode. Sri Krishna agreed too. Having come to know plan of Sri Krishna, His beloved associate Sriman Uddhava came to Him. While imparting divine Knowledge on all subjects, Sri Krishna said, “Oh my beloved Uddhava! Acharya is My manifestation, divine personality like Me. Never think of him as an ordinary man. Guru is worshipped by Me and all Demi-gods as well. Guru Dev or Acharya is resort of all Demi-gods . Don‘t try to see faults in Sri Acharya Dev”.

Guru purna shakti, Krishna shakti mana I Duie vastu bhed nahi, shastrer praman II

Guru ke samanya jiva na janive kabhu I Guru Krishna shakti, krishna nitya –prastha prabhu II

Guru is the whole power or potency of Sri Krishna and Sri Krishna is all powerful. He is inconceivable aspect and non-distinctive from Lord Krishna. In this connection we get evidences from the various scriptures. Never understand Sri Guru Dev as an ordinary person like others. He is divine power and beloved of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna is predominating God and Guru is predominated God. In Ramchartmanas Goswami Tulsi Das said:

Bin guru bhav nidhi tarai na koyi I o viranchi sankar sam hoyi II

One may become equal to Brahma, the Creater of the universe ,and Shivajee, God of destruction, but can not across the ocean of sorrow i.e., worldly sufferings. Even Rama and Krishna serve Guru when they come on this earth for performance of their divine lilas. A self realised devotee Kavir das said that if Guru and God both are standing infront of me, I would offer my salutations to my Guru Dev first, thereafter to God, for God always says,”Worship your Guru Dev first before worshipping me.”

“Prathmantu Guru pujya tataschaive mam –archanam”


Obligatory duties of disciple for Sri Gurudesva have been mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam (11-17-28/29).

Sayam prata–rupaniya bhaikshyam tasmai nivedayet I Yachchanyad–api–anugyatam-upanjit sanyatah II

Shusrusman acharya sada-upasit nichvata I Yan–shayyasan–sthanair-na-ati dure kratanjalih II

What are duties of disciple while living alongwith Sri Guru Dev? Whatever alms (bhiksha) desciple gets in the morning and evening, he should handover to Sri Guru Dev. Not only eatable items whatsoever he begs from the householders should give to his Guru Dev. Thereafter he should make best use of all the things as per order of Guru Dev. Disciple should control his senses very carefully. If Guru Dev goes somewhere disciple should go behind him. At night when Guru Dev sleeps then disciple should sleep at some distance carefully. If Guru Dev is tired and taking rest, disciple sitting with him should massage his feet. When Guru Dev is sitting disciple should remain standing with folded hands for awaiting orders of him for service of God. As such disciple should serve and listen his Guru Dev submissively and very carefully. If disciple makes his Guru Dev satisfied he can get blessings of Lord Krishna.

Satisfaction of Lord Krishna depends upo the satisfaction of Guru Dev only.


Narayanah param Brahm tatgyanenath gamyate I Gyanasya sadhanam shastram shastranch guru-vaktragam II

Brahm prapti-rato hetorgurv-adhina sadaiv hi I Hetunanen vai vipra gururguru-tarah smritah II

In hari bhakti vilas (10/413-414) importance of Guru has been explaoimned. Sri Narayana is Supreme Lord. He can be realised by transcendental knowledge. This knowledge can be achieved through listening shastras submissively from Sri Guru Dev. In order to have place in the spiritual world for eternal services of Sri Narayana, one should surrender to Sri Guru Dev. Sri Narayana is under mantra and mantra is under Guru Dev. Oh Brahmin! Guru Dev is therefore superior to all. Devotees make prayers as under and obtest for blessings of Guru Dev.

Gurdeva! Kripa bindu diya karo aie dase trina-apeksha asti hina I Sakal sahane, bal diya karo, nija manespriha–hina II

Sakal sammana karite sakti, deho-natha, jathah-jatha I Tabe to gaibo, harinama–sukhe, apradha haibe hata II

Kabe heno krispa labhiya e-jana, kritartha haibe, natha I Saktoi buddhi hina ami ati dina, karo more astma satha II

Yogyata–vichare, kichhu nahi payi, tomar karuna–sara I Karuna na hoile, kandiya kandiya. prana na rakibo ara II

Oh, Guru Dev! Kindly shower a drop of your mercy upon me. I am fallen soul. I am more humbler than a blade of grass. Kindly be kind and accept me as your servitor. Give me strength to honour all without having desire for the same in return. Then only I can utter Hari nama happily without committing any aparadh. If any apradha is committed kindly exempt me as I am your surrendered soul. I can be grateful if I get your causeless mercy. When shall I get your mercy? I am without intelligence, power and austerity. I have no any qualification and quality. If you do not bless me, I shall die crying for your blessings. Who can get blessings from Sri Guru Dev? Those who have faith in the service of Sri Guru Dev according to the following kirtana can have benediction of their divine master.

Sree guru-charan-padma, keval-bhakti–sadma, Vando muie savadhana mate

Jahara prasade bhai, ae bhava toriya jai, Krishna prapti hoy jaha haite

Guru-mukha-padma-vakya, chittete koriya aikya, Ar na koriho mane asa

Sri guru–charane rati, ei se uttama–gati, Se prasade pure sarv asa

Chakshu-dan dilo jei, janme janme prabhu sei, Divya–gyan hride prakasita

Prema bhakti jaha hoite, avidya vinasa jate, Vede gay jahar charito

Sri guru karuna sindhu, adhama janar bandhu Loknath lokera jivana

Ha ha prabhu koro doya, deho more pada-chaya, Ebejasa ghusuk tribhuvana

I worship the lotus feet of my Guru Dev very carefully, for one can get devotion by serving them. By rendering service to the lotus feet of Guru Dev one can get this ocean of sorrow acrossed and gain Lord Krishna easily. Order given by Guru dev should be accepted as mantra and disciple should not have any other expectation. Greatest goal in life is to increase interest to serve feet of Guru Dev. By the blessings of Guru, all desires are fulfilled. One who gave me divine eyes and imparted transcendental knowledge in my heart, be my master in my all births. Prema bhakti is obtained and ignorance is removed, even Vedas also glorify the importance of Guru Dev. Guru Dev is ocean of mercy and is friend to all fallen souls. He is resort and life of people. Oh, my Guru Dev! you are my prabhu and bless me. Your reputation will be spread in three planets that you have uplifted the fallen soul. Another prayer is as under:

Guru Dev kripa karke, mujh ko apna lena I Main sharan para teri, charno me jagah dena II

Karuna nidhi nama tera, karuna dikhlao tum I Soye huye bhagyon ko, he nath jagao tum II

Meri nava bhavar dole, use par laga dena

Tum sukha ke sagar ho, nirdhana ke sahare ho I Isa tan me samaye ho, mujhe prano se pyare ho II

Papi hun ya kapati, jaisa bhi hun tera hun I Ghar bar chhor karke, main jivan se khela hun II

Main dukh ka mara hun, mere dukhra mita dena

Main sabka sevak hun, tere charno ka chera hun I Nahi nath bhulana mujhe, is jaga me akela hun II

Tere dar ka bhikhari hun me, mere dosa mita dena I Guru dev kripa karke mujh ko apna lena II

Oh, Guru Dev having cherished your mercy, accept me as your humble servant I have fallen at your lotus feet. Your name is karuna nidhi i.e., ocean of kindness, kindly show me your kindness and have place for me at your feet. I am unfortunate make me fortunate. I may be sinner even then I am yours. Boat of life is in whirlpool (eddy of river) and I may sink any time; please take me out of this whirlpool. I have left my house and family and taken shelter at your lotus feet. As such I have played with my life. I am in wretchedness condition, please remove my sadness. I am servant of all and slave of your feet. Please don‘t forget me ; I am alone in this world; nobody is mine. I am begger at your door, eradicate my mistakes. Please accept me your humble servitor. Srimati Mira bai, a great lady devotee says that she has interest to serve the feet of her Guru Dev and is not afraid of any body in this world. She composed one song which is given below:

Mohe lagi lagan guru charanan ki, Charan bina mohe kachu nahi bhave, Jag maya sab sapnan ki… mohe lagi lagan guru charanan ki Bhav sagar sab sukh gayo hai, Fikar nahi mohe taran ki…..Mohe lagi lagan guru charanan ki Meera ke prabhu giridhar nagar As vahi guru charanan ki, mohe lag lagan guru charanan ki

I do not like any thing in this world except feet of my Guru Dev. World created by energy of illusion is like a dream for me. She says that ocean of sorrow has become dried for her and she is not afraid of acrossing this. She says, “ My Lord is Giridhari. I have resort at the feet of Guru Dev to satisfy and gain my Giridhari.”

Teaschings of Lord Hari as a Gurudeva

Sri Sanatana Goswami has mentioned in Hari bhakti vilas (10/415):

Yasmada devo jagannathah kritva martya-mayih tanum I Magnan-uddharte lokan karunya-shastra-panina II

Merciful Lord Hari accepts the form of man and liberates the engrossed souls by the teaching of scriptures. Shastras are His hands and manifestations. Sruti smriti puranadi mam agya eva cha. Sruti, Smriti, and puranas etc. are my orders. Everyone should obey them. Lord Hari Himself practises the teachings of these scriptures as Guru Dev and teaches the same to the people. In Hari Bh. Vilas. (10/116) it is stated that:

Tasmad-bhaktir-gurau karya sansara bhaya bhiruna I Shastra-gyanen yoh-agyanam timirah vinipat-yeta II

One who removes our ignorance by the knowledge of shastras, he is Guru Dev. It is obligatory on our part to serve him. Lord Hari speakes through his tongue. It is duty of Guru Dev to train his disciples in the Vedic lore. He should practise himself and cause his disciples to lead their lives according to the scriptural teachings. Teaching becomes convincing one if teacher follows his own teachings in his practical life. In Gita Lord Krishna said to Sri Arjuna (3/21);

Yad yad acharati sresthas tat tad evetaro janah I Sa yat pramanam kurute, lokas tad anuvartate II

Whatever actions a great man performs, common men follow the same in future. Whatever standards he sets by examplary acts, all the world pursues. People in general always require a leader who can teach the public by practical behaviour A leader cannot teach the public to stop smoking if he himself smokes. Teacher should behave properly before he begins teaching. One who teaches in that way is called Guru or Acharya.or ideal teacher. Therefore a teacher or Guru Dev can not manufacture rules against the principles of revealed scriptures. One who desires to improve himself must follow the standanrd rules as they are practrised by the great teachers. Srimad Bhagavatam affirms that one should follow the footsteps of great devotees, and that is the way of progress on the path of spiritual realisation.

Na me parthasti kartavyam trisu lokesu kinchan I Nanavaptam-avaptavyam vart eva cha karmani II

Lord Krishna says {Gita 3/22}, Oh son of Pratha! There is no work prescribed for Me within three Planets. Nor am I in want of anything, nor have I a need to obtain anything and yet I am engaged in prescribed duties. I am controller of all other controllers, and I am the greatest of all the diverse planetary leaders. Everyone is under My control. All entities are delegated with particular power only by Me, they are not supreme themselves. I am also worshipable by all demigods and am the supreme director of all directors. This is also affirmed in vedic literatures {Svetasvatara Upnisad 6/7-8} as follows:

Tam isvaranam paramam mahaesvaram I Tam devatanam paramam cha daivatam II

Patim patinam paramam parastad I Vidama devam bhuvanesam idyam II

Na tasya karyam karanam cha vidyate I Na tat-samas chabhyadhikas cha drasvate II

Parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate I Svabhaviki gyana-bala-kriya cha II

Nobody is supreme to Lord Krishna. He is controlling all controllers. He delegates some of His powers to all entities. He is transcendental to all kinds of material leaders. He is Director of all Directors. There is no one greater than Him. He is the supreme cause of all causes. He does not possess bodily form like, that of an ordinary living entity. There is no defference between His body and His soul. He is absolute, His all senses are transcendental. His potencies are multifarious, and thus His deeds are automatically performed as a natural sequence. Since everything is in full opulence in the Personality of Godhead and is existing in full truth, there is no duty for the Supreme Lord to perform. All rules and regulations are meant for the conditioned souls and not for Lord Krishna, because He descended to establish the principles of religion. Yet He followed the prescribed rules. Otherwise, common men would follow in His footsteps because He is the greatest authority. In Srimad Bhagavatam Sri Krishna was performing all the religious duties at home and out of home, as required of a householder. Although He is above all the regulations of the revealed scriptures. He does not do anything that violates the revealed scriptures.

Apani achari dharma jiver shikhaya I Apani na kaile dharm shikhan na jaya II

Gyan data guru rupe ami bhagawan I Updesh kari ami guru rupa dhari II

Gurur updeshe lok jaya bhava tari II

Guru ke shakshat hen isvar kari mane I Sei se amar priya sarv tattva jane II

Guru rupe gyan data prabhu bhagawan I Chittai na karih guru manusya gyan II

Guru te javat jar thake nara buddhi I Tavat na haya tar kon karme siddhi II

Jeyi guru seyi hari dekhivo saman I Guru bhakt kariya bhajah mati man II

Lord Hari says that in order to preach religion He manifests Himself as Guru. By obeying order of Guru Dev jiva can get liberation. One who realises Guru Dev as my Personality, he is my beloved. Self realised my devotee should not be considered as an ordinary man. Till Guru Dev is realised by material point of view, no success can be achieved in any work. Guru and God both are non-distinctive personalities. Devrisi Narada addressing Maharaj Yudhistar said (bhag.7/15/25-26}:

Rajastamashcha sattven sattvam cha-upshamen cha I Etat sarva-gurau bhaktya puruso hyanjsa jayet II

Yasya sakshat bhagawati gyandip-prade gurau I Martya-saddhoh srutam tasya sarv kunjer shauchvat II

By practice of satva gun man should win over Rajo and tamo gunas. By nature of satva guna, one should cover rajo and tamo gunas so that passion could not get place. But it is very difficult. However it becomes very easy by the devotional services to Guru Dev. If less intelligent person considers Guru Dev as an ordinary man, his listening the shastras is useless like bathing of elephant. After bathing body elephant takes dust on his body. Similarly all religious activities become useless if Guru Dev is considered as an ordinary man. Srila Sukaderva maharaj says in Srimad Bhagavatam (7/15/27}:

Esa vai bhagvan–sakshat pradhan purus-isvarah I Yogesvarair-vimragyan-ghrirloko yam manyte naram II

Great yogis also serve the feet of Guru Dev. Controller of nature and purusa, Lord Hari manifests Himself in the form of Guru Dev. By hallucination senseless persons think of Guru Dev as an ordinary man.

Greatness of Guru deva

Regarding greatness of Srila Gurudeva in Brahm-vaivart puran it has been said that:

Narayanshya bhagawan gurum pratyaksh isvaram I Sarva-tirtha-asrayas- chaiva sarvv-devasrayo gurum II

Sarvv–dev-svarupascha guru rupi hari svayam I

Sri Narayana is God Himself and is not visible to our eyes. But Guru Dev is visible God for disciples. All holy places (Tirthas) are at the Lotus Feet of Guru Dev. Sree Guru Dev is resort of all Demi-gods. All Demi-gods reside in the body of Guru Dev. He is counterpart of God Those who have no devotional services to Guru they are burden on this earth and roaming like animals. They are to come on this earth again and again to suffer. In Sree Chaitanyas Charitamartam adi lila (.1/32} ir is recorded thast:

Krishna, gurudva, bhakt, avtar, prakash I Shakti aie chhaya rupe karen vilas II

When Lord Krishna comes on this earth to play divine sportive games, He manifests Himself into six forms viz., 1. Initiating disksha Guru, 2.Instructing siksha Guru, 3. Incarnation, 4. Devotee, 5. Expansion, and 6. Shakti (Potency). Guru Dev is servitor of God, even then he is predominated God. Guru dev is Ashraya Vigrah or Seva Praksh Vigrah. Diksha Guru is he who gives mantra and Siksha Guru is he who trains novices for doing Hari bhajan. Diksha guru is one and Siksha Gurus may be many. Sri Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami offers salutations to both Gurus (}.

Mantra-guru ara yata shiksha-guru-gana I Tahar charan age kariye vandan II

He describes that his mantra Guru is Sri Nityanand Prabhu and his Shiksha Gurus are viz, Sri Rup Goswami, Sri Sanatan Goswami, Sri Raghunath Batt Goswami, Sri Jiva Goswami, Sri Gopal Bhatt Goswami , Sri Raghunath das Goswami (

Sri rupa, sanatan, bhatt raghunath I Sri jiva, gopal bhatt, dasa raghunath II

Aie chhaya guru shiksha guru ye amar I Tan sabhar padpadme koti namaskar II

Who is Acharya?

Manu Smrti is code for human society. What to do, what not to do? All rules and regulations for maintaing good order in the society are mentioned by Manu maharaj in his Manu Smrti. In Manu smrti (2/140) it is said:

Upaniya tu yah shisyam vedam–adhyapaye-dvijah I Sankalpam sarahasyan-cha tama-acharyam prachakshate II

Who is known as an Acharya? In this connection Sri Manu Maharaj, the first King of the Universe, says that one who celebrates sacred ceremony of sacred thread of his disciples and teaches them sacred Vedic knowledge and discloses secret principles, is known as an Acharya. He leads his life according to his preachings. He establishes the doctrines of the scriptures. It has also been affirmed in Vayu Puran as under.

Achinoti yah shastrartham-achare sthapyatyapi I Svayam-acharte yasmad-acharyasten kirtitah II

Acharya is one who follow the teachings of scriptures in his own practical life. He proclaims and establishes the doctrines of Vedic lore. He does not have any work except service of God. God is summum-bonum of his life.All activities done by him are done only in the service of God. Hence, he becomes very beloved of God. Those who come to him, he imparts kivine knowledge and gets them engaged in the service of God for their bright spiritual future. Those who are pride of their learnings and are against the service of God, can not become Acharya. They are atheists as they follow atheism. They are astray with nescience.

Attainment of Vaikuntha and subtle knowledge

In Padma puran uttar khand 1/8 It is mentioned that 60,000 saged conducted sacrifice for a period of one thousand years but could not get peace of mind. They came to Sri Suta Goswami like disciple and said to him.

Chintamanir lok-sukham surdruh svarga-sampadam I Prayachchhati guruh prito vaikuntham yogi durlabham II

Sixty thousands sages headed by Sri Shaunak Brahmachary conducted a sacrifice for one thousand years but could not get peace in their minds. Having become failure, Sri Shaunak Brahmachary led them to Sri Suta Goswami for attainment of tranquillity of mind. Sri Shaunak says, “ Oh respected Sripad Suta Goswami jee! we have come to you for getting peace as we could not get the same even after efforts made by us through Yajna for a period of one thousand years.

Chintamani only can award material happiness and Kalpa taru (wish-yielding tree) only can award happiness of heaven. But Guru Dev can award Vaikuntha which is very difficult to attain even by great sages. We have surrendered to you. Please accept us and explain those means by which we can get our bodies and minds in devotional service for Sri Krishna. We request you for hari katha as you have listened the same through the preceptorial line. Glories to be glorified by you would be convincing one. Regarding greatness of Guru Dev it is mentioned in vedic literature that equal respect should be given to Guru and God. (Svetasvtar up. 6/23).

Yasya deve para-bhaktir-yatha deve tatha Gurau I Tasyaite kathita hyarthah prakashante mahatmanah II

Those who have equal respect for God and Guru, secret knowledge of scriptures is automatically manifested in their hearts. Self realised souls have decided the principle that with the service of Guru Dev, God is satisfied and with the service of God, Guru is satisfied. Therefore service of Guru and God should be done side by side to have benediction from both of them for auspiciousness. Srila Raghunath das Goswami regarding Guru, said: Mukund prasthatve Guru-varam smar. Always remember Guru who is very beloved of God. Srila Jiva Goswami in his bhakti Sandarbh (216) wrote:

Shuddha-bhaktah sri guroh sri shivasya cha I Bhagavata sah abheda-dristim tat-priyatam-tvenaiva manyante II

One should have equal vision about senior Vaishnavas, Sri Guru Dev, Sri Shiva and God. They are beloved of God. Srila Vishvanath Chakravorty thakur said in Gurudevastakam:

Sakshaddhari-tven samast shastrai-ruktastatha bhavyat eva sadbhih I Kintu prabhoryah priya eva tasya, vande guroh sri charnar-vindam II

In all scriptures Guru Dev is explained as a manifestation of God, and self realised souls have realised so. Even then he is beloved of God, I offer my humble salutations at his lotus feet. With whose satifaction God is satisfied and with whose dissatisfaction God becomes unhappy, he is my Guru Dev. Yasya prasadad bhagvat prasado, yasya-aprasan-na-gatikuto-api..

Mantra under Gurudeva

When a person get mantra from devotee (Gurudeva) he is getting divine knowledge. Mantra is itself a divine knowledge. Manta, giver of mantra Sri Gurudeva and God of mantra three are non-dictinction. In Hari Bhakti Vilasa (17-66) Srila Rupa Goswami pada has mentoioned that:

Mantra-atma devta gyeya devata guru rupini I Tesam bhedon na kartavyo yadichchhedistam-atmanah II

Mantra is God and God is Guru. Guru always thinks for our auspiciousness. He gives mantra. Mantra is under Guru. God is under mantra. If someone chants mantra he attains God. As such Mantra and God are under Guru. We should not make any distinction among Guru, Mantra and God. This should be realized by receiving transcendental knowledge from saintly persons. In Hari Bhakti Vilasa (4/353-354 and 3/282)

Yo mantrah sa guruh sakshat yo guru sa harih smritah I Gurur-yasya bhavet-tustastasya tusto harih svayam II

Tasmat sarva prayatnena yatha-vidhi tatha gurum I Abhedena-archyed yastu sa mukti falamapnuyat II

Guro padodakam putra tirtha koti falam pradam II

Guruscha devta cha mantrasch tesam ekyam,

Chintayan mantram uchcharyet I Gurureva bandhu na bhratadi na cha ahameva II

Saita param bandhu seyi pita-mata I Sri Krishna charne jeyi prema bhakti data II (Chaitanya mangal madhya khand)

Mantra is Guru, Guru is Hari. But Gurudeva is realized soul and beloved of God. If one satisfies Guru, God becomes satisfiedm with him. Guru is one who loves God only and nobody else. His all performances are done for his beloved God. One who serves the feet of Gurudeva he gets result of visiting crore of crore holy places (Tirthas). Hence the duty of jiva is to serve Gurudeva with submissive manner for his spiritual goodness. Guru is our father, mother and friend because he awards us Sri Krishna Prema Bhakti. We should worship God and Gurudeva with equal respect. Gurudeva is giver of divine knowledge and liberation (Mukti). Gurudeva is manifestation of mercy of God. One who imparts knowledge of our true nature and relationship with God, is our the best friend, well wisher, father and mother. He removes our ignorance by imparting divine knowledge and awards us unclinching devotion to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna.

Athatmano-artha-bhutasya yato-anarth parampara I Sansritistad-vyavachchhedo bhaktya paramaya Gurau II

In Srimad Bhagavatam(4-29-36) Devrisi Narada said to Prachninbarhi, “Oh King! Individual souls always suffering from three fold afflictions because of ignoance. If one wants to get free hand from Adhidaivika, Adhibhautika and adhyatmika sufferings he should get transcendental knowledge from Spiritual Guide and serve his feet. Having received knowledge and served Sri Gurudeva one can get exemption from births and deaths and never comes on this earth to suffer. Transcendenal knowledge destroys nescience and removes all sufferings.

Dispassion comes with the service of God

Vasudeve bhagavati bhakti yogah samahitah I Sandhri-chinen vairagyam gyanam cha janayisyatih II

Sri Suka Dev Maharaj says(Bhag.4/29/37), Oh King! Sri Vasudev is supreme Guru. His satisfaction is possible by devotional services only. When He is satisfied, darkness of our ignorance is removed. As soon as devotee accepts Bhakti Yoga passion existed in his heart is dispelled and dispassion from the wordly enjoyable things comes. On attainment of dispassion and subtle knowledge in the heart, Ultimate Reality is obtained. Commentary of Srila Visvanath Chakravorty is as under:

‘tarhi sansar nivrittireva katham bhaventtatrah-atheti. Bhakti prakarnarambhe atmano-jivasya paramartha bhutasya yata evaviddhatoh-anartha parampara sansritistasya vichchhedo gurau bhatyetit gurum na sa syat-ityadina hari bhaktyupdesh kasyaiva gurutvavinad gurau harau cha bhaktyetyayatam. Tatascha puranjansya-parasmin janmani gurau harau cha bhaktya nistaro vikhyatah. Sadhan bhaktya premparyanta bhaktirbhavatityah vasudev iti dvabhyam. Bhakti yoga prema bhagavatyev samyasgahit iti bhajanasya tatsukhe tatparyya na tu svasukhe sandhichinen samichinen prakaren yaj-gyanam vairagyancha taditi.

Mind is the source of all anarthas. Mind is world. When man by his own spiritual efforts serves his superior power with firm faith his world is detroyed. By devotional services of worshipable Lord Krishna all anarthas are removed. Where there is no service of God all anarthas reside there. Individual soul is always servitor of God. When Jiva is engaged in the service of Almighty he becomes passionless and gains realisation of self. On attaining the self realisation, his all performances are done for the gratification of senses of God and not for self gratification. By practice of Bhakti Yoga he gets Prema Bhakti All this is possible with blessings of Guru Dev. If our services are accepted by Guru and God then only detachment from the worldly enjoyable things takes place. When dispassion comes in our heart and we start Sadhan Bhakti. Without dispassion and true knowledge one can not begin Hari bhajan for spiritual progress. It is possible onle with the association of devotees as they always chant the glories of God. Without having company of true devotees it is impossible to get eternal welfare for bright future..

Once Devrisi Narada came to visit King Prachir-barhisman, who was a great karmakandi and slaughtered one lac animals in his sacrifices. Having heard this Narada said (Bhag 4-29-49/50):

Stabdho vrhadvadhanmani karma navaisi yatparam I Tata karma haritosam yatsa viddhya tanmatiryaya II

Harir-deha–bhrtam-atma svayam prakrtir-isvarah I Tat-pada-mulam sharanam yatah kshemo nrinamih II

O, king! You have become arrogant (proud) and sinner. You have fogotten the aim of Karmas . What is significance of karma, is not known to you. You have killed a number of animals in the name of religion and think yourself as a religious minded man. This is very bad on your part. Animals you slaughtered, will slaughter you in the next births one by one. Karma is really a karma if God is served. Education is education if God is known. If one gets education and he becomes atheist, education acquired by him is not education. Aim of education is to know the Supreme Personality of Godhead. After acquisition of education one‘s mind, heart and body should work for God because education is known as Saraswati and Saraswati constantly serves Lord Hari i.e., Sri Krishna. Lord Hari is controller of Prakriti. Eternal peace is only at His Lotus Feet.

Aim of Education

Bhakti badha ja haite, se vidyar mastkete, padaghat kar akaitava I Saraswati krishna priya, krishna bhakti tar hiya, vinoder sei vaibhav II

Tahare se vali vidya mantra adhyayana I Krishna-pada-padme je karaye sthir mana II (

Sei se vidyar fal janih nishchaya I Krishna padpadme yadi chitt vritti raya II (

Digvijaya karivo-vidyar karyya nahe I Ishvar Bhajile vidya satya kahe II ( 13/173)

Padhe kene lok? krishna bhakti janivare I Se yadi nahilo, tave vidyay ki kare II (

Tahare se vali dharma karma sadachar I Ishvar se priti janme, sammat savar II ( ant. 3/44)

Prabhu kahe, kon vidya vidyamadhye sar I Rai kahe-krishna bhakti vidya nahi aar II ( 8/244)

Tat-karma hari-tosam yatsa vidya tanmatir-yaya I Tad-varnam tad-kulam srestham tadasram shubham labhet II (Bh.29-49-50)

Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur said, if education becomes hindrance in the worship or service of God, such education should be kicked at her forehead. Why? Education is known as Saraswati by name - Saraswati Krishna priya I, Krishna bhakti tar hiya II, Saraswati has single minded devotion in her heart for Sri Krishna. She worships the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna. Those who claim themselves to be educationist they should follow Saraswati and worship Lord Krishna. If not, their education is useless. Education is education if that helps us to get our mind engaged in Sri Krishna bhakti. To get reputation ( name and fame) in the world is not aim of education. Why do people study? If they do not know how to serve God. Education, religion and activity are successful if we develop love for Sri Krishna by all these means. Once during His journey in south India Lord Chaitanya after taking bath in the water of Godavari river was sitting on the sand. Governor Ray Ramanand came and met Mahaprabhu. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu asked him, “ What is education which is the best?” Governor replied, “ There is no education beyond the education of Sri Krishna Bhakti. Devotion of Sri Krishna is the essence of all kinds of educations. Karma is karma and education is education if they are acted in the service of God. Caste, high lineage and ashrama are the best if God is served by them. Then they become auspicious. Srimad Bhagavatam (4-29-51) says:

Sa vai priyatamschatma yato na bhaya-manvapi I Iti ved sa vai vidvan yo vidvan sa guru harih II

Devotees of God are always fearless.They realise that God is darling to all. Beloved of devotees is only one i.e., Sri Krishna. One who knows so with firm faith is scholar and Guru. Maharaj Prahlad remained fearless though he was teased by his father, Hiranyakasipu in various ways. He believed that God is his protector who prevails at all the places under all circumastances. Those who are realised souls, even God of death becomes afraid of them. Nobody can harm them The Child Lord Gauranga said to his mother (,

Krishna sevker mata, kabhum nahi nash I Ka’l-charka daray dekhiya krishna das II

Devotees of Sri Krishna are never parished. They are immortal. Even God of death (Yamaraj) becomes afraid to see and touch devotees of Sri Krishna. Commentary of Srila Visvanath chakraborty is given below:

“Sa harireva priyatam atma asau jivantu priya avetyarthah. Tatra hetuh yato yadat-janad-asya jivatmanasttu svargadi-bhog-pradan rupadat janaad-dukhameva bhavtityarthah. Iti-vibhedenaivatm-dvayam yo ved sa eva vidvanstvyaa gyey ya evam vidvan sa eva tvya gurrashrayaniya. Ya eva guruh sa evam haristvayopasniya ityarthah”.

Whose beloved is Lord Hari Who is worshipable by all, such devotee does not accept even kingdom of heaven and always is engaged in the service of God, is regarded as scholar and Guru. He believes that Sri Krishna is predominating God. One should take shelter at the feet of such a Guru Dev.

To whom God imparts intelligence

There is no possibility of understanding the Supreme Truth, the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, simply by speculation, for the Supreme Truth is so great that it is not possible to understand Him or to achieve Him simply by making a mental effort. Man can go on speculating for several millions of years, and if he is not devoted, if he is not a lover of the Supreme Truth, he will never understand Sri Krishna. or Supreme Truth. Only by devotional services Supreme Truth Sri Krishna is pleased. On satisfaction He can reveal Himself to the heart of the pure devotee. The pure devotee always has Sri Krishna within his heart. Sri Krishna is just like sun and dissipate the darkness of ignorance. This is special mercy rendered to the pure devotee by Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna says in Gita (10/11);

Tesam evanukampartham, aham ajnana-jam tamah I Nashayamy-atma-bhava-stho jnana–depena bhasvata II

To show them special mercy, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance. Sometimes philosophers criticise the devotees because they think that most of the devotees are in the darkness of ignorance and are philosophically naive sentimentalists. Actually that is not the fact. There are very learned scholars who have put forward the philosophy of devotion, If devotee is sincere in his devotional service he is helped by Sri Krishna within his heart. So the sincere devotee is always engaged in Krishna consciousness as Lord said in Gita (10/10).

Tesam satata–yuktanam bhajatam priti–purvkam I Dadami buddhi-yogam tam yena mam upayanti te II

Oh Arjuna! I impart intelligence of understanding the absolute Truth, to those who are constantly devoted to serving Me. After getting my blessings they know Me. Then they serve and come to Me. In this verse the word buddhi-yogam is very significance. He instructs Sri Arjuna in the way of buddhi –yoga, Buddhi –yoga means highest intelligence. Buddhi means intelligence, and yoga means mystic activity or mystic elevation. When one tries to go back to Godhead and takes fully to Krishna consciousness in devotional service, his action is called buddhi–yoga. In other words, Buddhi–yoga is the process by which one gets out of the entanglements of this material world. The ultimate goal of progress is Krishna. One should know that goal is Sri Krishna. When goal is assigned, then the path is slowly but progressively traversed and the ultimate goal is achieved.

When a person knows the goal of life but is addicted to the fruits of activities, he is acting in Karma–Yoga. When he knows that the goal is Krishna but he takes pleasure in mental speculations to understand Krishna, he is acting in Jnana–yoga. And when he knows the goal and seeks Krishna and completely is in Krishna consciousness and devotional service, he is acting in Bhakti Yoga or Buddhi –Yoga which is the complete yoga. This complete yoga is the highest perfectional stage of life.The qualification is that a person always engages himself in Krishna consciouness and with love and devotion render all kinds of service to the satisfaction of Him. Service should be done with true love only. Then God gives him a chance to make progress and ultimately attains to Him.

A prostitute became Siksha Guru

There was a brahmana known as Ram Das. He was a great devotee of God. He was doing regular worship of God and was well known to others as a good devotee. His son was Vilvamangal who was also of saintly nature like his father, Vilvamangal was brought up in religious atmosphere. But after death of his father nobody remained behind to control him. He became independent and got himself attached with the company of bad persons. If man has bad friends he also becomes bad. Consequently reputation goes down.

Basi kusang chahat kusang jiya rahim jiya sos I Mahima ghati samundra ki ravan baso paros II

Rahim Das says, it is a surprise to me that people have bad company and they like to have more and more bad friends, They do not understand that living in bad company brings defamation and life is destroyed. He gives an example of Ravan. Ravan, king of Lanka, lived on the bank of Sea.

Nobody could prepare bridge over sea. Sea was famous for this reason. But because of Ravan, Ramchander was compelled to prepare bridge over Sea. Fame of Sea went down. Sri Ramchander constructed bridge and acrossed sea alongwith His Military of monkies and bears. Lanka made of Gold was destroyed because of demon Ravana.

Vilvamangal also forgot what is good? What is bad? He lost his intelligence to decide any thing good for him. There was ritual rites on account of annual ceremony of his father‘s death. He remained engaged whole day in performing Sraddh and could not meet his lover. He had established his illicit relation with prostitute Chintamani who was very beautiful. Daily meeting with her had become his routine work. It was day of sraddh and heavy rain. He decided to go and meet Chintamani at night. It was dark night and heavy rain was there. People forbade him but he did not listen them and went in dark rainy night. On the way there was river flooded by water due to rainy season. He could not across the river and was thinking how to across. Suddenly he saw a dead body of man flowing in the river. He could not know what is this? He sat on the dead body and acrossed the flooded river. In heavy rain he reached the house of Chintamani. Her door was closed as it was dark night and heavy rain. Chintamani did not even dream that under such atmosphere Vilvamangal would come to her. One big snake was hanging on the wall. Vilvamangal could not recognise serpent in the night. He thought that Chintamani is very kind to him; she knew well about my arriving and hung rope for me to jump over the wall. He caught hold serpent as if rope and jumped over the wall and thus entered the house of prostitute.

Prostitute was surprised to see Vilvamangal as it was not possible to come in such danzerous dark night with heavy rain. “How could you come here”, asked prostitute. He explained every thing. Having seen such strong attachment with the material body, she said:

Asthi-charmaya deh yah, jame aisi prit I Jo hoti Sri Krishna me hoti na bhav bhit II

You have love for my perishable body. It is very bad. If you had such love for Sri Krishna there would not have been any fear from worldly sufferings, i.e. births and deaths. You could have got eternal peace for ever. Aim of human life should be to worship God and not worship this material body. It would be better for you to enlighten your heart with divine light and develop love for God. Having heard such inspirable words his mind was totally changed. He accepted prostitute Chintamani as instructing divine master. He got dispassion from the worldly enjoyable things. He detached himself from worldly affairs and left in search of Guru Dev for initiation. He met Somgiri Maharaj and got initiation from him and started hari bhajan. He wrote one book tittled as Krishna Karnamrita, In the first sloka of this book he offered his salutations to prostitute Chintamani.

Chintamanirjayati somgirirgururme, Shikshaguruscha bhagawan shikhipichchh maulih I

Yatpad-kalp-taru-pallav-shekhresu Lila–svayamvar-rasam labhate jaysrih II

I offer my respectful salutations to the feet of prostitute Chintamani who removed my hallucination or illusion and totally changed my life. Glory to Chintamani. I offer my prostrated obeisances to the lotus feet of my initiating Guru Dev Somgiri maharaj who accepted me as his servitor giving initiation and placing me in the service of God and by whose mercy I could understand the aim of my life.

All Glories to Siksha Guru Lord Krishna having peacock feather in his crown and whose Lotus Feet are as if leaves of wish-yielding tree and Maharani Laxami Devi always feels happiness serving those Lotus Feet. Earlier he cried for prostitue but now crying for God. He was going to Vrandavan. On the way he needed water to drink. He saw some women were taking water from the well. He saw one beautiful woman and went behind her upto her house. Vilvmangal thought, “if my eyes had not been seen this handsome lady I would not have come here. My eyes are guilty for this crime. I should punish my eyes. He took thorn and destroyed his both eyes. It is also said that Vilvamangal requested that woman at her door to give her hair-pin. Woman was surprised as to why this man is asking for my hair-pin. She gave and Vilvamangal destroyed his eyes by hair-pin. Now Vilvamangal started his journey for Vrandavan. He became blind and could not see path. Sri Krishna could not tolerate the sufferings of His devotee. He came and took hand of Vilvamangal in his hand and guided him to Vrandavan. Therefore Sri Krishna is accepted as Siksha Guru by Vilvamangal. Because of teachings by prostitute, Vilvamangal became saint. Regarding Instructing Master Sri Krishna dasa Kaviraj Goswami said ( & 58)

Shiksha guru ke ta jani krishner svarupa I Anteryami bhakt-srestha aie duie rupa II

Jive sakshat nahi tate guru chaity-rupe I Siksha-guru haya krishna mahant svarupe II

Those who inspire us for Hari Bhajan and teach us how to worship God, are Siksha Guru. Jiva can not see God face to face easily. But God as an indweller in the hearts teaches the fallen souls to follow right way for bright future. He is called Chaitya Guru. Lord Child Krishna brought Vilvamangal to Vrandavan. When they reached Vrandavan Krishna freed His hand and fled away. Then Vilvamangal recognised and said:

Hast-mutkshipya yato-asi balatkrishna kim-adbhutam I Hridayad-yadi niryasi paurusam ganyami te II

Hath chhudaye jat ho durbal samajh kar moy I Hridaya se nikal jaoge tab sabal mai janunga toy II

Hath chhudakar chale kanhaiya fir bhi sath na chhoda I Darshan ki pyasi ankhiyon ne hari se nata joda II

Surdas ke ika-tare ne chhodi aisi gatha I Jis ko sunkar jhuka liya tribhuvan ne apna matha. II

Oh! Krishna, you are running away making your hand free. I have now come to know that you are my Supreme Lord. You have more physical srtength. But I have kept you in the prison of my heart. I shall accept you more powerful if you go out of my heart. It means you can not leave my heart. Iam more powerful than you as I have kept you in my heart. Vilvamangal sung glories of Lord Krishna so nicely that Lord was compelled to shake His head in happiness. Sri Krishna said to his beloved Uddhava (Bhag.11-26-26):

Tato dusangam-utsrajay satsu sajjet buddhiman I Sant Atasyad-chidanti mano-vyasangah muktibhih II

Intellligent person should have association of good persons. He should never have a company of bad persons. Why? Saintly persons by their good advices. remove all attachment from the worldly affairs as their minds constantly rememnber Me. Any person bad or good goes to them, they cause them to do service of God. Even a bad person engages himself in the service of God accepting medium of devotees. What to speak of good person if he comes in contact with saints. God is very very kind. He blesses even men of demoniac nature. Until and unless man serves Lord Krishna, ocean of mercy, he can not get rid of births and deaths. Due to the contamination of material associaton, through many, many millions of births, one’s heart is always covered with the dust of materialism, but when one engages in devotional service, the dust quickly clears and one is elevated to the platform of pure knowledge. The ultimate goal, Sri Krishna can be attained only by devotional services, and not by mental speculation or argument. The pure devotee does not have to worry about the material necessities of life. He needs not be anxious, because when he removes the darkness from his heart everything is provided automatically by the Supreme Lord, Who is pleased by the loving devotional service of the devotee.

Independency and dependency of God

Svatantra ishvar prabhu atyant udara I Tare na bhajile kabhu na hay nistar II

Ye ghor sansare padiya manav na paya dukher shes I Sadhu sang kari, yadi hari bhaje, tabe anta hay sab klesh II

God is independent and cause of all causes and very or Beneficient. Without performing His worship and service nobody can get liberation. ( 8/32). He is not under anybody as He is controller of all controllers. He is director of all directors. He is one without second. He is worshipable by all. He is beloved consort of Laxami Devi. Individual souls are under command of illusion. Illusion is under command of God. God means Generating power, Operating power, and Destructing power. He is only one Supreme power. He is above all. Individuals are His servitors — Parvas jiva svabas bhagavanta I Jiva aneka eka sri kanta II - If one does not serve God who is very kind to all, he can not get liberation. Sri Krishna Das Kaviraj has also said ( & M. 22/25):

Ekla ishvar krishna, ara sab bhritya I Jare jaichhe nachay, se taichhe kare nritya II

Tate krishna bhaje, kare gurer sevan I Maya–jala chhute, paya krishner charan II

Ishvar svarupa bhakt tar adhisthan I Bhakter hridaye krishner satat vishram II

Sri Krishna is God Himself. All others are His servitors. Having fallen in the dreadful world nobody can solve his problems. If he keeps himself in the company of devotees, his all sufferings are ended. Sri Krishna is only one God. All including Shiva, Brahma and demigods are His obedient servants. All of them dance as desired by Him. One who worships Sri Krishna and serves his Guru Dev, can get freedom from the clutches of Maya and attains Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna, Thereafter, no sadness will remain with him. Sufferings are not removed by various means. There is only one way to escape from the worldly wind, that is devotional service of God and His devotees. Nobody can control God as He is Supreme Power. But Lord Krishna said to Durvasa Muni (Bhag.9-4-63):

Aham bhakta-paradhino hya-svatantra iva dvija I Sadhu-bhir-grasta-hridayo bhakair-bhakta jan priyah II

Oh! Durvasa Muni, I am cause of all causes even then I am under control of my devotees. I am independent of all but I depend upon my devotees. They command me. I do not have my independency before my devotees. Sadhus have kept me in their hearts and they live in my heart. Only by devotional services my gentle devotees have taken me in their hands. Servitors of my devotees are my very beloved. Here devotees means elevated souls. Sri Guru dev is elevated Soul. God does not like any thing before His purified devotees. (Bhag. 9-4-64 ):

Naham- atmanamashase madbhaktaih sadhubhirvina I Sriyam cha -atyantiko brahman yesam gatir-aham para II

God again said, I am only resort for my devotees. They worship me only, and they are called vaishnavas. Except me they neither worship nor serve anybody because they get all mystic powers, riddhi, siddhi etc in my service If I am served, all are served. If I am satisfied , all are satisfied. I bless them, they get blessings from all. Therefore vaishnavas worship and serve Me only. Even I do not love my consort Laxami, Shiva and Brahma so as I love my vaishnavas as they are my life and I am their life too. They give up their wives, children, parents, relatives and all properties for Me only. Oh! Durvasa, how can I dislike my devotees. I can not tolerate any thing against Vaishnavas. You have committed apradha at the feet of King Ambrishi. So I can not help you. You go back to the holy king and pray him for pardon. Just as chasty wife takes her husband in her hands by faithful service, even so my devotees take in their hands by rendering the faithful service to me. I give them shelter at My Lotus Feet (Gita 4/11) and ( adi.4/177):

Sadhu sange krishna seva, Na pujivo devi–deva I Aie bhaktir param karan, aie ta suddha bhakit II

Iha haite Krishna prema haya I Gita-Bhagavate aie lakshan kay II

Ye yatha mam prapadyante tans—tathaiva bhajami–aham I Mam vartmanuvartante manusyah partha sarvashah II

Krishner pratigya eka achhe purva haite I Je jechchhe bhaje, krishna tare bhaje taichhe II

Sri Krishna said, Oh my beloved Arjuna, people search me following different ways. As they surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Every one follows My path in all respects. I have different aspects of My manifestations. I am partially realized as impersonal brahma-jyoti effulgence and as all pervading Supersoul dwelling within everything. But Sri Krishna is fully realized only by His devotees. He is the object of every one’s realisation. But all can not follow one and the same way for realisation as they have different desires. In the transcendental world also, Sri Krishna reciprocates with His pure devotee in the transcendental attitute, just as the devotee wants Him. One devotee may want Krishna as Supreme Master, another as his personal friend, another as his son and still another as his lover. Sri Krishna rewards all the devotees equally, according to their different intensities of love of Him. In the material world the same reciprocations of feelings are there, and they are equally exchanged by the Lord with the different types of worshippers. The pure devotees both here and in the transcendental abode associate with Him in person and are able to render personal service to the Lord and thus derive transcendental bliss in His loving service.

So far impersonalists are concerned they want to commit spiritual suicide by annihilating the individual existence of the living entity, Sri Krishna also helps them by absorbing them into His effulgence. Such impersonalists do not agree to accept the eternal, blissful personality of Godhead; consequently they can not relish the bliss of transcendental personal service to the Lord, having extinguished their individuality. For those who are fruitive workers, the Lord awards the desired results of their prescribed duties, as the yajnesvara; and those who are yogis seeking mystic powers, are awarded such powers. Everyone is dependent for success upon His mercy alone, Unless one comes to the highest perfection of Sri Krishna consciousness, all attempts remain imperfect. Srimad Bhagavatam says .(2-3-10 ):

Akamah sarva-kamo va-moksha-kama udaradhih I Tivrena bhakti-yogena yajeta purusam param II

It is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam, “whether one is without desire or is desirous of all fruitive results, or is after liberation, one should with all efforts try to worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead for complete perfection, culminating in Krishna Consciousness.” The demigods are not different forms of God. They are different parts and parcels of God. God is one and the parts and parcels are many. The Vedas say, nityo nityanam. Who is God? Ishavarah parmah krishnah.. Sri Krishna is God. He delegates some of His powers to demi-gods to manage this material world. These demigods are all living entities (nityanam) with different grades of material power. They cannot be equal to Supreme God. Narayana, Vishnu or Krishna. Anyone who thinks that God and demi-gods are on the same level is called an atheist or pasandi. Even the great demi-gods like Brahma and Shiva can not be compared to the Supreme Lord. In fact the Lord is worshipped by demi-gods such as Brahma and Shiva (siva –viranchi-nutam). God is above all. However, foolish people worship the demi-gods because they want immediate results. They get the results, but do not know that results so obtained are temporary and are meant for less intelligent persons. Vaishnavas are very intelligent and no need worship the paltry demigods for some immediate benefits. The boons of the demigods are material and temporary. In this world human society is mad after temporary things such as the material opulence of possessing land, family and enjoyable paraphernalia. To achieve such temporary things, people worship the demigods or powerful men in human society, If a man gets Ministership in the government by worshipping a political man he considers that he has achieved a great boon. They are all after sensual enjoyment, and to get a little facililty for sensual enjoyments

Liberation with the association of sadhus

Lord manifested as Kapil Dev accepting Devhuti and Kardam risi as His parents. He explained the importance of association of vaishnavas or santly and said (bhag.3-25-20):

Prasangam-ajaram pasham-atmanah kavayo viduh I Sa eva sadhusu krito moksha-dvaram-apavritam II

Oh, My holy mother Devhuti! it is said by wise persons that attachment with the association of worldly minded people is the cause of our bondage because soul is covered by dust of lust, anger and greed. If same attachment one has with the association of devotees (vaishnavas), the door for mukti (liberation) is automatically open. There is no auspicious way except association of vaishnavas for spiritual progress and ever existing peace.

Satam prasangan-mam virya-sanvido, Bhavanti hrid–karn-rasayanah kathah I Tat-tosanadas-apvarga-vartmani, Sraddha ratir-bhaktir- anukram-isyati II

Lord Kapil Dev further said (Bhag.3-25-25), O respectable mother, when there is arrival of great vaishnavas (saints) there is listening and chanting of My glories by which My reputation is spread in the air. Sadhus always explain attractive Hari katha. If someone hears the glories of God from the lotus lips of Vaishnavas his all hindrances are rooted out and way leading to enternal abode of the Supreme Lord becomes clear. Because only by listening and chanting one can develop faith in the service of God and attain Prema bhakti step by step. To attain Prema Bhakti is the final goal of human beings.

Sangat bhali sadhu ki kate koti apradh I Sangat buri asadhu ki, athon pahar upadh II

The company of saintly person is the best because all sins are destroyed. To have company of bad persons is very bad because there are problems for 24 hours. Hence Lord Chaitanya Dev taught us; whatever you do, do with the association of vaishnavas. You want to dance, dance in the company of vaishnavas, you want to sing, sing kirtana alongwith vaishnavas. Why? Vaishnavas are beloved of God.

Nacho gavo bhakta sange, karaha sankirtan I Krishna name updese taro sarva jana II

One should not think of caste, colour, education, etc of Guru Dev (Great devotee). It is recorded in our scriptures ( m.8/127), Agast gita, Adi Puran, Garg sangita as follows:

Kiva vipra kiva nyasi shudra kene naya I Jeyi Krishna tattva vetta seyi guru hay II

Avidya va savidyo va gurureva janardan I Margastho vapya-margastho gurureva paragati II

Avidya va savidya va gurureva janardana I Margastho vapya-margastho gurureva sadagati II

Gurur-brahma guru-vishnu gurudevo mahesvar I Gurudev param brahm tasmat sanpujyet II

One who knows Krishna as the Supreme One, he may be Brahmana, sanyasi or shudra, is Guru. Guru may be without education or with education he is form of mercy of God. He shows us the path leading to Eternity. He gives us new birth through initiation and is compared to Brahma. He sustains us like Vishnu. If any body commits apradha and does not serve God, he destroys also and then compared to Shiva. These three powers are invested in him. Therefore everybody should worship Guru Dev. Disciple should follow the way described by Guru Dev. Guru dev is only resort for our goodness

Sages purify holy places (tirathas)

In Srimad Bhagavata (1-13-10): importance of saints has been glorified by Sri Yudhisthira Maharaj

Bhavdvidha bhagavats-tirtha bhutah svayam vibho I Tirthi-kurvanti tirthani svantah-sthen gadabhrata II

Sri Yudhisthar Maharaj said to his uncle Vidur jee, “devotees like you are form of Tirthas. God is always manifested in your heart. Wherever devotees like you go that place becomes holy place. Even tirtha becomes mahatirtha. You are purifier of holy places. If anybody takes shelter in the shrine of devotees like you, he gets peace. Sadhu-mahatma are only true Guru and well wishers.

 Duty of sadhus is to get all fallen souls engaged in Hari

bhajan. Those who teach us about Hari bhajan and show us right path for our betterment, are really sadhus. In these days it is seen that some persons dress themselves as sadhu but they do not teach the public for the service of God. Whoever comes to them, they get their service done by them and never advise them to do Hari Bhajan. Sadhu is he who serves God and engages his disciples in the service of God. True devotee always want to have command from Guru and God. He respects all and never desires to have respect from others. Here we give an example from the pastimes of Lord Gauranga.

Command of Mahaprabhu over Sri Advait Acharya

Disciples always long to have command of Guru Dev. They do not want to have respect from Guru Dev and from others as well. Those who are commanded by Guru Dev can get success in meditation. Sri Advaita prabhu was an incarnation of Mahavishnu. He is also considered as partly incarnation of Shiva. Because of Sri Advait Prabhu Gauranga came from His Goloka Dhama. He was senior Brahmana and scholar of Bhakti Yoga. His title was Acharya. He tried to convince all people for Krishna consciousness but failed. He became angry and decided to bring Sri Krishna from Goloka Dhama so that people can be convinced for starting Hari Bhajan. Dhariya rudra rupa karaye hunkar I, Aniya krishner karaivo avtar II, Tave to advaita nama safar amar II. My name Advaita will be useful if I could bring my Lord Sri Krishna from Goloka dhama to this earth. He started to worship God by water and leaves of Tulsi Devi. People accepted him as Guru Dev. He was leading Brahmana society in Sri Dhama Mayapur, Navadvipa, West Bengal, India. As a result olf his penance, Sri Krishna came as Sree Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Sree Gauranga Mahaprabhu always respected Sri Advaita prabhu as he was elder in age and senior to all devotees but He commanded all other devotees. Sri Advaita prabhu was not happy to have respect from His Lord. He wants to have command as Gauranga commanded all other devotees. Till now Sri Advaita prabhu was teaching bhakti cult. He thought if I start to teach against, Sri Gauranga will become angry and command over me.

Sri Advaita prabhu left Sri Mahaprabhu and went to his village Shantipur and started to preach that Gyan yoga is superior to Bhakti Yoga. Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu asked devotees whereabout Sri Advaita prabhu. Devotees replied, he has gone to his house at Shantipur and started to teach asgainst Bhakti Yoga. In these days he is teaching that gyan yoga is superior or the best than Bhakti Yoga. If no knowledge, how can one do bhakti. Mahaprabhu became angry and said, “I was sleeping soundly in the ocean of milk. he cried and invited Me here. My sound sleep was disturbed because of his loudly kirtana, Now I have come and he has started to preach gyana yoga against Bhakti yoga. Let us go to his house; I want to punish him as he is cheating Me. Sree Mahaprabhu came to the house of Sri Advait Prabhu in Shantipur. He was sitting on chauki (Pidha). On reaching his house, Mahaprabhu started to command over Sri Acharya Dev and said (

Krodh mukhe bale prabhu-aare-aare nara I Balo dekhi gyan-bhakti duiete ke bara II

Advait balaye-sarvkal baro gyana I Jar nahi gyana, bhakti te ki kama II

In anger Mahaprabhu said, Oh Nara! tell me which one is the best between gyan and bhakti. Which are considered to be more perfect, those who are always properly engaged in devotional service through Bhakti Yoga or those who worship the impersonal Brahman through gyan yoga. Sri Advaita prabhu replied, “At all the times gyan (jnan) is the best. One who does not have knowledge about God how can he start worship. Bhakti can not be done without Gyana. Therefore, gyana is superior to bhakti. Bhakti does not have any importance or value without gyana.(ch.bha. m. 19-133-134)

Gyana–baro advaiter shuniya vachan I Krodhe bahya pasrilo shachir nandan II

Pingha haite advaitere dhariya aniya I Svahaste kilay prabhu uthane padiya II

Sri Advaita prabhu was sitting on chauki (pigha) and proclaimed gyan is superior to bhakti. Having heard this, Sri Nihmai became very very angry and scolded and dragged Sri Advait Prabhu. Lord Nimai lost his temper and started beating by His own hands bitterly. Sri Advaita prabhu was laughing as he had desire to have such command from Mahaprabhu. He said, now I got blessings of my Lord. Lord Nimai said, who concentrates upon My personal form and who worships Me with faith and devotion is to be considered most perfect in yoga. They do not perform material activities because everything is done by them for My service. A pure devotee is constantly engaged sometimes he chants, somestimes he hears or read scriptures about God, or sometimes he cooks prasadam or goes to the market place to purchase somthing for Me. Sometimes he washes the temple or the dishes–whatever he does, he does not let a single moment pass without devoting his activities to Krishna. Such bhakti is the best and superior to all karma yoga, gyana yoga, astanga yoga, hatha yoga etc.

Budha vipra—budha vipra, rakho-rakho pran I Kahar sikshay eto, kar apman II

Eto budha vamanere, ara ki kariva I Kaun kichhu haile edaite na pariva II

Pativrata vakya suni nityanand hase I Bhaye krishna sanghareye prabhu haridase II

While Sree Gauranga was beating Sri Advaita, his wife Sita devi cried and said (ch.bha.m.19-136-138), why are you beating my husband. Who inspired you to do so. If something is happened to old brahmana you can not control the situation. Having heard words of chaste Sita Devi Hari das and Nityanand started laughing and remembering Krishna, Krishna, Krishna in fear. Srimati Sita Devi requested again and again not to beat her husband, but Mahaprabhu did not listen her and continued beating (ch. bha. m.19/139-142).

Krodhe prabhu pativrata-vakya nahi shune I
Tarje Garje advaitere sadambh vachane II

Shutiya achhilun kshir–sagarer majhe I
Are nara nindra–bhang mor tor kaje II

Bhakti prakashili tuie amare aniya I
Ave bakhanis gyana bhakti lukaiya II

Yadi lukaivi bhakti tor chitte achhe I
Tave mor prakash karili kon kaje II

Mahaprabhu became very furious, disregarding the request made by Sita Devi, He started to say, I was soundly sleeping in the ocean of milk, by your loudly kirtana my sleep was disturbed. You wanted Me to see on this earth for the spiritual welfare of the fallen souls. I listened your prayer and came here as invited by you. Before my manifestation you were proclaiming my true bhakti. Now I have come and you started to preach against Bhakti. You want to hide Bhakti and disclose importance of Gyana. You are teaching that gyan is superior to bhakti. If you have desire to preach Gyana yoga as to why you invited Me. I was better in Kshir–sagar. This is very confidential lila of Mahaprabhu. Nobody can understand unless surrendered. But Advaita prabhu was thinking in happy mood that today I got blessings of my Lord. He always respects me. But I always want to have His command. Having seen Sri Advaita prabhu laughing, Mahaprabhu became very glad and later on he ashamed and awarded boon ( Ch.Bh.m.19/167):
Advaitere mariya lajjit vishvambhar I
Santose apane dena advaitere var II

Benediction of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu

Lord Gauranga said to Sri Advaita Acharya (ch.bha. m.19-168/169):

Tilarddheko je tomar karaye asraya I Se kene patang, kit, pashu-pakshi naya II

Yadi mor sthane kare shat apradh I Tathapi tahare muein karivo prasad II

Sri Gauranga acknowledged Sri Advait prabhu as Guru. Elder brother of Mahaprabhu, Sri Visambhar also strudied in the school of Sri Advait prabhu. He was accepted by all as Sri Acharya Dev. If Sri Acharya Dev teaches against religion, it is very bad for society. Having seen tolerant power of Sri Advait prabhu, Sri Gauranga dev awarded boon and said, if anybody takes shelter at your Lotus Feet for a moment, he may be insect, birds, animals, fool, very fallen soul and commits hundreds of hundreds aparadhs even then I bless them. Oh Advait Prabhu, I become very satisfied with your services. God is always satisfied with the service of devotees and devotees are always satisfied with the service of God. Having got boon from his Lord, Sri Advaita prabhu started weeping and said ( ch.bha.m. 19/170) & ( Adi 2/9);

Vara shuni kandaye advait mahashaya I Charne dhariya kahe kariya vinaya II

Nandsuta bali jare bhagavate gaie I Sei krishna avtirna chaitanya gosain II

Sri Advaita prabhu is Mahavishnu, creator of the universe. Mahavishnu came to serve the Lotus Feet of His Lord Gauranga. When Mahaprabhu established the importance of Sri Advaita, later touching the feet of the Lord started weeping and said, “You are Sri Krishna of Vrandavan. You have now become Gauranga. In Srimad Bhagavatam one who is known as son of Sri Nand Baba, is now known as son of Shachi Devi.” Sri Advaita realised that he is servant of Gauranga. He is my master. Master has right to punish his servant if servant does something wrong. I am very happy to have punishment from Him. Thinking so very humbly in his mind he said (19/171):

Je tumi valila prabhu kabhu mithya naya I Mor eka pratigya shunah mahashaya II

Oh, Mahaprabhu! whatever you have said it is true and can never become untrue. I have my one pledge Please listen what is my pledge(ch.Bh.M.19/172)

Yadi tore na maniya more bhakti kare I Sei mor bhakti tabe tahare sanhare II

If somebody does not worship you or does not have respect for you, my devotion done by him destroys him because he serves me but not my worshipable Lord I am satisfied with service of yours only. Sri Mahaprabhu said if somebody does not serve Me but he is serving you, I bless him with my unfathomable mercy. Sree Mahaprabhu is God Himself but here He taught that satisfaction of Guru Dev is my satisfaction. Guru Dev is medium through whom benediction of God can be achieved. (“Once I went to Vrandavan on occasion of swinging of Sri Radha-Krishna. It was day of appearance of Sri Balaram in 1974, His Divine Grace, Sri;a Bhakti Dayit Madhava Gosswami Guru Maharaj delivered his lecture and said, Guru Dev never considers his disciples as his servants. He thinks that he alone is unable to do all services of his Lord Krishna. Those who got initiation from him, are his helpers to do services of God. True spiritual master always places his disciples in the service of God and not in his own service, but it is duty of disciple to serve his Guru dev for his spiritual realisation.”)

Sri Advaita Prabhu is functioning as Sri Acharya Dev (Guru) so he said (Ch.bha.m.19-173-175 ):

Je tomare pada-padm na kare bhajan I Tore na manile kabhu nahe mor jan II

Je tomare bhaje se mor jivan I Na paro sahite muien tomar ulangdan II

Yadi mor putra haya, haya va kinkar I Vaishnava apradhi muien na dekho gochar II

A person who does not worship or serve you he can never become my devotee. One who meditates upon you he is my life. I can not tolerate your insult. He may be my son or servant if commits vaishnava apradha I can not see him with my good eyes; then my son is not my son, my disciple is not my disciple. Oh my Lord, who serves your Lotus Feet he is my life or beloved. Sri Advaita Prabhu is giving an example from Srimad Bhagavatam

Tomare langhiya yadi koti dev bhaje I Seyi deva tahare sanhare kon byaje II

Muien nahi balon aie veder vachan I Sudakshin maran tahar parmana II

Sudakshin nama kashi rajar nandan I Maha samadhiye shiv kail aradhan II

Param santose shiv bole-mango var I Payive abhist, abhichar yagya kar II

Vishnu bhakt prati yadi kar apman I Tabe seyi yagye tor laievo paran II

Sri Advaita Prabhu goes on saying (ch.bha.m.19/176-180) that if a person insulting or disobeying you, worships crore of crore demigods ; the same demigods after taking his service, destroy their worshipper. Why? BecauseYou are worshipped even by demigods. Fool persons do not understand this aspect. I do not say. This is statement of Vedas. Death of King Sudakshin is amptly evidence. Sudakshin was son of King of Kanshi. Kanshi is a place of Shiva. King of Kanshi was killed by Lord Krishna in war. His son named Sudakshin became very furious. He worshipped Shiva with a great faith. As a result of his great penance Shiva became satisfied and appeared befoe him. “What do you want, let me know; I shall award you. You perform Abhichar yajna and you will get whatever you want,” Shiva said. But remember and keep in your mind that I shall take your life if you commit sin against devotee of Lord Vishnu. Never insult any devotee of Lord Vishnu. As ordered by Shiva to perform abhichar yajna, Sudakshin started the same with great penance and faith (ch.bha.m.19/181-184).

Shiva kahilen byaje se iha na bujhe I Shivagya abhichar–yajna giya bhaje II

Yajna haite uthe eka mahabhayankar I Teen kar, charan, trishir rupa dhar II

Tal Janggha parman bale var mang I Raja bale dwarika podavo mahabhag II

Shuniya dukhit hailo mahashaiva murtti I Bujhilen ihar ichchhar nahi purtti II

Whatever Shivaji said not to insult devotee of Lord Vishnu. Fool Sudakshin could not understand. As ordered by Shiva he started abhichar-yajna. One terrible personality appeared out of yajna. He had three hands, three very long legs like palm tree and three heads. He was very tall and very strong. He asked the king what do you want? The king Sudakshin asked him to go to dwarika and burn the city. Having heard so expansion of Shiva became very sad and thought desire of this king can never be fulfilled as he is asking me to act against Lord Krishna. Dwarika is Abode of Lord Krishna and he wants to destroy (ch.bha.m.19/185-188).

Anurodhe gela matra dwarikar pashe I Dwarika rakshak khedariya ase II

Palaiele na edaie sudarshan sthane I Mahashaiva padi vole chakrer charne II

Jare palaite nahi parilo durvasha I Narilo rakhite aja, bhav, digvasa II

Hen maha-vaishnava tejer sthane muie I Kotha palaievo prabhu! je karis tuie II

As requested by the king, Mahashaiv form went to Dwarika. On the main gate of dwarika , protector Sudarshan chakra was there. There was war between them. Mahashaiva murtti was defeated by Sudarshan chakra and former fell down at the feet of the later. Even Durvasa could not protect himself from Sudarsan chakra. He went to Shiva, Brahma and demigods, nobody could help as he committed apradha against Ambrisi maharaj, the great devotee of Lord Vishnu. What can I do, I am paltry. Where should I go for my protection. Oh! my prabhu Sudarsan chakra, what should l do? I surrender to you. I glorify your glories (

Jaya jaya prabhu mor, sudarshan nama I Dvitiya shankar tej, jaya krishna dhama II

Jaya maha chakra, jai vaishnav pradhan I Jaya dustr bhayankar jaya shist-tran II

Stuti shuni santose balilo sudarshana I Poda giya jatha achhe rajar nandan II

Punah seyi mahabhayankar bahudiya I Chalila kashir rajputra podaiya II

Oh, my Lord Sudarshana! Glory to you. You are second form of Shankar. Glory to Dwarika dhama; glory to great Sudarshana chakra; glory to Mahavaishnava. Sudarshana chakra is a great vaishnava; glory to you who is fearful to demons and miscreants. You are protector of good persons and awarder of capital punishment to miscreants. Having seen submissive manner of Mahashaiva murtti, Sudarshana chakra became calm and quiet and said, go back to the place wherefrom you have come; and burn Sudarshana wherever he is. Mahashaiva murtti came back and burnt the son of king. Demigod worshipped by sudarshana destroyed or burnt him because he was against Lord Vishnu.

Sri Advaita Prabhu said, Oh my Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu! you are Lord Krishna himself. Disregarding you, Sudarshana worshipped Shiva through Yajna. Even after getting worship Shiva killed his worshipper. If somebody worshipping me and disregarding you, I shall destroy my devotee even after taking worship from him. This is my pledge (ch.bha.m.19/193-194).

Tomare langghjiya prabhu shiv puja kailo I Ata-eva tar yajne tahare marilo II

Tein se balilun prabhu tomare laghiya I Mor seva kare tare mari podaiya. II

Sri Advaita Prabhu giving an other example from Srimad Bhagavatam to prove his statement as true (ch.bha. m.19-197/198).

Suryer sakshat kari raja satrajit I Bhakti vashe surya tan haila vidit II

Langhiya tomar agya, agya-bhang dukhe I Duie bhai mara jaya, surya dekhe sukhe II

King Satrajit worshipped Sun-god. Sun-god became satisfied and appeared before him. He gave Symantak Mani (Gem) to Satrajit. Sri Akru and Kratavarma advised king to give this symantak mani to Sri Krishna. But He refused and did not give. He kept with him as symantak mani was blessing the king with some gold every day. Later on the king suffered too much. He started jealousy against Sri Krishna. Because of symantak Mani. king Satrajit and his younger brother Prasen jit were killed. Sun-god saw happily and could not protect them.

Baladev shisyatva paiya duryodhan I Tomore langhiya paya svanshe maran II

Duryodhan was disciple of Baldeva (, the elder brother of Sri Krishna. But he became against you. But Baladeva did not help him when he was killed. He got destroyed his whole family because he did not respect you when you were in the form of Sri Krishna. Sri Advaita Prabhu again giving example of Ravan, the great king of Lanka (, 205).

Shirschhedi shiva pujiao dashanan I Tomarlanghi paileka savanshe maran II

Veda, vipra, yajna adhar–mul tumi I Ye toma na bhaje, tar pujya nahi ami II

A great king of Lanka, Ravan was a great devotee of Shiva Jee but he stood against Lord Ramchandar. He kidnapped Sita, the consort of Ramachandar. Shiva was very very satissfied with Ravan becasue Ravan offered his ten heads cutting one by one in the service of Shivajee. Shiva Jee granted him boon. Even after getting blessings of great demigod Shivajee, Ravan could not understand that Ramchandar is controller of all and is Supreme Power. Shiva Jee could not protect when Ravan was killed by Sree Ramchandar. Oh! my Lord Gauranga, you are cause of Vedas, Vipra, religion and others. You are root cause of all causes One who does not worship you, I am not worshipable by him. Even after getting his service I destroy him. We come to this conclusion that while serving or worshipping demigods we should not forget God who is controller of all demigods. Those who worship God they should have regards for all demigods because all demigods are vaishnavas with special powers delegated by God.

Importance of Gurukul

Kachchid guru kule vasam brahmana smarsi nau yatah I Dvijo vigaya vigyay tamasah param-asnute II

In Srsimad Bhagavata (Bhag.10-80-31 ) It is mentoned that Sri Sudama was a poor brahmana but a great friend and devotee of Sri Krishna. Both of them studied together in the school of Sri Sandipini Muni. Sri Krishna became king of Dwarika and Sudama was leading his poor life with his wife Srimati Sushila Devi. They led very hard life because of their poorness. Srimati Sushila Devi requested her husband again and again to go to Dwarika. After repeated requests Sri Sudama went to Dwarika and met his old friend Sri Krishna. While explaining the importance of Gurukul Sri Krishna said, “Oh, my dear friend Sudama Jee! do you remember those days we studied and lived together in the Gurukul of Sri Sandipini Muni. Only in gurukul. Brahmanas can understand knowable aspect”. What should be known for our better life. When they achieve transcendental knowledge living in Gurukul, their ignorance is removed and they enjoy eternal peace serving God and Guru Dev.

Sa vai satkarmnam sakshad dvijate-rih sambhavah I Adyong yatrasraminam yatha-aham jnando guruh II

In Srimad Bhagavatam (10-80-32) it is said: Oh, my friend! in this world of illusion, cause of this perishable body is father who is first Guru. One who grants sacred thread through religious ceremony (Nama sanskar etc ), is second Guru. They are also woshipable like Me. But one who imparts transcendental knowledge and engages the fallen souls in Hari Bhajan, is My Form. He is really a true Guru. Likewise, there are three Gurus for those who follow varna- ashram dharmas. There are four Varnas (castes) and four Ashramas for human society according to Vedic culture. Four Varnas are Brahmana (men of intelligence), Kshatriya (men of brave), Vaishya (businessmen) and Sudra (men of labour); four ashramas are Brahmachary, Householder, Vanprasthi, and Sannyasa. In the society Brahmana is Guru. Guru of Brahmana is Sannyasi. Sannyasi is Guru to all. Sannyasa ashrama is produced out of mind of God.

Nanvarth –kovida brahmn varna-ashramavatamih I Ye mya guruna vacha tarantyanjo bhavarnavam II

Naham-ijya-prajatibhyam tapsa -upshamen va I Tusyey sarvbhutatma guru-shusrusaya yatha II

In Srimad Bhasgavatam (10-80.33/34) Lord Krishna said Oh, my dearest friend, Sudama Jee! I am in the form of Guru Dev. In this world among four varnas and four ashramas, those who lead their life according to teachings of their respective Guru, can easily across this terrible ocean of the material world. Those who across this ocean with the blessings of Sri Guru Dev, are really knowners of self interest and divinity of God. Oh dear friend, I am soul of all. Soul is beloved to all. So I am beloved to all. I dwell in the heart of all and known as all pervading soul. I become satisfy neither by five kinds of yajnas of householders, nor by celibacy, sacred ceremony and study of Vedas of brahmachary, nor by hard austerity of Vanprasthi nor by penance and dispassion of Sanyasi. I am not so satisfied by all these dharmas as I become satisfied by the service of Guru Dev and listening my glories from his lotus lips. If some one wants to satisfy Me, he should serve and listen My glories from his Guru Dev as he is nearest to Me. Thereafter he can get single minded devotion.

Anya Vanchcdhha anya puja chhari gyan karm I Anukulye sarvendriye krishna-anushilan II

Worship of Gurudeva first

Prathamantu gurum pujya tatschaiva mam-archanam. I Kurvan siddhim vapnoti hyanytha nisfalam bhavet II

Supreme Lord Hari himself said (Hari bhakti vilas 4/344), worship your Guru Dev first. After performing worship of Guru Dev, worship Me. One who obeys my this order, get all his desires fulfilled. He can get success in Bhakti yoga. If some one disobeys this order his all religious activities become useless. Sri Krishna said to His beloved Uddhav Jee (Bha.11/17/27)I:

Acharyam mam vijaniyat-navamanyed karhichid I Na martya-buddhyasuyet sarv devmayo guruh II

Know Guru Dev as My personality, He is My manifestation. Never disobey his order. Disciple should not see mistakes of his Guru Dev. Guru is fulcrum of all demigods. Sri Guru Dev is predominating God whereas Sree Vishnu is predominated God. He is not an ordinary human being. In real form Sri Guru Dev is not Sri Krishna. He is also not expansion of Sri Krishna. He is manifestation of Sri Krishna. Therefore, there is system to worship both them separately.

Sri Guru charane jar achhe nistha bhakti I Brahmand tarite seyi dhare mahashakti II

Ja ghar guru bhakti nahi, sant nahi mehman I Ta ghar jam dera kiya, jivit bhaye masan II

One who has firm devotion at the feet of Guru Dev, he has power to purify all brahmandas. The house where there is service of Guru Dev and saints do not visit and become guest, is the place cremination. All living in that house are dead bodies. Therefore in every house there should be service of Guru Dev Lord Himself said ( and (Bha.11-19-21):

Amar bhakter puja ama haite bado I Seyi prabhu vede bhagavate kaila dradh II

“Mad-bhakt pujabhyadhika sarbhutesu-manmati“

Sri Gauranga said, “worship of My devotee is superior to My worship. It is declared in all scriptures. Hence who wants to serve Me, he should serve My devotee”. If anybody commits apradha at the feet of My devotee I can never excuse him. I Accept the service of My devotee as my service. Lord Vishnu did not excuse Durvasa Risi when he committed apradha against King Amrisi, Lord Gauranga also did not excuse Gopal chapal who committed apradha against Sri Vasa pandit.

Controlling force of senses, great quality

Vacho vegam manasah krodha vegam jivha-vegam-udaropstha-vegam I Etan vegan yo visahet dhirah sarvam-pimam prathvi sa shisyat II

Srila Rupa Goswami said in his updeshamrata as to who can get success in spiritual world. All souls are the slaves of sixfold passions under the thraldom of Maya. Sri Rupa Goswami says that there are forces of six senses. One who can control these forces of senses can effectively succeed in progressing the spiritual realization and can become world teacher. These six passions are:

1. Vacho vegam : An uncontrollable tendency for idle gossip. Urge of speech should be restricted to glorify the glories of Sri Krishna only. Unnecessary talk should be avoided.

2. Manasah vegam : various undesirable speculations of the wavering mind. We should not have worldly ideas in our mind. But Sri Krishna advised in Gita that devotee should practise to control mind. It is difficult but not impossible.

3. Krodha vegam : proneness to uncontrollable anger. Nasti krodha samam shatru. There is no great enemy than anger. Anger is our greatest enemy. Force of anger should be controlled. Anger leads a man to commit enormity.

4. Jivha vegam : unusual desire for satisfying the tongue with delicious varieties of food.

Jivhaya lalsaya je ita uta dhaya I Svashnodar parayan Krishna nahi paya II

One runs after the satisfaction of his tongue and lust can never perform penance and unable to attain Lord Krishna..

5. Udar vegam : longing for excessive eating. A man who eats much becomes lazy and sleep only. Devotee should eat to live but not live to eat. Worldly people live to eat only.

6. Upastha vegam : sexual desire or appetite. Celibacy is a great powe and penance. Devotees, may be brahmachary, householders and sannyasi should observe celibacy. Householders should restrict sex to produce children only.

These six impulses are highly detrimental to the development of devotion. Those who can effectively succeed in conquering all these six urges of the senses can master the whole world. Hence these six passions should abandoned in the daily life if one aspiring for pure Bhakti. Those who are pursuing the path of Bhakti or devotion, constantly covet to render full satisfaction to the senses of the Lord. The Supreme Lord is an Ocean of Mercy. Either this day or some other in this very life, if not, certainly in some other birth, He will shower His Mercy upon him. He never forsakes him who solely depends upon Him. I will cling to His Lotus Feet with all hopes and never give Him up under any severe test. Such a firm determination helps the aspirant to achieve a glorious success. Patience is the best remedy for grief. It is the plaster for all sores.

Atya-aharah prayasascha prajalpo niyam-agrahah I Jan-sangascha laulyam cha sadbhir-bhaktir-vinasyati II

Souls imprisoned in the physical and subtle bodies and guided by selfish desires are wandering in this world from time immemorial. They take births in different species according to their actions. Without the least hesitation, we must refrain from such actions that are detrimental to the progress of devotion. These are grouped under six heads.

1. Atyaharah : means a tendency to hoard anything more than the legitimate necessity. It is an impediment for meditation. We must avoid this tendency in our daily life. The enjoyment of the world through the sense-organs i.e., eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the skin, plays an important role in which every fettered soul is hopelessly engrossed in this world. Activities are the inherent nature of Man. Man can not live in this world without performing actions. As soon as we give up all activities of the senses, we cease to exist. Actionless life is nothing but death itself. When actions are done with selfish purposes, independent of devotion to God, they are the cause of our bondage and the repeated cycle of births and deaths. The same actions if are done with a motive of pleasing the Lord save us from the cyclic effects of this world.

2. Prayasascha : means over zealousness in trifling acquirements. It is false zeal and weakness. Many aspirants perform innumerable tireless efforts in gathering Knowledge, name and fame etc. But all efforts are useless. Unalloyed devotion to the Supreme Lord is the wealth of all wealths. The zeal for gathering knowledge makes one go mad. All efforts other than those needed for awakening Bhakti are impediments to the realisation of our highest goal. These efforts are commonly made in gaining more knowledge and benefits in fruitive activities.

3. Prajalpo : means idle gossip or unnecessary talk. It is also uncongenial factor in devotional services. This idle gossip bring disappointment in the long run. This is ugly habit, if not nipped in time, brings in its trail so many. Therefore idle gossiping should be avoided. This ugly habit has become a serious disease amongst people.This starts as a sporadic one, slowly grows into endemic, then develops into an epidemic, embracing a whole region and finally becomes pandemic, spreading throughout the world. Unnecessary indulgence in gossiping, fruitless verbal jugglery, speaking ill of others, indulging in quarrels, scrutinising the conducts and deeds of others, speaking falsehood, disparaging holy person discussing worldly topics with excessive zeal etc, come under prajalpa. These evil habits must be totally eschewed.

4. Niyam-agrah : means undue addiction to the observance of the rules of the Sastras or its total neglect. The entire teachings of the scriptures come under two heads. a-Commandments and b-Prohibition. The scriptures try to regulate our lives by these two methods, directly and indirectly and inspire genuine devotion in us. The highest stage of spiritual realisation is attained after a series of graduated stages. It is necessary for the aspirant to practise certain observances pertaining the worship of God. The strick performance of these prescribed duties, makes him eligible for the next immediate stage. Failure in these observances, brings him a downfall from the spritual path. Addiction to the duties of a stage which is already passed by the apirant also stops his progress. Hence aspirant should perform the duties allotted to the particular phase of his development with sincerity and never be indifferent to it.

5. Jhana-sangascha : means evil company of persons who have no an iota of bhakti in them. The shastras though forbid us to associate with evil persons, in any way, never encourages us to speak ill of any one including these evil persons at any time. By speaking ill of others we degrade ourselves. The Shastras recommend even imprisonment in a room surrounded by flames is better than living with evil persons. Company of bad persons is serious obstacle to ruin devotion.

6. Laulyam : means fickle mindedness and greed. This also cause the downfall of the aspirant and deters him from the pursuit of his goal. This waywardness is effected in two ways -by the unsteady position of the heart and that of intelligence. The affinity of the mind towards sense- objects creates in the heart both attachment and hatred. These changes in the mind and heart disturbe the tranquillity of an aspirant. Just a strong wind tosses a boat in the sea, even so, these disturbances of the mind distract the aspirant from his practices.

The very Lord Sri Hari Who is solely responsible for the creation, sustenance and dissolution of this world and who is the Origin of all, whose Yoga Maya cannot be conceived even by the great masters of Yoga and Who is the Lord of all triple qualilties, the same Lord of Pure Existence will come to our rescue. Why should we unnecessarily worry over the same. We should choose the Lord as our Protector. In Mukundmala stotra prayer is offered to God in the following manner.

He gopal he krapajal-nidhe he sindhu-kanyapate I He kansantak he gajendra–karunaparin he madhav II

He ramanuja he jagat-trayaguro he pundrikaksh! mam I He gopijan-nath! Palaya param janami na tvam vina II

Oh Protector of cows! O Ocean of Mercy! O Lord of compassion with regard to Gajendra, O Madhav! O Younger Brother of Balaram! O Preceptor of the three worlds! O, Lotus–eyed! O Lord of the Gopis! Protect me, I know nobody besides Thee. In Padam-purana it is said that:

Shoka-amarsadibhir-bhavairakrantam yasys manasam I Katham tatra mukundasya sfarti sambhavna bhavet II

Whose heart is disturbed by shock, mental impression and depression, emotion, anger, passion, false ego, greedness etc; these trammnel devotional services. Unflinching devotion for Sri Krishna, the Lord of all, can not manifest in their hearts. Their minds always think of enjoyable worldly object. Due to passion, wrath, greed etc their minds always remain stray. They can not perform devotion strenuously as they are not strenuous in performing Hari bhajan. Their hearts and minds become dirty because of their strong attachment with perishable terrestrial things. Those who long to have progress in spiritual life should follow the updeshamrata of Sri Rupa Goswami.

Transcendental knowledge destroys all sins

Divyam gyanam yato dadyat kuryat papasya sankshayam I

Tasmad-diksheti sa prokta deshikais-tattva-kovidaih I (hari bhakti vilas 2/9)

Sri Guru Dev destroys all sins of those, to whom he gives initiation. When one gets Hari nama and diksha from divine master his all sins are detroyed immediately. Those who perform Hari bhajan according to the teachings of Lord Gauranga and convince others also to start devotional services, they should be respected by all. For eternal welfare one should study Srimad Bhagavatam and other vaishnava scriptures and should be void of slandering others. Mind becomes purified in the company of vaishnavas like water of Ganges. Devotee should have equal respect for God and Guru Dev (Svetasvatara upanisad 6-2-13).

deve para bhaktir, yatha deve tatha gurau I Tasyate kathita hyarthah , prakasante mahatmanah II

One who has unflinching devotion for the Supremne Lord as is directed by the spiritual master, in whom he has similar unflinching faith, can see the Supreme Personality of Godhead by revelaton. Scriptures disclose the secret principles to one who has equal devotion for God and Gurudeva. One can not understand Sri Krishna by mental speculation. For one who does not take personal training under the guidance of a bonafide spiritual master, it is impossible to even begin to understand Sri Krishna. The word `tu` in this verse is specifically used to indicate that no other process can be used, can be recommended, or can be successful in understanding Sri Krishna. The personal forms of Sri Krishna , the two handed form and the four handed form, are completely different from the temporary universal form shown to Arjuna. The four handed form of Naryana and the two handed form of Sri Krishna are eternal and transcendental, whereas the universal form exhibited to Arjuna is temporary. But Lord Keshav is never far from those who are totally free from mundane vanities. He is separated from those under the tutelage of irrespressible arrogance by a multitude of mountains. Srsila Vedvyasa said in Brahm-vaivrat Puran as ollows:

Ahankar nivrattanam keshavo nahi duragayh I Ahankar–yuktanam hi madhye paravatrashayah II

Yoga yagy jap tap vyavhara I Nem dharma sanyam achara II

Ved puran kahe gohrayi I Guru bina sab nisfal hai bhai II

Guru bin hradya shuddh nahi hoyi I Koti upay kare jo koi II

Guru bin hradaya vichar na ave I Guru bina koyi na mukti pave II

Veda-shastra aur bhagavat, gita padhe jo koy I Tina kal santusta mana bina guru krapa na hoy II

Jake rakshak guru dhani, sake kah kari aur I Hari ruthe guru sharan hai guru ruthai nahi thaur II

Guru seva binu ghat adhiyara I Kaise prakate gyan ujiyara II

Yogya guru jo hoy gusayi I Tako kariye swami banayi II

Without service of Guru Dev, yagya, chanting, penace, following regulations, religion and contol over senses are useless as said by Vedas and puranas. If one conducts various ritual rites, his heart and mind can not become purified if he does not serve Guru Dev. Study of puranas and Srimad Bhagavatam/Gita does not bring mental satisfaction without blessings of Sri Guru Dev. One who is protected by Guru dev nobody can do harm to him. There prevails darkness in the heart if no service of Guru Dev is done. When Guru Dev imparts transcendental knowledge to someone his all sins are destroyed because divine knowledge is like fire and sins are like wood. Lord Krishna said in Gita (4/38):

Na hi gyanen sadrasham pavitram-iha vidyate I Tat svayam yog-sansiddhah kalenatmani vindati II

There are many kinds of kowledges in this world. Mechanical knowledge. Technical knowledge, historical knowledge, medical knowledge and political knowledge etc. In the world there is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. Such knowledge is the mature fruit of all mysticism. One who has become accomplished in the practice of devotional service enjoys this knowledge within himself in due course of time.

Ignorance is the cause of our bondage, and knowledge is the cause of our liberation. This knowledge is the mature fruit of devotional service, and when one is situated in transcendental knowledge, he need not search for peace elsewhere, for he enjoys peace within himself. This knowledge and peace culminate in Sri Krishna consciousness. As such there is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. But who can receive this divine knowledge?

Sraddhavan labhate gyanam-A faithful man who subdues his senses, is eligible to achieve such knowledge. Gyanam labdhva param shantim-achirenadhigachchhati. Having achieved this knowldege one quickly attains the supreme spiritual peace. One who is called a faithful man and controls his all senses can attain the highest perfection. This faith is attained by the discharge of devotional service. On gaining this knowledge all sins are destroyed (Gita 4/37):

Yathaidhansi samiddho agnir bhasma-sat kurute-arjuna I Jnanagnih sarva-karmani, bhasma–sat kurute tatha II

As a blazing fire turns firewood to ashes, O Arjuna, so does the fire of knowledge burn to ashes all reactions to material activities. Perfect knowledge of self and Superself and of their relationship, is compared herein to fire. This fire not only burns up all reactions to impious activities, but also all reactions to pious activities, turning them to ashes. When one is in complete knowledge, all reactions, both a priori and a posteriori are consumed. It is said in Veda:

Ubhe uhaivaisa ete taraty amrtah sadhv–asadhuni-One overcomes both the pious and impious reactions of work. Perfect knowledege received from the Supreme personality of God, is the path of liberation.

Seeing faults of caste and ugly face of vaishnavas - A serious aparadha

Srila Rupa Goswami in his Updeshamratam has amptly said that having seen some natural faults of vaishnavas, one should not disparage them.

Drastaih svabhav-janitair-vapus-shcha doshair–na prakrattvam-iha bhakta–janasya pasyet I

Ganga-ambhasam na khalu budbud-fena-pankair-brahm– drava-tvamapagachati nira dharmaih II

Sri Rupa Goswami said that strickness, bodily, ugliness etc. some natural demerits are found in vaishnavas. Because of some faults one should not consider vaishnavas like that of an ordinary man. If one examines the vaishnavas by material vision, he falls down and cannot get success in spiritual life. Why? In reply Sri Rupa Goswami gives an example. By nature there are dirtiness and mud in the water of holu Gages, but purity of ganges is not destroyed. It is said that character of vaishnavas is always purified- Vaishnasva charitra sarvada pavitra.

Janti panti kul dharm badayi I Dhana bal parijan guna chaturayi II

Soyi sarvgya guni soyi data I Ramcharan jehi kar mana rata II

Bhakti hina nara sohi aise I Binu jal varid dekhiy jaise II

Vaishnavete janti buddhi jeyi jana kare I Se jana narki maje dukher sagre II

Vaishnav dekhiya jeva jati buddhi kare I Tahar saman papi nahik sansare II

Narake tahar vasa janih nischaya I Fukari fukari iha sarva shastra kaya II

Shulpani sam yadi bhakt ninda kare I tathapih shighra mare II (ch.bha.anh.13/388)

In the spiritual life social orders of castes and ashramas, intelligence, wealth and beauty etc do not have any importance. One who has attached his mind and body in the service of God, is only man of high intelligence. Without devotion man is like cloud without water. Devotee should not be slandered at any cost. Conculsion is this that vaishnavas should not be criticised by any means whether they are born in lower family or are with ugly face. Devrisi Narada said, ’Nasti tesu jati vidya rupa kula dhana- kriyadi bhedah’. There is non-distinction amongst the vaishnavas regarding caste system, education, high or lower family, wealth, merit and demerit, beauty and ugly faces, and activities. Jatpat puchhe na koyi I Jo Hari ko bhaje so hari ka Hoyi II Those who examine vaishnavas with a vision of caste and beauty, they are apradhi or sinner and go to hell for suffering. They lead hellish life. Certainly they reside in hell and get severe punishment there. If someone has become equal to Shiva jee as a result of his penace, he also goes to hell if he disparages vaishnavas. Keeping himself away from criticism one should make prayer as under:

Gurau mantra namni prabhu-var shachi-garbhj-pade, Svarupe srirupe guna-yuji tadiya-prathamaje I

Girindre gandharva-sarasi madhupurya vrajvane, Vraje bhakte gosthalayesu parmasta mam ratih II

O, My Lord! bless me so that I can have firm faith in the service of my Guru Dev, in the chanting the mantras given by him, at the Lotus Feet of son of Shachi Devi and his associates. Please bless me to increase faith and love more and more in the service of feet of Sri Rupa. Sri Sanatana, Sri Svarupa damodar, and also bless me to serve Griri raj Govardhana, Sri Radha kund, Sri Mathura puri, Sri Brajamandal Dhama and all Braja basis. All devotees should offer such a prayer to the Lotus Feet of God. Sri Guru Dev is from Vaikuntha and not like other devotees. All his senses are divine. Whatever faults are seen in Sri Guru Dev by material vision, are temporary and not permanent. To create hallucination in the mind of worldly people Sri Guru Dev sometimes perform unfair deeds. Even then his personality remains divine one.

God is easily gained by devotees

Nayam sukhapo bhagavan dehinam gopika sutah I Gyaninam chatma -bhutanam yatha bhakti-matamiha II

Sri Sukha dev Maharaj says, O King Parikshit (Bhag.10-9-21): God is very easily gained by devotees. It is very difficult for those who are karma-kandi, gyana-kandi and penancers. Lord Krishna is not so easily accessible to those who indentify with their bodies. There are two ways of devotional services. There is evidence in the Vedic literature that worship may be in the form Saguna (Sakar) and nirguna (Nirakar) of the Supreme Brahman possessing attributes i.e Personal Brahman and Attributless i.e., Impersonal Brahman. Worship of the Deity in the temple is saguna worship. Meditation upon impersonal aspect of Supreme Brahman is Nirguna worship.

The way of regulative principles and the way of full attachment in love to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Those who are not able to follow the principles of Krishna consciousness it is better for them to cultivate knowledge, because by knowledge they can understand their real position. Gradually knowledge will develop to the point of meditation. By meditation one can be able to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead by a gradual process. Devotional service is the direct method and the other method involves renouncing the fruits of one‘s activities.

Devotees are fortunate to be delivered very soon from material existence by the Lord.In pure devotional service one comes to the realization that God is great and the individual souls are subordinate to Him. The process of Jnana yoga is very troublesome. Whereas the path of Bhakti yoga is easier and natural for embodied soul. So there is difference between Jnana yoga and Bhakti yoga. So far a devotee there is no difficulty in approaching the Supreme immediately and directly , but for those who are following the impersonal way for spiritual realisation the path is very diufficult.Therefore it is advised that one should not take up this troublesome path of self-realisation because there is uncertainty in the ultimate result. Devotionl services are helpful in getting blessing of God. As it is sated in Bhagavatam (10/9/20) that :

Nemam virincho na bhavo na srirapyang sansriya I Prasadam lebhire gopi yattat prap vimuktidat II

Whatever blessings cowherd woman Srimati Yashoda achieved from the Lord Mukund even Brahma, direct son of God, Shankar, beloved of God, and Srimati Laxami Devi, beloved consort of God, could not gain.

Dhana jana pandite Krishna nahi payi I Keval bhakti base chaitnaya gosai II

By devotion only Krishna can be achieved. Devotion means a desire to serve God and His devotees. Neither high caste, nor many family members. nor intellectual capacity, nor even the possession of enormous wealth, would help a person to attainment of the Lord. We should have teachings from all irrespective of caste, creed, colour and faith. It is said in Padyavali (14):

Krishna-bhakti-rasa-bhavita matih kriyatam yadi kuto-api labhyate I

Tatra mulyam-api laulyam-ekalam janm-koti-sukritairna labhyate II

If the talent to be engrossed in the essence of devotion to Sri Krishna, can be had anywhere, then purchase it by all means. What is price to be paid. Price is nothing but excessive passion or desire for it, which cannot be had even by pious deeds in crores of births. It is only an earnest longing for divine love that will enable one to have access to Sri Krishna.

Gurudeva — A True Boatswain

Vijit-hrisik vayubhirdan-mansturagam, Ya iha yatanti yantu -mati lolam-upayakhidah I

Vyasan-shatanvitah samvahaya guroscharanam, Vanij-ivaj santya-krat-karn-dhara jaldhau II

In Srimad Bhagavatam (Bha.10/87/33), Vedas offer prayers and say :

O Lord! In which human society those who abondon the service of lotus feet of Sri Guru Dev and tries to across the ocean of sorrow controilling their senses and minds, their position is like the position of boat in whirlpool without boatswain. Boat can not across the ocean without boatswain. Similarly without service of Guru Dev nobody can achieve the Supreme. Our body is like boat and Guru dev is true boatswain. Those who do not take shelter in the shrine of the feet of Guru Dev they suffer too much by the cycle of births and deaths and never gets eternal peace-Bhav sagasr par karane ko sadguru hai mallah. This material planet is ocean, our body is boat and Guru Dev is Boatswain who giving mantras takes boat of our body acrossed this material world full of sorrows and takes to the spiritual world. Less intelligent persons who do not surrender unto the feet of Sri Guru Dev they destroy their lives.Their this birth and next birth both are destroyed. It is said in Vedas (Srutikatho.1-2-6):

“Naisam tarken matirapneya proktanyenaiva sugyanay prestha”

Tark kariye sansare tarite je chay I Vyartha tahar chesta kichhuhi na pay II

Transcendental knowledge can not be acquired by logical talk, philosophical discussion, mental capacity and intelligence. God is not subject matter of our notional ideas. God reveals Himself to those who have surrendered to Him through His agent i.e. Guru Dev unconditionally.


What is Upasna? The word ‘Upasna’ means: Up-samipe, asna -sthitihm, Upasna. Up means near; and asna means living; to live near to God is called upasna. In this upasna means and practice are necessary. Without austerity it is impossible to reach the Supreme Lord. Abhyasah sarva- sadhanam. Without practical life bookish knowledge does not carry any weight or is of no use.

Upasniyam nitram janai sada prahanaye-agyan- tamo-anuvratteh I

Sanandan–adyair–munibhi-stathoktam sree Nardaya-akhil- tattva sakshite II

(Vedant Kamdhenu – 6)

There are many means under UPASNA. Devotees should learn about all religious practices from Guru Dev. For this purpose novices should live in the Guru kul and learn all about sadhana bhakti which includs listening , chanting, remembering, meditating, worshipping; rendering services, self-surrendering, study of scriptures etc. This is possible in Guru Kul only. Students of religion should serve Guru Dev and learn from him about all religious practices. Sri Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar taught this lesson to Devrisi Narad Muni. Who can teach and engage us in Upasna. It is explained in Mantra-Muktavali (Hari bhakti vilas 1—38-39) that:

Avdatanvyah shuddhah svochita-achara-tat-parah I Ashrami krodh rahito vedvit sarva-shastra-vit II

Shraddhavan-ansuyascha priyavak priyadarshnah I Shuchih suvesh - starunah sarv -bhuta-hite ratah II

Who is capable to get the fallen souls engaged in Upasana. In whose family dynasty no any fault of falling down from religion; who leads practical life according to his teachings; who is void of lust, anger even on provocation and greed; who is non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds; who has truthfulness, genialty of speech renunciatioin of the idea of doership in action, tranquillity of mind, kindness to all creatures, refraining from malicious gossip, absence of attachment to the objects of senses even during their contact with the senses, mildness, sense of shame in doing things not sanctioned by scriptures or usage ; who has sublimity, forgiveness, fortitude, external and eternal purity, absence of malice, absence of feeling of self-importance; these are the symptoms of one who is naturally endowed with divine virtues.

He should not have hypocrisy, arrogance, pride, harshness and ignorance. Divine virtues are regarded as conducive to liberation. One who has got above mentioned qualities is capable to engage the fallen souls in UPASNA. He has conquered the vice of attachment and dwells constantly in God. He attains the imperishable Supreme state. He is always observed in bhakti. Bhakti is defined in various ways by its different exponents. The derivation of the words “Bhakti is from the verbal root ‘Bhaj’ which means complete service or Seva. This service is the special feature of Bhakti. This method of service consists in complete submission of one‘s body, mind and words in pleasing the Supreme Lord. But this word ‘service ‘should not be confused with the various kinds of activities such as the service of the nation, country, society, the poor etc., with which it is usually being identified. Here the word service means the service of the Lord. Bhakti is not a matter of occasional emotions but a life of positive living and continuous experiences that can independently claim the highest of achievement with no other course of religious practice can ever dream of.

Even Srila Nimbarkacharya, Srila Ramanuja Acharya, Srila Madhva Acharya, Srila Vishnu swami, Sanak, Sanatan Sanandan Sanatkumar etc, proclaimed that bhakti can be gained through preceptorial line i.e, Guru parampara. Chatursan said, “O Narada! If you want to have your goodness, take shelter at the Lotus Feet of Sri Radha-Madhav Gobinda.

Yatha hi hansasya mukharvindatchutam maya tatkathitam rahasya I Govindam-adyam sharanam sharanyam bhajsva bhadram yadi– Chechchhasi tvam II

(Sanatkumar yog rahasya up. 2 sloka 11)

Mya srutam hans–mukhar–vindattatha vidhanam. kathyami sampratam.

(sanat. Yog 2-19)

“Sri hans cha sanat kumar prabhtin vinadharam nardam.”

O, Narada! “Whatever we heard from our Guru Dev (Hans Avtar) we have told you the same”, said Chatursanas. Follow our teachings and propagate in the world for the benefits of the fallen souls. Sree Narada got clarification from Chatursanas and glorified the grories of glorious Sri Radha-Madhav. Man is worse than animal without Upasana. It is possible only in human life and not in the life of animals, beasts, birds and insects.

Katha void of bhakti is prohibited

Devotees study scriptures like Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam etc.dealing with devotion to Lord. They do not lesten and study scripture wherein no devotional way is explained.

Asmin shastre purane va harirbhaktir-na drisyate I

Srotavyam na tat shastram yadi brahma svayam vadet II

Pathitavyam na srotavyam yadi brahma svayam vadet II

It is said that we should not listen those scriptures which do not inspire us for following bhakti or rendering service to the pleasure of God. Even such scripture is explained by Brahma, the creator of the universe. It is clear that we should listen only Vaishnava shastras which inspire us to serve the feet of the Lord through the way of Bhakti. Such scriptures should be listen from Vaishsnavas only. Javo bhagavata padho vaishnava sthane I Ekanta sharan laho Chaitanya charne II Go and listen Srimad Bhagavatam from vaishnavas and take shelter unto the Lotus Feet of Sri Chaitanya Dev Who is Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Himself. Krishna to tomar Krishna dite paro I Tomar shakti achchhe II. Sri Krishna belongs to Vaishnavas. They have power to give us Sri Krishna. In order to have Sri Krishna we should follow the feet of Vaishnavas..Ami to kangal dhaie tabe pachhe pachhe. I am poor without love for Sri Krishna. Hence I am running after you for getting your blessings to have love for Sri Radha and Krishna

Benediction of Gurudeva

Regarding benediction Sri Yaskacharya says–Ya atrinantya- vita-thena-karnav-dukham kurvannmritam sampra-yachchh I

Tam manyet pitaram mataram cha tasmai na drahuyet kantamachch naha II

One who by small stick of truthness with cotton cleans our ears taking dirt out and put drop of Nectar of Hari katha (first ‘atrinati’ makes ear clean and then ‘trihi hinsayam’ put nectar into) is our well wisher. These are two works of Guru Dev, to take material dirty ideas out of heart and put hari katha there through ears. It is also said when Gurudev makes our ears clean ‘Adukham kurvan’ he makes this without giving pains. Guru Dev should be respected like Mother and Father. Never has jealousy with him Spiritual power of God is reflected in the personality of Guru Dev and discloses the path of righteouness for disciple. Service of Guru Dev is not less than the service of God. There is no any doubt that if Guru Dev is satisfied with the service of disciple,certainly disciple achieves God because satisfaction of God depends upon the satisfaction of Guru Dev only.

Adhigachchhati shastrarthah smarti srady-dhati cha I

Yata krpa–avashatstasmai namo-astu gurve sada II

Because of whose mercy all scriptures are manifested in the heart of disciple, we should always remember him How we can remember him? He himself remembers us. We offer our salutation to his Lotus Feet. He is our Guru Dev. Just as one gets God after hoardings of good deeds in many births so one gets Guru Dev after earning good deeds of virtues in many births. It is said, “Granatiti Guruh gri nigarne” One who takes out dirtiness of our mind, ideas and heart, is Guru Dev In order to search out Guru Dev we should think special qualities of him. He should be an erudite scholar in all the ultimate lore of shastras with the full realisations of the Absolute , eternal benefactor with single-minded devotion. He should be completely surrendered for the loving service of God. Unnecessary questions, either for showing of one‘s intelligence or for testing the ability of the Guru Dev are to be always avoided. Questions even for satisfying one‘s curiosity are also most ceretainly to be dropped. Questions that are of vital importance and immediate benefit for one‘s spiritual uplifment are alone to be placed before Guru Dev.

“Gu-kars-tamasi prokoto Rukars-tanni-vartaka”

Gu-means darkness of ignorance; and Ru means light. One who removes our darkness of ignorance and imparts divine light of transcendental knowledge, is really Guru. In grammar it is explained. “Granatiti Guruh gri nigarne” - who takes out something from our heart is Guru. What is to be taken out that is darkness of imperfect ideas or ignorance.

Bahvo gurvah santi shisy-vittap-harkah I

Virlah gurvah santi shisy santap-harkah II

It is very difficult to find out a true Guru Dev because true Guru Dev is rare in this world. Many Gurus are there to snatch wealth of disciples but true Guru is he who removes all sufferings of his disciples, But disciple should be fully surrendered without any condition. Disciple gets fulfillment according his faith in Guru Dev, deity, holy places and brahmanas.

Mantre tirthe dvije deve daivgye bhesje-gurau I

Yadrishi bhavna yasya siddhir-bhavati tadrishi II (Puran vachan )

Work of Guru dev is very purified and difficult. He shows us the way leading to the spiritual abode of God. Individual soul being part and parcel of God, forgettimg God , invites all problems in his life. In the darkness of this illusory world he suffers by the cycle of births and deaths and never gets peace because of his attachment with worldly enjoyable objects. He can not get liberation without devotional services of God through Gurn Dev. In the primitive period great kings were used to rule over their kingdoms as was advised by their respective Gurus. King Dasratha never did any works without advice of his family Guru Dev Sri Vashistha Muni. Chandra Gupt always consulted with his Guru Dev Sri Chankya Dev before doing anything. Every body knows that Sri Chanakya Dev was a great scholar and adviser to King Chandra Gupt. He taught child Chandra Gupt every thing and made him a great king of Maurya dynasty. In Gherand sanhita it is said that Guru is depot of divine knowledge. Guru is preacher of auspicious knowledge. Divine knowledge imparted by Guru is always useful and never becomes useless. Knowledge regarding devotion of God is gained slowly and slowly through Guru Dev. Ditachment from the worldly affairs also takes sometime, it is not done at a time immediately. Hence one should live in the association of devotees and serve them carefully. God becomes happy with the service of His devotees. Without happiness of God we can not gain happiness in our life. Life is not a life without happiness.

Bari mathe ghrta hoyi baru sikta se baru tel I

Binu hari bhajan na bhav tariye yah siddhant apel II

By churning water one can get Ghee, from sands one can get oil. It is impossible but if one can get. But without Hari bhajan nobody can get eternal peace. This is true doctrine. Hari Bhajan is only possible if we get true divine master in our life. If Guru is ignoramus, disciple can not acquire true knowledge about the truth. Ignoramus Guru and his disciple both of them go to hell for suffering.

Ja ka Guru hai andhara , chela khara nirandh I

Andhey andha thailiya dono kup arent II

There is need of Spiritual Master in human life because without Gurudeva attainment spiritual knowledge is impossible. Gurudeva is to solve all sorts of problems. But if ignorant man meets with Guru who is also ignorant (blind ) both go to hell because blind man can not guide a another blind man. In the parliament of King Dasharath, Vashista muni had foremost place. King did not do anything without consultation with his family Gurudeva Vashistha muni. Everybody knows Sri Chankyta deva, the Gurudeva of Chandragupta. He taught Chandragupta and made a great Emperor and acted as his adviser. In Gherand sanhita it is said that Gurudeva is repository of knowledge. He is preacher of transcendental knowledge. Knowledge given by Gurudeva is never becomes useless or never goes in vain.. Knowledge of devotional way (bhakti marga) through Gurudeva, is gained slowly and steadily One can not renounce the material world all of a sudden. Unless man gets complete dispassion from the material enjoyment, he should continure to follow varnasrama dharma. When he attains full dispassion he should renounce the world and live in the company of devotees. He should never separate from the assocication of Vaishnavas.

Devotion by Humility

One saint of advaita sampradaya went to the house of one householder for alms. Man was very simple, gentle and illiterate. Sadhu asked him, “Do you perform meditation ? Maharaj I do not know how to do meditation”., said man. Saint advised him to start Hari bhajan and gave him mantra for meditation.. Mantra was ‘So-Aham, So-aham’. Man started to chant this mantra. Meaning of this mantra is, “ I am He, He means here God. After some days a vaishnava saint came and asked the same question. Do you worship God? He replied, “ Maharaj I chant Mantra given by one sadhu who was follower of pantheism. What is mantra? Mantra is ‘So-Aham’. Vaishnava saint immediately understood he has met mayavadi sadhu. If I give him new mantra he may feel bad of me. But vaishnavas are always well-wishers for spiritual life. Meaning of this mantra is that there is no distinction between God and soul. I am the same God Who is Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Vaishnava saint was very intelligent and wanted spiritual welfare of gentle man. He said, mantra is good but you add ‘DA’ before this mantra and chant. Now mantra has become Daso-Aham which means I am slave of God. It is correct that all individual souls are servitors of God. After some months again former saint came. Simple man respected and served him. Sadhu asked, “ Is your meditation going on well”? He replied, Maharaj, yes, but one vaishnava sadhu came he added ‘Da‘ to mantra given by you. Now mantra is Daso-aham. Very bad vaishnava saint has changed the meaning of mantra. He added ‘Da’ because vaishnavas only think that they are servants of God. You have become slave of God. No, no, no... you are Brahm yourself. There is no difference between you and God. Man replied, “ I am not educated. I do not know meaning of the mantra. I am simpleton. What to do, please advise me?” Mayavadi sadhu ordered him to add ‘Sa‘ before mantra and continue chanting. Now mantra has become “Sada-so-aham.” Mayavadi saint went away and gentle man started chanting Sada-so-aham, sada-so-aham which means I am ever non-distinctive of God. I am the same power Who is considered as Supreme One. Next year vaishnava sage again came and asked poor man, how is your meditation? Very well Maharaj, previous sadhu came he added ‘SA’ to this mantra. Now I chant ‘Sada-so-aham’.. ‘sada-so-aham’ very happily. Oh! do you know the meaning of this mantra. No Maharaj. Are you always all powerful. Are you God and Supreme Power? No No Maharaj I am servant of God, replied gentle man. Meaning of this mantra is,‘ I am always Supreme Powerful. I am Ultimate Reality. He is God only Who is one without second,”said vaishnava sage. Do one thing if you want to remain always servant of God. add ‘Da’ again to this mantra and in furture don‘t add anything. This is final mantra. Now meaning of your mantra is I am always servant of servants of God. Mantra has now become… ‘Das-daso-aham’, ‘’Das-daso-aham’. Alright Maharaj I shall follow your sweat advice. Poor farmer started chanting Dasdaso-aham, dasdaso-aham. After some months Mayavadi sadhu again came and asked , Oh Bhakta how is your chanting of mantra going on. Maharaj I am chanting Dasdaso-aham, Dasdaso-aham. What have you done? You have become servant of servants of God. What is this? Gentle man said, Maharaj, don‘t add any word to this mantra. I am not educated, I can not remember long mantra. I am simpleton. Mantra is becoming long and long on your every visit. This is final mantra for me. Man did not accept any addition and continued chanting Dasdaso-aham.. dasdaso-aham, dasdaso-aham. Because of his simplicity he became vaishnava. If man remains very simple God helps him always. We want to become very cunning one, God does not help us. Be simple, humble and surrender to Guru Dev to have blessings of God for eternal happiness.

How disciple becomes Guru?

Sri Acharya or Guru Dev first becomes disciple taking initiation of Vishnu mantra. Physically, mentally and by speech he serves his Guru Dev. Desire of Guru Dev becomes his desire. Guru Dev always engages his disciple in the service of Lord Krishna.

Pahale data shisya huva tin tan, man arpa shish I

Piche data guru bana, jin nam diya bakhshish II

Shisya to esa chahiye, jo guru ko sarvas dey I

Guru bhi esa chahiye, jo shisya ka kichu na ley II

Importance of Guru Dev can not be explained. Guru Dev first surrender unto the lotus feet of his Guru. He serves his Guru Dev by all means. Disciple should surrender everything to Guru Dev but Guru Dev should not accept anything for his own shake. He accepts for the service of God and His devotees. Duty of Guru Dev is to place his disciple in the serrvice of God. If disciple is sincere, honest and regular in obeying the order of Guru Dev, he can become an Acharya with the blessings of his Guru Dev. Sages said to Sri Suta Goswami in Srimad Bhagavatam (1-1-8) Bruyuh snigdhasya shisyasya gurvo guhyam-apyuta. Guru Dev discloses very confidential matter to his beloved disciple if disciple is surrendered to the will of his Master unconditionally. Consequently Guru Dev proclaimes true purified disciple as his successor.

Guru kumhar shisya kumbh hai, ghadi ghadi kaghe khot I

Andar hath pasar de Bahar mare chot II

Here Guru Dev is campared with potter and disciple with earthen pot. Potter has wheel on which earthen pots are made. He has only pottery. When he makes pots alright, he keeps one hand inside pot and by another hand he strikes outside pot to make it alright. Similarly Guru Dev commands and punishes his disciple if he commits mistake but in the heart Guru Dev has affection and long for his spiritual progress. He takes out all evils of his beloved disciple to make him future successor or Acharya. Agast sanhita speaks as follows:

Devta-upasakah shanto visayesvapi nisprihah I

Adhyatm–vid–brahmvadi ved-shastrartha-kovidah II

Uddhtum chaiva sahartum samartho brahmanottamah I

Tattvagyo yantra–mantranam marmbhetta rahasyvit II

Puranscharan kridhdom-mantrasiddhih pryogvit I

Tapsvi satyavadi cha grahastho gururuchyate II

Sri Augast Muni says, those who are worshippers of demi-dogs, calm and quiet, purified brahmanas with good conduct who know confidential teachings of scriptures, perfect scholars in the teachings of Vedic literature, know perfectly mantra and tantra, removers of all doubts, penancers, true speakers, are also called Gurus, doesn‘t matter they are householers. They works for goodness of the society. Such persons should be given due regards. Almostly these persons belong to Brahmana caste. Brahmanas are beloved of God. They are man of reason. They always perform karma Kand activities for the welfare of the human beings. Brahmanas are beloved of God. They are men of reason and accepted as spiritual guide in the human society. If someone serves Brahmanas he gets blessings from God. In Bharatvarsa (India) Brahmanas are worshipped by human beings. They are accepted as representatives of God. God says if someone is feeding Brahmanas he is feeding Me. Brahmana losses his identity if he does not worship God.

Chari varna ashrami yadi Krishna nahi bhaje I

Sva-karma karilevo rorava padi maje II

Gurudeva not greedy

It is said in Vishnu Smriti regarding symptoms of True Gurudeva :

Paricharya-yasho-labh-lipsuh shishyad-gururn-hi I

Kripa-sindhuh su-sampurnah sarv-sattvo-upkarkah II

Nisprihah sarvatah siddhah sarva-vidya-vishardah I

Sarv-sanshaya–sanchhettah-analso gurur-ahritah II

One who expects for respect, service, wealth, good name and fame from his disciples is not true Guru. Guru Dev always engages his disciples in the service of his beloved Lord Sri Krishna and not in his own service. But it is duty of disciples to serve their Guru Dev by all means. Because without service of Guru Dev, service of God remains incomplete. But true Guru Dev always causes his disciples to render services mentally, physically and by speech to the pleasure of Sachchidanand vigrah Sri Krishna. One who inspite of gratification of his own senses, always tries to gratify the senses of Lord Krishna is Guru Dev. Guru Dev is very kind; he excuses all sinners ; he always works for the goodness of others; he is perfect in all kinds of educations and void of laziness; he is remover of all doubts.

Kami krodhi lalchi inte bhakti na hoy I

Bhakti kare koyi surma jat vasrna kul khoy II

A man who is with lust, anger and greed can not perform devotion of God. A rare man performs Hari bhajan who is beyond the conception of castes, social orders, high lineage, and wealth.

Deciding Guru according to Varnas (castes))

In Narada panchratra Lord Hari said to Devrisi Narada :

Brahmanah sarvkalagya kuryat sarvesv-anugraham I

Tad-bhavadi-dvij-srestha shanta-atma bhagavanmayah II

Bhavitatmam cha sarvgyah shastragyah satkriyaparah I

Siddhi–traya-samayukt acharyatveh-abhisechitah II

Oh Narada! Knowers of all times (present, past and future) are Brahmanas who bless all castes giving them mantras. Sarvesu varnesu anugrahyah mantra pradanadhikam. Those who do not give mantras to any body but they are peaceful, tolerant, free from pride and infatuation, cheerful in mind, with pure reason, partaking of light and sattvic food, living in holy place, calm and meum. They have restrained their minds, senses and controlled speech, body and mind, taken firm stand on dispassion after eradicating passion and prejuice, abandoned egoism, violence, arrogance, lust, anger and greed. They worship demi-ghods and are perfect in mantras and tantras. Kshatriyas with all these qualities are also considered as Guru Dev. Such kshatriya Guru is capable to bless Vaisya (business men) and Shudra. If somewhere even Kshatriya Guru is not available, then Vaishya Guru with above qualities can be accepted as Guru Dev. This Vaishya Guru is capable to shower mercy upon Shudras. All these Gurus are capable to become Acharya as they lead practical life and doing good to others giving mantras. It is confiremed in Nsrada Panchratra: as folloows:

Kshatrvit-shudra-jatinam kshatriyoh–anugrahe kshamah I

Kshatriyaty-api cha guror-bhavadi-drisho yadi II

Vaisyah syatten karyas-cha dvaye nityam-anugrah, Sajatiyen shudren tadrashen mahatmate I

Anugraha-abhisekau cha karyo shudrasya sarvda II

Those who follow sacred injuctions of scripures and are engaged in the service of God they can only become Guru; this is according to custom of Varna-ashrama dharma. Even Shudra can give initiation of diksha to people of his caste and can do good to them. According to Varna-ashrama tradition a man of lower caste can not give initiation to a man of higher caste. Shudra can never give Diksha to Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaishya. Where there is Guru of higher caste, there man of lower caste should not do the work of giving initiation to anybody. This rule should be followed very strictly.

Varno-antameh-atha cha gurau sati ya vishruteh-api cha I

Svadeshtoh-atha vanyatra-nedam karyam shubharthina II (Kinch)

Guru of higher caste may be in his own country or in foreign country, man of lower caste should not give initiation to a man of higher caste. Till man is under Varna-ashram dharma man of lower caste can not make a man of higher caste as his disciple. We should also remember that Varna-Ashram dharma is under three gunas of illusion (maya). Man has to follow the above custom of accepting Guru if he follows Varna-Ashrama dharma. When a man acrosses boundary of three attributes of Maya (Sattva, rajo and tamo) and steps into the spiritual world beyond the limit of three gunas of maya then custom of Varna-Ashram Dharma is not to be followed. There caste of Guru is not considered necessary. Man can accept any Guru who is well perfect in the teaching of religion and follows the principles practically in his own life; doesn‘t matter he belonging to any caste. Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught this philosophy beyond three merits of maya as under(ch. ch. m 8/127);

Kiva vipra kiva nyasi shudra kene naya I

Jeyi Krishna tattva vetta seyi guru haya II

Sri Sanatan Goswami suffered from deases and went to Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu thinking himself impurified or filthy as he worked as Prime Minister under Musalman King Hussain Shaha. He decided to take last breath below the wheel of Sri Jangannath Dev‘s chariot. He met Sri Chaitanya Dev in Nilachal Purshottam Dhama, Orissa, INDIA. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Dev understood his firm decision said:

Oh ,Sanatan !Why do you think yourself as a fallen soul. It is bad on part to think so. A man who knows and realises Sri Krishna as an Ultimate Reality and surrendered to Him, is capable to become Guru or function as an Acharyas; he may be a Brahmana, or Sannyasi, or Shudra. Even shudra Guru can initiate a Brahmana. In this field no tradition of Varna-Ashrama Dharma is followed. This is pure Bhakti Marg. In Bhakti Marg everybody has got right to give and take initiation if he wants to perform devotional services for the pleasure of Lord Krishna. In the beginning man should follow Varna-Ashram Dharma and following so if he gets dispassion he can shift to this Bhakti Marg.

Vidyamane tu yah kuryat yatra tatra viparyam I

Tasyayehamutra nashah syattasmatc hhastroktam-acharet I

Kshatravit-shudra-jatiyah pratillomyam na dikshyet II (kinch)

This is doctrine of the scriptures that a man should not work independently in the presence of his superior. To work under behest of superior brings goodness. Those who work independently disregarding their superiors, goodness of their present lives and next births are destroyed. They suffer again and again in all their births. They never get auspiciousness in their all lives. Because auspicious comes if one leads his life according to injunction of scriptures under command of superior or Guru. Under tradition of Varna-Ashram Dharma Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra should not give initiation to a man of higher caste than their caste. If sombody does so this is against the doctrine of shastras. Lord Krishna also taught this doctrine in Gita (16/23) while addressing Sri Arjuna.

Ya shastra vidhim-utsrijya vartate kama karatah I

Na sa siddhim-avapnoti na sukham na param gatim II

Oh Arjuna! He, who, having cast aside the injunctions of the scriptures, acts according to his sweet will, attains not perfection, nor the highest goal, nor even happiness, and nor supreme destination. A man who knowingly violets the rules and acts in lust. He knows that this is forbidden, but still he acts. This is called acting whimsically He knows that this should be done, but still he does not do it, therefore he is called whimsical. Such persons are destined to be condemned by the Supreme Lord. Such persons can not have perfection which is meant for the human life. The human life is specially meant for purifying one‘s existence. One who does not follow rule land regulations can not purify himself; nor can get real stage of happiness. Everyone is expected to follow these rules and regulations belonging to different castes and orders of human society. If someone does not follow and acts whimsically according to his lust, greed, and desire, then he never will be perfect in his life. A man may be knowing these rules and regulations theoretically but he does not apply them in his own life, then he is to be known as the lowest of mankind. He does not come to the stage of understanding the Supreme Lord, then all his knowledge becomes spoiled. And even if he accepts the existence of God, if he does not engage himself in the service of the Lord his all attempts are spoiled. He does not follow what he knows then he degrades himself and can never attain the highest perfectional stage. In Gita(16/24) Lord Krishnsa said that:

Tasmach-chhastram pramanam te karya akarya vyavasthitau I

Gyatva shastra–vidhanoktam karma kartum–iha-arhasi II

One should understand what is duty what is not duty by the regulations of scriptures because scriptures are only evidences to decide what is good and what bad. Knowing such rules and regulations one should act so that he may gradually be elevated. Rules and regulations are meant for knowing Sri Krishna. As such we can escape ourselves from four principal defects. What are those defects? Four principal defects are:

1. imperfect senses which are detrimental to devotional services;

2. propensity for cheating other for self interest;

3. certainty of committing mistakes; and

4. certainty of being illusioned.

These four principal defects in conditioned life disqualify one from putting forth rules and regulations. Rules and regulations mentioned in shastras are above these principal defects. Those who are in the modes of passion and ignorance, deride the scriptures, deride the holy man, and deride the proper understanding of the Supreme Lord. They disobey the instructions of the scriptures. In spite of hearing the glories of devotional service, they are not attracted. They manufacture their own way of elevation. These defects of human society lead one to the demoniac status of life. It Padma Purana it is said that:

Mahabhagavat srestho brahmano vai guru nrinam I

Sarvesam eva lokanam asau pujyo yatha harih II

Brahmana who is elevated param Bhagavatam and knows scriptural injunctions well, is Guru to all human beings He is worshipable like Hari. Man should take initiation from such Brahmana for leading spiritual life.

Visrijati hridayam na yasya sakshad-dharirvasa-abhihito-apya-aghaugh nashah I

Pranay-rashnaya dhritanghri-padmah sa bhavati bhagvat-pradhan uktah II

In Bhagavatam (11-2-55),Srila Suka Dev Goswami maharaj explaining the importance of uttering holy name of God says, Oh king Parikshit! if someone utters the holy name of God reluctantly under any circumstances even then merciful God destroys his all sins. Because God has been imprisoned by devotees in their hearts by the rope of unflinching love. Lord Hari never forgets such devotees who always remember Him. Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna are tied up by the rope of love of devotees. Such devotees can never accept even if sombody gives them kingdom of three planets nor they accept any worldly things for their own enjoyments. They are first class devotees. Residing in the material world and doing their all activities they never forget their beloved Lord even for a moment.

Three categories of Vaishnavas

Asrddadhanah purusa-dharmasyasya parantapa I

Aprapya mam nivartante mratyu-sansara-vartamani II

Lord Krishna said, Oh Parantapa, Arjuna (Gita 9/3)! Those who are not faithful in my devotional services can not attain Me. O conqueror of enemies! tTherefore they return to the path of birth and death in this material world. The faithless persons cannot accomplish this process of devotional service. Who can not attain to God is explained in this verse. Those who are not faithful in devotional services of God, can not attain Him. Therefore, they return to the path of repeated births and deaths in this material world. The faithless persons cannot accomplish this process of devotional services. Life of faithless person is ruined completely. Faith is created by association of devotees. The faith is complete conviction that simply by serving the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, one can achieve all perfection. Thus the faith is a most important factor in spiritual life. Development of that faith is scientiific process. Suddenly, we can not develop firm faith for devotional services. It needs time. The faith is developed gradually and not at a time. According to gradation of faith there are three divisions of vaishnavas in Sri Krishna consciousness. Sri Krishna Chaitany Mahaprabhu said to Srila Sanatan Goswam in Sri Chaitanya Charitamritam Madhya lila (22/64) regarding three categories of Vaishnavas according to gradation of faith:

Sraddhvan jana haya bhakti-adhikari I

Uttam, madhyam, kanistha-sraddha- anusari II

Bhakti begins with faith. There is gradations of faith. According to gradations of faith devotees have been categories into three groups; first class, second class and third class. Goswami Tulsi Das has also said the same thing:

Bin viswas bhakti na hoyi, te bin dradh na rama I

Ram kripa bina nara swapnehu na pave vishram II

Nobody can perform penance, meditation, worship and devotion without faith. It is impossible to have mercy of God without doing His service with faith, and without His benediction nobody can enjoy peace even in dream. Three divisions of vaishnavas or devotees are explained in eleventh chanto of Srimad Bhagavatam (11/2/45-47). Regarding vaishnava of first class category it is said in Sree Chaitanya Charitamratam Madhya lila (22/65, 16/72 &74) and Bhakti Rasamrata Sindhu ( 1-2-17)

that-Shastra-yuktye sunipuna, dridha-sraddha jar I

Uttam – adhikari seyi tarye sansar II

Shastre–yuktau cha nipunah sarvtha dridha nischayah I

Prodh–sraddhoh-adhikari yah sa bhaktav-uttamo matah II

Krishna nama Niranter jahar badane I

Seyi ta vaishsnav srestha bhajah tahar charane II

Jahar darshane aise krishna nama I

Tahake jano tumi vaishnav pradhana II

One who is perfect in the Vedic lore and very expert to explain the teachings of scriptures; and whatever he explains he has firm faith and follow the same in his practical life, is called first class vaishnava. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said – Prabhu kahe jar mukhe shuni eka var I Krishna- nama, pujya seyi sresth savakar II (ch. ch. m. 15/106) By seeing whom one remembers Lord Krishna automatically; who constantly chant names of Sri Krishna and realise the presence of God in all beings, is known as first class vaishnava- . In Gita ( 6/30 ) Sri Krishna said :

Yo mam pashyati sarvatra sarvam cha mayi pasyati I

Tasya-aham na pranashyami sa cha me na pranshyati II

He, who sees Me present in all beings, and sees all beings existing in Me, I am never out of sight of him, not is he ever out of sight of Me. A person who is in Krishna consciousness certainly sees Lord Krishna everywhere and he sees everything in Krishna. Such a person may appear to see all separate manifestations of the material nature, but in each and every instance he is conscious of Sri Krishna, knowing that everything is a manifestation of Sri Krishna‘s energy. Nothing can exist without Sri Krishna and Sri Krishna is the Lord of everything. Sri Krishna becomes everything for the devotee and the devotee becomes steady in loving service. An intimate relationship between the Lord and the devotee then exists In that stage, the living entity can never be annihilated and nor is the personality of Godhead ever out of the sight of devotee. To merge in Krishna is spiritual annihilation. Such a devotee constantly chants names and glories of God and bowing again and again to Lord; and worship Sri Krishna with single minded devotion. He is regarded First class dedvotee. In Srimad Bhagavatam (11-2-45,48 & 52), Yogendra Hari said to king Nimi maharaj that:

Sarva Bhutesu yah pasyed bhagavad bhavam atmanah I

Bhutani bhagvatya-atmanyes bhagvata uttamah II

Grhitva–api-indriyair-arthan yo na dvesti na hrsyati I

Vishnor-maya-idam pasyan sa vai bhagavata-uttamah II

Na yasya svah par iti vittesu-atmani va bhida I

Sarva–bhut-samah shantah sa vai bhagavata-uttamah II

A man who realises the existence of Supreme Lord in all beings with an equal eye and never hates anybody, is a first class Vaishnava. He is ever established in Krishna consciousness. His mind and intellect are steady. He is not moved by worldly attractions. He is friendly to other devotees and compassionate to ignorant. He who sees the universe as Vishnu's Maya and, even though contacting the objects with his senses, neither experiences delight nor repulsion, is indeed a devotee of the highest order. He is the best among the devotees of the Lord, who makes no distinction between his own and that belonging to others in the matter of his possessions and body. He looks upon all created beings with an equal eye and is always calm He is the foremost devotee of the Lord, who by virtue of his constant rememberance of Lord Krishna is never overwhelmed by mundane happenings viz. birth, death, hunger, thirst, fatigue, fear, and ardent longing, which really belong to the body, vital air, senses, mind and intellect.. He is beloved of God Who is all pervading. In Smrti shastra it is mentioned that:

Eko eva paro vishnu sarvsa–vyapi na sansayah I

Aisvaryad rupam ekam cha surya-vat bahudheyate II

Vishnu is one without a second, and yet He is certainly all pervading. By His inconceivable potency, in spite of His One Form, He is present everywhere, as the Sungod appears in many places at once though he is one - Eko api san bahudha yo vabhati. A man is said to be the best of devotees whose heart the Lord does not leave as His Lotus-Feet are fastened by the cord of love.

Who is second class vaishnava? Yogendra Hari said to king Nimi maharaj in Bhagavatam (11-2-46):

Isavare tad-adhinesu balishesu dvisatsu cha I

Prem-maitri kripopeksha yah karoti sa madhayamah II

One who has love for Sri Krishna, friendship with the devotees of God, mercy upon the fallen ignorant people and detachment from those who have jealousy with God, is called second class vaishnava. He is indifferent to enemies. In Sri Chaitanya Charitamrata Maddya lila (22/66) regarding second class vaishnava it is said that one does not know the teachings or injunctions of scriptures well but has firm faith in hearing them, is fortunate and is called second class vaishnava.

Shastra yukti nahi jane dridha, sraddhavban I

Madhyam adhikari seyi maha-bhagyavan II

Second class devotees are those who are not very advanced in understanding the devotional scriptures but they have automatically firm faith that Krishna bhakti or service to Sri Krishna is the best course for spiritualisation and so in good faith they accepted this path of devotion. Thus they are superior to third class, who have neither perfect knowledge of the scriptures nor good faith but by association and simplicity are trying to follow. Third class devotee may fall down, but second class devotee does not fall down and for the first class devotee there is no chance of falling down. One in the first class category will surely make progress and achieve the result at the end. Who is third class vaishnava? Devotee of this category is called kanistha. In Srimad Bhagavatam (11-2- 47) it said regarding kanistha vaishnava:

Archaryam-eva haraye pujam yah sraddhye-hate I

Na tad-bhaktesu cha-anyesu sa bhaktah prakritah smrita II

One who has faith in worshipping the deities (Sri Vigrah ) but does not like to hear Hari katha from devotees; he has respect for God but does not have respect for devotees of God. He who does worship to the Lord with faith in an image only but does not serve His devotees and other beings, is an ordinary devotee. He is called third class vaishnava or Kanistha ( m. 22/67).

Jahar komal sraddha se kanistha-jana I

Krame–krame tehon bhakt haive uttama II

“Yo bhavet komal sraddhah sa kanistho nigadyate”

One who has normal faith in the worship of God, he is kanistha bhakta Such third class devotees have only faith in the service of Krishna but they do not know what is Bhakti; what are symtoms of unalloyed bhakti not known to them. That is why they have normal faith in their hearts and follow bhakti mixed with jnana and karma. Even they do not have interest in the service of vaishnavas. Third class are those who have no firm faith. Even if they are engaged in devotional service, they can not achieve the highest perfectional stage. Most probably they will slip , after some time. They might become engaged, but because they have not complete conviction and faith, it is very difficult for them to continue in devotional services. Although they have little faith in the conviction that devotional service of Sri Krishna is very good. They have not yet gained adequate knowledge of scriptures like Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam etc. Sometimes these third class persons have some tendency towards karma yoga and jnana yoga. But as soon as the infection of karma yoga and Jnan yoga is vanquished, they may become second class. Even great personalities, still have no faith in God. They are hesitant and can not stay fixed in the devotional service of the Lord. Sri Rupa Goswami has said in Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu 1/2/18).

Ya shastradisva-nipunah sraddhavan sa tu madhyamah I

Yo bhavet komal sradha sa kanistho nigadyate II

All three kinds of vaishnavas are servants and beloved of Hari. According to gradation of good karmas or activities done by them in their previous births they get privilage to serve God in this present births. Uttama bhaktas are those who are very perfect in explaining the doctrines of shastras; Madhyam bhaktas are those who are not well knowers of shastras but have faith in the service of God; and kanisthas are those who have normal faith in the service of God but do not have regard for devotees.

First class vaishnavas always serve Supreme Lord by mind, physical strength and speech and are absorbed in meditation day and night. People should obey such devotees They are woshippable like that of God.

Karmnam mansa vacha ye archayanti sada hari I

Tesam vakyam narai karyam te vishnu sama narah II

We should listen shastras from the lotus lips of first class devotees because their all activities are for the goodness of the people. Lord Krishna says to Sri Narada (Hari Bhakti Vilas( 10/425) that :

Srotavyam sadhu charitam yashodharm-jaya-arthabhih I

Pap-kshayarthe devarse svarg-artham dharm-buddhbhi II

Those who glorify the glories of sadhus, they get name and fame, dharm, artha, kama and moksha and their all sins are destroyed. Those who want to have auspiciousness in their lives they should respectfully listen life and precepts of sadhus. In spiritual life faith in God is inevitable. Faith is at the root of transcendental knowledge because pure devotional love for God is climax of the most secret knowledge. This devotional love is sprouts at first in the form of faith in the heart of novice in spiritual practice. A faithless person can not gain the divine knowledge. Lord Krishna indirectly said to Arjuna that he should have faith in His teachings. Without faith he will not be able to understand His teachings regarding most secret of the true knowledge

Superiority of Vaishnava Guru

Those who do not want to have association of vaishnavas and perform penance, meditation and worship of God according to their notional feelings, their all religious activities are useless. They never get goodness in their lives. Importance of vaishnavas has been described in Garur Puran as under:

Brahmananam sahastrebhyam satrayaji vishisyate I

Satrayaji sahastrebhyah sarva vedanta paragah II

Sarv vedanta vitkautya vishnu bhakto vishisyate I

Vaishnavanam sahastrebhya ekanty eko vishisyate II

Among thousands of Brahmins , one who perorms Vedic rites is superior, amongst thousands of such Vedic Brahmins, one who is well-versed in the meanings of the vedic lore is superior; amongst a crore of Brahmins, well-versed in the shastras, a devotee of Lord Krishna is considered to be still more suprior and even amongst thousands of vaishnavas , a single minded devotee of Sri Krishna is spoken of as the supreme most. Human beings belonging to any caste, creed , colour and faith can become vaishnava taking initiation of Vishnu mantra from Vaishnava Acharya. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught us in this connection (Ch. Ch. M. 8/127),

Kiva vipra kiva nyasi shudra dene naya I

Jeyi Krishna tattva vetta seyi Guru haya II

One who knows Sri Krishna as Supreme Power, one without second, is capable to function as Guru Dev, he may be Brahamin, Sannyasi or Shudra (Labour class). In bhakti marga there is no dictinction among Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra and out of castes.

Je bhaje seyi bado abhakt hina chhar I

Krishna bhajne nahi janti kuladi vichar II

One who worships Lord Krishna with firm faith and love is superior to all. There is no question regarding caste, high lineage, creed and colour etc. How to become vaishnava a book has been written by me which titled as ‘BE VAISHNAV’ One should read this book. This book deals with all practices which are necessary for vaishnavas. Demand can be placed through E-mail correspondence ( E-mail - }. In padm puran( (Hari bh.Vi.1/54) it is recommended that only Vaishnava can become Guru of all.

Mahakul prasutoh-api sarva-yajnesu dikshitah I

Sahastra-shakha-adhyayi cha na guruh syad-vaishnavah II

A vaishnava has only right to function as a Guru. Non-vaishnava can not become Guru. A man who born in high lineage, perfect in all yajnas and studied all scriptures, he can not become Guru if is not vaishnava. Grihita vishnu-diksha ko….yasmad vaishnav (Hari. Bh..vil.1/55). Guru should be initiated with Vishnu mantra and single minded devotees of Lord Vishnu. In vishnu dharma shastra it is mentioned that leaving all means, one should serve Sri Guru Dev. If vaishnava Acharya is satisfied , not other activities are required to do because satisfaction of Guru Dev is the satisfaction of Lord Hari. To obey Sri Guru Dev is the service of Him..

Kim danaih kim taporbhirva yagyaischa vividhaih kritaih I

Sarvam sampadyate punsam vishnu–bhaktabhi pujnat II

Pujyet vaishnavan-etan prayatnen vichakshanah I

Svashaktya vaishnavebhyo yad-dattam syad-khayam bhavet II

( vishnu dharmotar, hari bhakti.vilas 10-349/350). Whatever fruit one gets by performing charity, penance and sacrifice, it is paltry or worthless but fruit got by the service of vaishnavas is divine property which can not be destroyed and give ever existing eternal peace. Therefore , duty of wise persons is to serve vaishnavas. One who serves vaishnavas by all means gets benediction of God. and imperishable fruits in the spiritual world. Goswami Tulsi Das said:

Bina guru bhava nidhi tarahi na koyi I

Jo viranchi shankar sam hoyi II

Even after becoming equal to Brahma and Shankar as a result of great penances, one can not across the worldly sea of sufferings without serving Guru and vaishnavas. Sri Kavir das has also said;

Kabira ve nar andh hain, guru ko kahate aur I

Hari ruthe guru sharan hai, guru ruthe nahi thaur II

Those people are blind who consider Sri Guru Dev as that of an ordinary man. If Hari is unhappy , Guru Dev can make Him happy and can get good done for his disciple. If Guru becomes unhappy then there is no resort for disciple. Even God can not do good for a man who makes his Guru Dev unsatisfied.

Superiority of devotee

Superiority of pure vaishnava devotee over Gyanis, karmis and yogsis has been established in various scriptures. Srimad Bhagavatam says:

Nast prayesva bhadre-sunityam bhagavat sevaya I

Bhagavatth - uttham – sloke bhaktir bhavati naisthiki II

Chandalo – api muni –srestho hari bhakti prarayana I

Hari bhakti vihinas-cha dvijoh–api svapach-adham II

Their all impurities are destroyed who are ever engaged in the service of God with single minded devotion. Service of God is their lives. Even a chandal (dog and cow eater) with service of God is superior to Muni . Muni means one who thinks of God but does not follow bhakti. Bhakti means a desire to serve God. Without bhakti even Brahmin is inferior to chandal who is rendering devotional loving services to Lord Krishna. Devotee of God may be from any varna and ashram is worshipful even by brahmins. In Sree Chaitanya Charitamrtam Madhya lila .(1-197/198) it is clearly said:

Muchi haya shuchi, yadi hari bhaje I

Shuchi haya muchi, yadi hari taje II

Chandal-chandal nahe, yadi krishna vale I

Vipra vipra nahe yadi asat pathe chale II

A cobbler becomes purified if he worships Lord Hari. And man of high lineage becomes impure if he abandons Lord Hari. Dog and cow eater chandal, is not chandal if he utters Krishna krishsna krishna; and Brahmin is not Brahmin if he follows untrue way. Even a brahmin becomes worse than chandal if he gives up religious practices. Importance of chanting Hari Nama has been glorified in Nardiya puran as under:

Sarvada sarva kalesu ye-api kurvanti patakam I

Nama-saankirtanam kritva yanti vishnoh param padam II

Even he who commits the worst sins at all times under all circumstances , attains to the Ultimate Goal Vaikunth by performing Sri Nama sankirtan. Ajamil, the resort of sins, uttering ‘Narayana’ under the semblance of calling his son, went to Vaikuntha.

Na shudrah bhagavad-bhaktaste bhagavata matah I

Sarve varnesu te shudra ye na bhakta janardane II

In Hari bhakti vilas (10-165)I it is mentioned that having born in shudra family if one worships Lord Hari, he can not be regarded as shudra. Shudra but devotee of Sri Krishna is superior to all castes. People of all varnas (castes) are shudras if they do not worship and serve Sri Krishna. In Padm purana following six qualities are mentioned.

Sat karm nipuno vipro mantra tantra vishardah I

Avaishnavo gurur na syad vaishnavah svapacho guruh II

If a Brahmin is well-versed in six kinds of religious acts viz:

1. He should study Vedas, 2. He should teach the people regarding Vedas. It is his obligatory duty. 3. He should perform sacrifice in the householder devotees. 4. He should invite senior brahmanas for performing sacrifice in his own house, 5. He should take donation from other and 6. He should also give donation and serve sannyasis,. Brahmana is Guru of other three castes and sannyasi is Guru of Brahmanas.

Despite all these qualities Brahmana should be well perfect in tantras and mantras. Even after so may qualities he can become Guru if he is not vaishnava. A chandal who got initiation of vishnu mantra from Vaishnavas Acharya, is capable to function as Guru. Hari bhakti vilas.(1/54) and Padm puran also skuperiority of quality has been established instead of caste as follows..

Mahakul prasutoh-api sarva-yagyesu dikshitah I

Sahastra-shakha-adhyayi cha na guruh syad-vaishnavah II

Vipra-kshatriya vaishyas-cha guravah shudra-janmnam I

Shudrasch gurvas-tesam trayanam bhagavat priyah II

One who is born in high lineage, well versed in all sacrifices and knower of thousands of thousands scriptures, is not capable to become Guru if he is non-vaishnava. Brahmana , Kshatriya , and vaishya are called Guru of Shudra but Shudra is Guru of these three varnas if he is elevated Vaishnava and beloved of God.

Brahmanam sva-dharmas-cha satatam krishna sevanam I

Nityam te bhunjate sattas-tannaivedayam padodakam II

Duty of Brahmana is to serve Sri Krishna constantly (Narad Puran). Brahmins, therefore, always serve the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna and enjoy peace in their hearts. If Brahmana abandons his own religion and accepts irreligion, he is not a brahmana.

Division of Castes

As regards divisions of castes Sri Krishna said in Gita (4/13) :

Chatur-varnyam maya sristam guna-karma vibhagasah I

Tasya kartaram api mam viddhy-akartaram avyayam II

I have created four divisions of human society according to the three modes of material nature and the work associated with them. The four orders of society are the Brahmana, the Kshatriya, the Vaisya and the Sudra according to their prenatal qualities and duties. Although I am creator of this system, yet, O, Arjuna you know that I am non-doer, being unchangeable. The Lord is the creator of all. All are born of Him. He is therefore creator of the four division of the social order. First beginning with the intelligent class of men, technically called brahmanas due to their being situated in the mode of goodness. Second is adminsistrative class , technically called the kshatriya due to their being situated in the mode of passion. Third is the merchantilemen. They are called Vaishya due to their beings situated in the mixed modes of passion and ignorance. And fourth class is the Sudras or labourer class who are situated in the ignorant mode of material nature. In spite of His creating four divisions of human society, Lord Krishna does not belong to any of these divisions. Lord Kishna said to Arjuna in Gita (18/41)

Brahmana-kshatriya-visham sudranam cha parantap I

Karmani pravibhaktani svabhav-prabhavairgunaih II

O, chastiser of the enemy, Arjuna ! Brahmanas, Kshatriyas , Vaishyas and Sudras are distinguished by the qualities born of their own natures in accordance with the material modes of Maya. What qualities a brahmana should have, are explained by Sri Krishna here (Gita 18/42} :

Shamo damahs tapah shaucham kshantir arjavam eva cha I

Gyanam vigyanam-astikyam brahm-karma svabhavjam II

Natural qualities of brahmanas are peacefulness, self –control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, knowledge, wisdom and religiousness. One who is with these qualities is known as brahmana, he may be xyz. By birth brahmana is not brahmana if he does not have these qualities. Again Lord Krishna said (Gita 18/43) as follows.

Shauryam tejo dhritir-dakshyam yuddhe cha api–apalayanam I

Danam-isvara-bhavas cha kshatram karma svabhava-jam II

Prowess, heroism, power, determination or firmness, bravery or courage in battle , ingenuity, no running away from battle field, generosity, rulership, these are the natural qualities of Kshatriya. Abolut duty of vaisysa He said (Gita 18/ 44):

Krisi go-rakshya-vanijya vaisya-karma svabhavajam I

Paricharyatmakam karma shudrasyapi svabhava-jam II

Farming or cultivation, cow protection and business are natural works for the Vaishyas. For Sudras there is labour and service to others. Service of all three castes is the Sudra‘s duty born of his own nature.

Yasy yallakshanam proktam punso varnabhi-vyanjakam I

Yadanyatra-api drisyet tattenaiva vinirdishet II

Devrisi Narada said to Yudhisthar maharaj (Bh. 7-12-35), qualities of one varna if found in a man of other varna, then man should be considered of that varna of which he carries qualities. If shudra has got qualities of Brahmana varna, he should be placed in Brahmana varna undobtedly. If a brahmana performs the duty of shudra, certainly he is sudra. In bhakti marga importance is given to practical life and not to caste. The duties of a brahmana , kshatirya, vaisya and sudra are prescribed according to their particular modes of nature. One should not imitate another‘s duty. A man who is by nature attracted to the kind of work done by sudras should not artificially claim to be a brahmana, although he may have been born into a brahamana family. In this way one should work according to his own nature ; no work is abominable if performed in the service of the Supreme Lord. The duty of a brahmana is certainly in the mode of goodness, but if a person by nature is not in the mode of goodness he should not imitate the occupational duty of a brahmana . For kshatriya there are so many abominable things ; a kshatriya has to be violent to kill his enemies, and sometimes a kshatriya has to tell lies for the sake of diplomacy. Such violence and duplicity accompany political affairs. If a kshatriya engaged in his own occupation kills an enemy, there is no sin incurred. Even brahmanas who perform different types of sacrifice, sometimes must kill animals because sometimes animals are sacrificed in such ceremonies, but no sin incurred. But a kshatriya is not supposed to give up his occupational duty and try to perform the duties of brahmana. In the business field also, someteimes a merchant has to tell so many lies to make a profit. If he does not do so there can be no profit. Sometimes a merchant says, ”Oh , my dear customer, for you I am making no profit”, but one should know that without profit the merchant can not exist. These things are necessary and can not be avoided. Even if one is a brahmana, he has to perform sacrifices in which animal killing is necessary,. Similary a kshatriya, however pious he may be, has to fight enemies. He can not avoid it. Similarly a merchant however pious he may be, must sometimes hide his profit to stay in business or he may sometimes have to do business on the black market . One cannot avoid them. Similarly, a man is sudra serving a bad master, he has to carry out the order of the master, even though it should not be done. But merchant should not give his profession and pursue the profession of a brahmana . That is not recommended. Whether one is a kshatriya, a vaishya or a shudra doesn‘t matter, if he serves by his work, the Supreme Lord he is a devotee and superior to non-devotees belonging to any social division (caste).

Na tisthati tu yah purva nopaste yascha paschimam I

Sa shudravad bahiskaryah sarsmad dvijakarmanah II

Sri Manu Maharaj, the first king of the creation, says in Manu smrti that those who are born in brahmana family but do not perform sandhya or worship of God morning and evening, should be placed in the category of sudras as they are not brahmans ; they are sudras. It means those who do not worship God are sudras. If a man born in sudra family but after taking initiation of vishnu mantra he always worships and serves God , is worshipful even by a brahmana. He performs morning and evening sandhya etc., and becomes capable to function as Guru of Brahmana. In order to remove impurity one should take initiation from a Vaishnava Acharya and start worship of God. In Atri –sanhita (312 sloka) it is said that:

Brahm-tatvam na janati brahm-sutren garvitah I

Tenaiva sa cha papen viprah pashrudahritah II

Having born in brahmana family if one does have scriptural knowledge and claims himself as Brahmana because of having sacred thread on his body but he is no a brahmana in true sense. He understands himself a brahmana as he has sacred thread. He is regarded as animal in scriptures. As mentioned in manu – smriti (2/160) Yohan-adhitya dvijo vedam – anytra kurute sramam I

Sa jivdann-eva shudratvam-ashu gachchhati sanvayah II

A brahmana who does not study vedic scriptures and never tries to become brahm-gyani (knower of brahm). Despite he works hard labour to gain name and fame, he becomes sudra even in this birth. What to speak of next birth. A brahmana should have knowledge of Vedas and puranas; and he should be eloquent speaker. Lord Krishna himself says as recorded in Hari Bhakti vilas (10/127) that:-

Na me priyas-chaturvedi mad-bhaktah svapachah priyah I

Tasmai deyam tato graya sa cha pujyo yatha hyaham II

If a brahmana is well-versed in four Vedas, all puranas, and Upanishad etc. and is very good orator, but does not render devotional services to Me. Say, he is not My devotee. I do not love him. Without knowledge My devotee is beloved to Me. If chandal is devotee he is my beloved and Guru of all. I accept everything offered by me devotees.They are worshipable as I am. They always perform all activities for My satisfaction ; they do nothing for self- gratification. In regard to this Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught Sri Sanatan Goswami ( ant. 4/65-68) as under;

Kubuddhi chadiya karo sravan kirtana I

Achirate pave tave krishna prema dhana II

Nicha jati nahe Krishna bhajane ayogya I

Satkul vipra nahe bhajner yogya II

Jeyi bhaje seyi bado, abhakt hina char I

Krishna bhjajane nahi jati–kuladi vichar II

Dinere adhika daya kare bhasgavan I

Kulina pandita dhani bado abhiman II

Srila Sanatan Goswami was doing Sri Raddha-Krishna service in Vrija dhama. He suffered of his illness. He considered his body very impure and not fit for Hari bhajan . That is why he decided to destroy his body. Having being born in brahmana family, he considered himself as shudra as he worked under musalman king Hushain shaha. He considered his body unfit for Hari bhajan. He came from Mathura through the forest of Jharikhand and reached Puri dhama where Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was living after acceptance of sannyasa. Srila Santana Goswami decided to have darshana of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu then sucide himself placing himself under the wheel of Sri Jagannath chariot. Having come to know all about of Sri Sanatana , Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said to him, O, Sanatana! “Give up your bad sagacity and listen and chant glories of Lord Krishna. As son as you perform Sravana and Kirtana you will get love for the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna. Low caste born man is never incapable for doing Hari Bhajan. High caste borrn man is never capable for hari bhajan. In the worship and service of Sri Krishna caste system is not considered. One who serves or worships God is superior or Guru. Superiority is according to good activities and not according to high caste. God does not love a man born in high caste and does not hate a man born in low caste. God loves all those who serve Him. God blesses those who are humble and surrendered unconditionally. Those who are born in high caste, scholar and wealthy have pride and can not have benediction of God.“

Coveteous also can get devotion I

In Chaitanya Charitamrita( m.22-14/15) Srrila Krishna das Kaviraj has mentioned that:

Kama-krodher das haiya tar lathi khay I

Bhramite bhramite yadi sadhu vaidya pay II

Tar updesh-mantre pishachi palay I

Krishna bhakti pay, tave krishna nikat jay II

Having become slaves of lust and wrath individual souls are kicked by illusion in all births yet they are engaged in material enjoyments. Roaming from births to births suddently if they get association of sadhu (saint) and listen Hari katha and start to follow in their practical lives they can also gain liberation. Becoming prey of lust , anger and greed, is a fearful disease which can be cured by special doctor. Who is special doctor? Sage is special doctor who gives medicine of divine names and cures our disease for ever. When we accept teachings and mantras from vaishnava sages illusion runs away. When maya runs away we get devotion as a result of which service of Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna is attained. Krishna is always our well wisher. He says (

Krishna kahe ama bhaje, mage visaya sukh I

Amrita chhadi visha mage yei bado murkha II

Ami vigya sayi murkhe vishay keno divo I

Sva charna - mrita diya vishaya bulaivo II

Sri Krishna says it a surprise to Me that people worship Me and long for worldly things for enjoyments.They are less intelligent but I am more intelligent. They are my children. Why should I give them poison of enjoyable things? I shall give them My charnamrita i.e. Holy water of washing Feet of Mine. Having drunk My charnamrita they will forget all worldly objects of senses and attain love for Me. They will serve and worship Me and their Gurudeva and will get freedom form bondage of maya.

Tate krishna bhaje, kare gurur sevan I

Maya jal chhute, pay krishner charan II ( 22/25)

Therefore, one should worship Sri Krishna and serve His Guru Dev because of which he will get eternal peace. Maya will be away from such person and in the end he will attain Lotus Feet of God. If we do not take shelter in the shrine of Guru Dev maya will plunder us.

Maya maha thagani ham jani I

Triguna fans liye kar dole bole madhur bani II

Nobody can understand maya. She is cheating everybody including Shiva , Brahma and demi-gods. Maya is swindler and plundering all through her three modes (Sattva, Rajo and Tamo ) and speaking sweet words to enchant the fallen souls. Maya troubles those who are against God. In Bhagavatm (2/3/10) Sri Sukh deva maharaj says:

Akamah sarva-kamo va moksha –kama udara-dhih I

Tivrena bhakti-yogena yajeta purusam param II

Less intelligent people who have lost their spiritual sense take shelter of demogods for immediate fulfillment of material desires. Generally such people do not worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, because they are in the lower modes of nature and worship various demigods. Following the rules and reulations of worship relating demigods they are satisfied. The worshippers of demogds are motivated by desires and do not know how to reach the supreme goal, but devotee of Supreme Lord are not misguided. Because in Vedic literature there are recommendations for worshipping different demigods for different purposes. A pure devotee never goes to demigods for satisfactsion of his maaterial needs. He depends on the Supreme Lord . Devotee is sastisfied with whatever God gives him. It is recommended in Srimad Bhagavatam that whether one is pure devotee and is free from all material desires , or is full of material desires, or desires for liberation from material contamination, he should in all cases should surrender to Sri vasudeva and worship Him only.. In Chaitanya charitmrita (Adi.Lila. 5.142) it is said ;

Ekala isvara Krishnn ara sab bhritya I

Jahan jaichhe nacha se taichhe kare nritya II

Only Supreme Personality of Godhead is Sree Krishna. He is master of all and all others are His servants. All are dancing as desired by Him. He is above all rules and regulations. He is Omnipotent One without a second. His Divine Name is the most powerful remedy for delivering one from the sinister influences of infatuation and ignorance. Every soul who has forgotten the Supreme Lord suffers in this world. Sree Krishna Prem is the highest spiritual wealth and His deeds are unfathomable.

Maya away from Sri Krishna

The individual souls have been suffering for the time immemorial as a result of their forgetfulness of Sri Krishna. If they accept divine panacea of names of Sri Krishna from sages they can delve into sea of happiness. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said to Sri Sanatan Goswami (

Krishna surya sama maya hay andhkar I

Jaha Krishna taha nahi mayar adhikar II

In the presence of Sri Krishna illusion can not exist. Because Sri Krishna is like sun and maya is darkness. In the presence of sun darkness does not exist. Similarly maya can not exist there where devotional services of Sri Krishna are done. Just as darkness runs away from sun even so maya runs away from God and His devotee. People having no faith in God, revolve in the paths of the world of sufferings. God is supervisor above all. Under supervision of God maya brings forth the whole creation both animate and inanimate; it is due to this cause that wheel of this universe is revolving. The whole world is enchanted by three modes of material nature.Those who are bewildered by three modes ( goodness, passion and ignorance) of maya can not understand that Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is Controller of maya (nature). There are four classses of men functioning in three modes of nature viz., sattva, rajo and tamo. Those who are purely in the mode of goodness (Sattva) are called Brahamins. Those who are purely in the mode of passion (rajo) are called Kshatriyas.Those who are in the modes of both passion and ignorance (rajo and tamo) are called Vaisyas and those who are completely in the mode of ignorance are called sudra. Those who are less than that are animals. However, these designations are not permanent. I may be brahmana, kshatriya, vaisya, whatever --- in any case, this life is temporary. Although this life is temporary but we do not know what we are going to be in the next life. Lord Krishna says that living entities deluded by three modes of nature do not understand that the back ground of the material world is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.Every entity under the influence of material nature has particular type of body and particular type of psychological and biologiocal activities accordingly.

Daivi hayesa guna–mayi mam–maya duratyaya I

Maam-eva ye prapadayante mayam etam taranti te II

Lord Krishna says in Gita (7/14) that this wonderful illusion of Mine consisting of three gunas (modes of nature) is etremely difficult to get over. Those who take refuge in Me alone cross it. The Supreme Personality of Godhead has innumerable energies, and all these energies are divine.Although the living entities are fragmental parts of His Jiva shakti and are therefore divine, but due to contact with material energy their original superior power is covered. Mayam tu prakritim vidyan mayinam tu mahesvaram (Svetasvatar Upnisad . 4.10) . Although maya (illusion ) is false, but the back ground of this maya is the Supreme magician , the Personality of Godhead Who is Maheshvaram, the Supreme Controller, the Lord Krishna. Because of influence of Maya even intelligent persons are bewildered in determining what is action and what is inaction. One can not ascertain the ways of religion simply by imperfect experimental knowledge. In order to become free from maya one should take shelter of vaishnavas. Sri Bhakti Vinod Thakur says that Sree Krishna does not forsake those who are surrendered souls and worship Him. Asrya laiya je bhaje Krishna tare nahi taje I Ara sab mare akarana II Therefore enschewing evil company, a prudent man should associate with the righteous, for righteous are free from craving for pleasures of seses.They are free from passion. . To have privilage for worship of God one should surrender to Guru Dev and serve him. Without surrendering to the Lotus Feet of Sree Krishna through Gurudeva, birth as a human being is useless. Human life is golden chance given by God to serve Him and attain eternal peace. In Chaitanya Charitamrita (M.22/51) it is said:

Mahat–kripa bina, kon karme bhakti nay I

Krishna bhakti dure rahu, sansar nahe kshay II

Without mercy of realised soul no body can attain Bhakti. Before attainment of bhakti worldly desires of man are destroyed. What to speak of bhakti, even worldly desires will not be destroyed without blessings of Guru and devotees. Bhakti is very difficult to attain. Sri Krishna says , O Sri Uddhava! I am resort of all auspiciousness. One who achieve My devotion he becomes true saint. I am param Brahman. One who gets association of My devotees he becomes purified and have goodness in his life.

Yatha-upasraya-manasya bhagavantam vibhavsum I

Shitam bhayam tamo-apyeti sadhun san sevatas-tatha II

Lord Krishna said (Bha.11-26-31) Oh, Uddhava! Those who have taken shelter of My devotees they become fearless from all. They get detachment from worldly enjoyments. One who is near to fire he does not suffer from cold. Similarly man does not suffer if he associates with devotees. He sees goodness all around him. Further Lord Krsihna says (Bha.11.26.33-34 ) ;-

Annam hi praninam prana artanam sharanam tva–aham I

Dharmo vittam nrinam pretya santo-arvag vibhyato-aranam II

Santo dishanti chakshusi bahir-arkah sam-uthitah I

Devata bandhavah santah sant atma-aham-eva cha II

Oh, Uddhava! Just as food is life for all living beings who breathe so I am the only shelter and protector for grieved beings. Religion is wealth for human beings. Those who are afraid of worldly wheel, they should take shelter of religion through Guru Dev and devotees. They will get all things favourable if they follow religion. Just as sun having arisen in the sky blesses all living beings with eye of his light even so sants impart divine eyes to see God in the heart. Saints are merciful deity, well-wishers to all and beloved of Mine. Uddhava, what to speak more; I am in the form of saints. Just as a strong bark is the supreme resort to those who are being drowned in water, so saints who have attained perfect peace of mind and realized Param Brahman are the highest resort to those who have sunk into the ocean of mundane existence.

Importance of saints

Sadhunam darshanam punyam- tirtham bhuta’hi sadhavah I

Kalen falte sadyah sadhu sama-agamah II

In Chanakya nitidarpana (12-8) it is said that darshana (vision) of sadhu (saint) is the form of holy place. Holy tirtha grants result at the appropiate time but seeing sadhu immediatly grants fruits.Darshane pavitra karo Aei tomar guna. If someone goes to sadhu and sees, serves and obeys sadhu he gets immediately good life.

If miscreants attache themselves with the association of sadhus (sages) they can also become saints (good persons). But impurity of bad persons does not come to sadhus. Sadhus always remain purified. Scent of flowers is taken by earth but flowers never take scent of earth. Who can not become sadhu? It is mentioned in tattvasar.

Vah–vashi dirgha-sutri cha visyadisu lolupah I

Hetuvadarto istau-ahavag-vadi guna-nindakah II

One who eats much food, makes delay and shows laziness in work, attached with worldly enjoyments, does activities against bhakti , has always logic mood and finds faults in others inspite of finding his own faults, can not beccome saint. If someone wants to become saint he should escape himself from all these demerits. This is possible if one is surrendered to Guru Dev and obeys him honestly. In Srimad Bhagavatam (11-26-32) it is said:-

Nimajj-yon-majjtam ghore bhavabdhau parmayanam I

Santo brahmvidah shanta naurdd-dhevap-sumajjtam II

One who is sinking in painful world and not getting peace any where, for him resort is only Saint or Sad Guru Dev who is form of peace and self- realised soul. Just boat is resort for a man sinking in the water even so Guru Dev is only resort for a man who is suffering from several pains in this material world.

Aroma bahuroma cha ninditasram - sevakah I

Kal danto-ahsitausthascha durgandhi svasvahakah II

Dust lakshan sampanno yadyapi svam-isvarah I

Bahu prigraha-askt acharyah sri kshayavahah II Hari bhakti vdilas 1-57/58)

All men or sadhus can not become Guru. One who is without fur or with more fur on his body, doer of impeachable works, with black lips and teeth, bad smell comes from whose breath,, never gives alms to others but takes from others, and selfish, can not become Guru. All property of him who is with these symptoms, is destroyed. After death he suffers. If these demerits are found in a brahmana, certainly he is shudra. Sri Dhar Swami says in commentary on Mahabharata ;

Shudrohpi shamaduy-peto brahman evam I

Brahmano-api kamaduy-petah shudra evam II

If sudra is with the qualities of a brahmana , he is brahmana. If brahmana is without the qualities of brahmana , undoubtedly he is sudra. Sudra can also become Guru of brahmana if he is with good merits

Qualification of disciple

Tadvidhi parnipaten pari-prasnen sevaya I

Updekshyanti te gyanam gyaninstattva darshinah II (Gita 4/34)

The position of both the Guru and disciple is explicitly expressed in this sloka. Disciple should learn that divine truth with a submissive spirit, sincere inquiries and obedient service from those great persons who are not only erudite scholars, but Absolute realised souls. Hence , those persons who are interested in the attainment of their eternal welfare, must submissively approach a Guru who is an erudite scholar in all the ultimate lore of shastras and who is favoured with the full realisations of the Absolute and seek enlightenment from him. In Srimad Bhagavatam :(11-3-21 ) it is said that

Tasmad gurum prapadyet jigyasuh sreya uttamam I

Shabde pasr cha nisnatam brahmany-upasham-ashrayam II

Scriptures unfold their real meaning only to those persons who have equal devotion to the Supreme Lord and His representatives, the Spiritual Preceptor.

Yasya deve para bhaktir-yatha deve tatha gurau I

Tasyaite kathita hyarthah prakashante mahatmanah II

The disciple should not, at any cost, be like a modern student. He must be a sincere seeker after truth; and prepared to undergo any amount of hardships and sacrifices for achieving his goal.. A worthy disciple should approach a true spiritual preceptor with the due submission . An appeal from an arrogant heart is never met with success. For spiritual enlightenment , a disciple must approach an Absolute –realised person fully equipped with three qualifications. These three most important qualifications of disciple are viz :-

1. Complete surrender. The disciple must unconditionally resign all his material ego arising from birth , age , wealth or popularity. He should never make attempts to measurethe spioritual master after accepting him.

2. Sincere inquiry after Truth.Unnecessary questions, either for showing of one‘s intelligence or for testing the ability of the master are to be always avoided. Questions even for satisfying one‘s curiosity are also most certainly to be dropped . Question that are of vital importance and immediate benefit for one‘s spiritual uplift are alone to be placed before the master. A disciple should under no circumstances argue with his spiritual master and try to conquer him with one‘s own imperfect notions and views , gathered from this defective world through the assistance of the deceptive.

3. Loving service. Without the least hesitation, a disciple should be prepared to render loving services of any nature, be it menial or dignified.

Shisyah shuddhanvayah sriman vinitah pridarshanah I

Satyavak punya charitohad bhradhi-dambh varjitah II

Kama-krodh-parityagi bhaktascha guru-padayoh I

Devta–pravanah kay-mano-vag bhirdivanisham II

Nirujo nirjita shes-patakah sraddhyanvitah I

Dvij-deva pitrancha nityam-archa-parayanah II (mantra muktavali, H,.bh,.vi.1/59-61)

Disciple should be born in purified family, humble, true speaker with good character , intelligent, free from hypocrisy, non-violence, straight forwardness, purity of mind and body, self control. Dispassion towards the objects of senses,absence of egoism, steadfastness. Unflinching devotion at the feet of Preceptor . Disciple should have respect for all. Generally these are the qualities. He should have regard for demigods, brahmanas and his parents. and others.

Yuva viniyatashes-karnah karunalayah I

Ityadi lakshnanair-yuktah shisyo dikshadhikarvan II

It is recorded in Hari bhakti vilas (1-62} that disciple should be young, smart and expert in devotional services, controllor of self senses, humble and very kind.

Who is not fit person for taking initiation (diksha)

In agast sanhita it has been dsscribed that who is unfit and who is unfit for diksha. What are disqualifications make us unfit for taking initiation. Every aspirant should be aware of these disqualifications and try to avoid the same to make spiritual progess for realisation of self and God.

Alsi malinahah klista dambhikah kripanastatha I

Daridra rogino rusta ragino bhoglalsah II

Asuya matsar grastah shatah purus-vadinah I

Anyayo-uparjit dhanah pardar–ratascha ye II

Vidusam vairinas chaiva agyah pandistamaninah I

Bhrastvratsc ye kast vrittya pishunah khalah II

Vahvashinah krurchesta duratmanasch ninditah I

Itryevam-adyohpyanye papisthah-purusadhama II

A man who is lazy, dirty or not neat and clean, indolent, indomitable, egotism, violent, angry, apathetic, blabber, arbitrary, autocratic unyielding, obstinate, atheist, self-contradictory, sceptic, nihilist, hostile, unrestrained, vehement, hypocrite, acrimonious, fault-finding, envious, ill-willed, dilatory, agile, diplomat, hauthy, attached with the wife of someone, and disregard others including men of religion, is not fit person for taking initiation as he is impious because of his impiety. He is disqulified for following religion. As mentioned in hari bhakti vilas (1/68-70) as follows:

Akratyebhyoh-nivaryasch guru shiksha sahisnavah I

Evambhutah parityajyah shisyatve nopkalpitaha II

Yadyete hyupkalpern devta-krosh-bhajnah I

Bhavantih daridraste–putra-dara vivarjitah II

Narkaschaiva dahante tiryanchah prabhavanti te II

One who is always engaged in bad works and does not get dispassion from the wordly objects is incapable for diksha. Any Guru should not give initiation to such a person. If someone says that diksha can be given to such person , demigods become angry with him and he becomes poor and sad man without son on this earth. Having suffered too much he takes rebirth as a bird. Those who do not have faith in Guru, God and religion should be abandoned by all. They lead hellish life and never get peace in all birth. In vaishnava tantra it is said that we should listen such as person . One who listens or obeys such a person he suffered and faces problems in his life. Listening such person is making one‘s mind and ideas dirty. It is stated in vaisnav tantra (hari bhakti vilas 12/418-) that:-

Yesam gurau na japye va vishnau cha parmatmani I

Nasti bhaktih sada tesam vachanah parivarjayet II

Yesham visvesvare vishnau shive bhaktirna vidyate I

Na tesam vachanam grahyam dharm nirya-siddhaye II ( skant puran, Hari Bha. vilas.12-419)

If a person does not have faith in Guru mantra , Sri Vishnu and Shiva and does not render services to them, his decision on religion should not be accepted. We should accept decision of those realised soul who are completely absorbed in Hari bhajan.

Panchratra-puranani setihasani manvah I

Ye vinindanti tesam vai vachanam parivarjayet II

It is said in Hari bhakti vilas. (12-420) that we should not listen and obey him who criticise Panchratra , Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharta and Srimad Bhagavatam etc. Teachings of him should be given up. Six type persons are called selfish. We should abandon them. They are viz, 1. Jaimini, 2. Sugat, 3. Nastok, 4. Nagna, 5. Kapil, and 6. Gautam. They always think for their self gratification and never think about devotional services for God and devotees. They are paltry among mankind. One should not take initiation from these persons. If someone leads his life according to the advices of these persons , is called, Hetuvadi, the selfish man. Guru Dev should not give initiation to these six kinds of persons.

Jaimini sugatas-chaiva nastiko nagna eva cha kapilas-chaksha–padascha Sadete hetuvadinah etanmatanu-saren vartante ye naradhamah te Hetuvadinah proktaste- bhyastantram na dapyet. (Hari bhakti vilas 1-71-72)

Examination before initiation necessary

Sri Guru Dev should be very conscious regarding initiating persons. Diksha should not be given to every body whoever comes suddenly. It should be examined whether he is following rules and regulations or not. Everybody is not authorised to take initiaton. In this regards our scriptures warn us first see qualification of aspirant. If he is qualified and can follow rules and regulation for the whole life, initiation should be given to him .

Tayah pariksha chanyoh-anyam –ekabdam sahavastah I

Vyavhar svabhavanu-bhaven-evabhi-jayate II

In Hayshirsa panch-ratra it is said thast before taking mantra aspirant should live with Guru Dev in Gurukul and learn regarding rules and regulations and behaviour with each other to get banison of all devotees. Guru and aspirant both of them should examine each other. Sri Guru first see capability or fitnerss of aspirant then should bless aspirant with initiation. There are some persons who listen divine discourses for some days and get inpiration to start Hari bhajan. They become zealous and take initiation. When they can not follow rules and regulations, they give up all religious practices. Aspirant also should see the qualities of Guru Dev first. If Guru Dev is capable then he should take initiation from him. True Guru is rare. In Kali Yuga it is very difficult to find out a true Guru Dev. Everybody claims to be a preceptor.

Tayor-vatsarvasen gyatah-anyohanya svabhavayoh I

Guruta shisyta cheti na-nyathaiveti nischayah II

Mantra muktavali says that Preceptor should not give initiations to unknown persons. Disciples should also not accept unknown person as his Guru Dev. At least aspirant should live for a period of one year with a man whom he wants to accept as his Guru Dev Within a period of one year both may understand each other well. Sruti says, ‘ NASAMVAT-SARVASINE DEYAT ‘ Unless disciple lives with Guru Dec for a period of one year, he should not give mantra to him. It is also said in Sar sangrah;-

Sad guruh svasritam shisyam varsam-ekam parikshyet I

Ragyi cha–atmatyja dosah patni papam svabhatari I

Tatha shisyarjitam papam Guruh prapnoti nischitam II

If Guru Dev gives Diksha to a person who did not live with Guru Dev for a period of one year, he will do only sinful conduct or deeds. Just as king suffers because of sins done by his subjects (citizens), husband suffers by the sins of his wife even so Guru Dev also suffers because of the sinful deeds done by his disciples. Therefore Guru dev should give initiation to a capable person and not to a man of misconduct

How to make prayer for taking initiation ?

How to request Sri Guurdeva for taking initiation for Hari Bhajan is explained in Hari bhakti vilas as follows.

Santosyed kutila-ardratra-antratma, tam svairdhanaih svapusapy-anukul vanya I

Abd-trayam kamal-nabh-dhiyati-dhirstuste, vivakshtu guravath mantradiksham II

With submissive manner an aspirant for initiation, should serve Guru Dev physically, mentally and by speech honestly with clean heart and molten inclination for a period of three years. When Guru Dev becomes satisfied, prayer should be made for initiation. If Guru Dev does not accept prayer even then service should be continued having firm faith one day Guru Dev will certainly bless me as he is ocean of mercy. How to serve preceptor? It mentioned in Kurm puran, (Hari, bha. vil 1-79-81) as follows: Udkumbham kushan puspam samidhoh-asyahret sada I

Marjanam lepanam nityamanganam vassam charet II

Nasya nirmalya-shayanam padukopanhavapi I

Akramedasanam chhayamasand-i va kadachan II

Sadhyeddan t - kasthadin krityam chasmai nivedyed I

How to serve Guru Dev it is mentioned in kurma Puran. Duties of disciple are mentioned in Vyas Gita under kurma puran. Pupil should always provide water pot, kusha, flowers and sacrificial materials for Guru Dev. Daily making the house of Guru Dev neat and clean, supplying sandalwood to the body of Guru Dev and washing his clothes. Never try to cross over by feet, mala with weeds, sandals bed, asana for sitting, shadow and pot of food, of Guru Dev. Sane pupil should arrange wood for cleaning of teeth. All services of Guru Dev should be done very carefully.. Hari bhakti vilas (1-82/83) illustrates how to serve divine master. Ana-prachchhaya na gantavyam bhavet priyahite ratah I

Na padau saryedasya sannidhane kadachan II

Jrambha-hasyadikanch-aiva kastha pravaranam tatha I

Varjayet sannidhau nitya–matha-sfotanam eva cha II

Sane pupil should always be busy in the service of Guru Dev. If he wants to go anywhere he should take permission of Guru Dev. Without permission he should not go anywhere as he desires. He should not sit extending his legs before Guru Dev. Belching , laughing, yawning , covering his throat by chadar and showing finger in the presence of Guru Dev are prohibitted. Regarding duties of disciple senior demi-god Shiv said in Devi tantra as recorded in hari bhakti vilas (1-88/89) as follows:-

Guru shayya–asanam yanam paduke pad-pithakam I

Snanodakam tatha chayam langhyenn kadachan II

Gurur–agre prathaka pujam dvaitanch parityajet I

Diksha vyakhyam prabhutvancha guror-agre vivarjayete II

Pupil should never cross over bed, asana, sandal, water for bathing, feet and shadow of Sri Guru Dev. In the presence of Guru Dev separate worship should not be done. It is bad to compare himself with Guru Dev. In the presence of Guru Dev, deed of explaining without prior permission, giving mantra to others and proving his own superiority is forbidden. When Guru Dev is in Ashrama all these conduct should be followed strictly. Shadow and sandals of Vaishnava should never be crossed over.. Devrisi Narada says that wherever and whenever Guru dev is present disciple should offer prostrated obeisances ( Sastang dandvat pranam) like rootless tree. Disciple should never disobey the order of Guru Dev and cross over his Asana, Seat, sandals, yana , clothes and shadow (Hari bhakti vilas 1-90/91.

Yatra yatra Gurum pasyet tatra–tatra kranjalih I

Pranmeddant–vad–bhumau chhin-mul iva dramah II

Guror-vakya–asanam yanam padukopanhau tatha I

Vastram chhayam tatha shisyo langhyenn kadachan II

Anything belonging to Gurudeva -Honourable

Hari bhakti . Vilas (1/84-89) it is mentioned that –

Kinch-sreyastu guruvad vrittir-nityam-eva samacharet I

Guru–putresu daresu guros-cha-eva svabandhusu II

Utsadanam vai gatranam snapanochchhist-bhojane I

Na kuryad guru putrasya padayoh shaucham eva cha II

Gurvata paripujyascha savarna guru-yositah I

Asavarnastu sanpujyah pratyuthanabhi-vadanaih II

Abhyanjanam snapanancha gatrot-sadanam eva cha I

Guru-patnya na karyani kaishananch prasadhanam II

Just as Guru Dev is honoured so his son , daughter, wife, relatives and caste should be honoured. Disciple should love all beloved things of Guru Dev. Disciple should wash the body of son of Guru dev but should not take remanent prasad and charnamritam of son of Guru Dev. Mother and father of Guru dev should respected like Guru Dev. Asavarnastu sanpujyah - Asavarnas of Guru Dev should be welcomed. Pupil should neither massage the body of Guru‘s wife with oil nor bath her body with water nor beautifying her hairs. While living in Gurukul pupil should follow these rules strictly. As mentioned in Manu smriti and Hari. Bh, vilas.(1-92/93)

Nohad-hared gurornama parokshamapi kevalam I

Na chaivasyanu-kurvit gati-bhasan chestitam II

Gurorgurau sannihite guruvad-vrattim-acharet I

Na chavisristo gurna svan gurna-abhivadyet II

It is mentioned in Manu smriti that neither in presence nor in absence, name of Guru Dev should uttered. Way of walking and speaking should not be imitated. Always in the mood of servant Guru should be served by pupil. If grand Guru Dev is presence, he should be worshipped like Guru. In the presence of Guru Dev, without his permission godbrothers of Guru should not be welcomed. If Guru Dev allows, prostrated obeisances should be offered. to Guruvarga. It means that in the presence of Guru, nobody should be worshipped by sane disciple.

How to utter the name of Sri Gurudeva

It is mentioned in Manu smriti that name of Guru should not announced. But in Narada Panch ratra it is said, name can be uttered. How to utter it is described there in Narda panch ratra, Hari.bhakti .vilas. (1 –94-95).

Yatha tatha yatra tatra na grihniyachcha kevalam I

Abhaktya na gurornama grihniyachcha yatatmvan II

Pranavah sristato nama vishnu-shabdad- anantaram I

Pada shabd - sametanch nat - murdha -anjaliyutah II

Here and there, hither and thither at all the places, name of Guru Dev should not be uttered willingly. Name of Guru Dev should be announced with content inclination , bandy head and humbly adding first ‘ OM Vishnupada‘ before name. This is process for uttering the name of Guru Dev.

Na tama-agyapayen-mohat-tasya-agyam na cha langhayet I

Nanivedya guroh kinchad-bhoktavyam va gurostatha II

Sentimentally, order should not be given to Guru Dev on any matter (Kinch, hari. bha, vilas 1-96). Always obey his orders and never disobey him. Nothing should be eaten without permission of Guru Dev. Pupil should do all deeds with the permission of preceptor while living in the Gurukul. When pupil leaves Gurukul for leading his householder life, he should follow lessons of Guru Dev.

How to welcome Guru deva on his arrival

When Gurudeva arrives to Ashrama from preaching tour, or when houselder disciple invites to his house, how to welcome him it is mentioned in Hari bhakti . Vilas. (1-97) and (Anyatra cha)

Ayantam-agrato gachchhed gachchhantam tamanuvrajet I

Asane shayane vapi na tisthe-agrato guroh II

Yat kinchidann-panadi priyam dravyam manoramam I

Samarpyagurve paschat svayam bhunjit pratya-aham II

When Guru Dev arrivcs pupils should go towards him and offer sastang dandvadat pranam. If Guru Dev goes somewhere pupils should go behind him. In the presence of Guru Dev pupils should not remain on bed and asana. On arrival of Guru Dev pupils should leave bed and asana and go to welcome him. Whatever food or prasadam is prepared , first feed Guru Dev. Thereafter pupils should take prasadam.

No any deed should be done against Guru

It our Vedic literature it is said that:

Na guror-apriyam kuryat taditah pidito-api va I

Navam-anyet tad-vakyam napriyam hi samacharet II

Acharyasya priyam kuryat pranairpi dhanairpi I

Karma mansa vacha sa yati parmam gatim II (Visnu smriti, hari. Bha vilas 1-99/100)

Spiritual Master is always benefactor for disciples. If he controls and punishes pupils they should not do anything wrong against His will.He is always worshipful for pupils. Pupils should not disobey and do unfavourable deeds to him.Those who tease and control Guru Dev they can not progress in their spiritual lives as God does not become satisfied with them, Spiritual progress depends upon satisfaction of God and Guru Dev. When both are unsatisfied how progress may be gained. It is impossible when Guru Dev is disregarded.After insulting Guru Dev if pupils serve him physically and mentally with submissive manner and make Guru Dev satisfied, they can get realisation of God. Subsequently they may achieve abode of Lord.

Yo vyaktim nyay-rahitam–anyayen srinoti yah I

Tavubhau narakam ghoram brajatah kalam-akshyam II (Narada panch ratra, Hari bha. Vilas.1-101)

It is mentioned in Narada Panch ratra that if Guru Dev teaches against the injuctions of scriptures and pupil listens, both of them go to hell. Guru should not teach against shastras and pupil should not listen wrong teachings of his master. Disciple should listen glories of Lord Hari only and learn religious practices from his preceptor He should offer prayer to God in the following manner as stated in vaishnava tantra :-

Trayasva bho jagannath guro sansar vahinna I

Dagdham mam kaldastancha tvam-aham sharanam gatah II

Tatra sri vasudevasya sarvdev shiromaneh I

Padambujaik-bhagev diksha grahya manisibhih II

O,.Jagannath! O Guru Dev! I am burning in the fire of worldly passion and being engrossed by energy of illusion. Kindly protect and liberate me I am lying unto your Lotus Feet.Those who have desire to escape themselves from the worldly awful fire of lust, anger, ego, avarice and avidity etc, they should surrender unto the feet of Guru Dev and take initiation from him who gives place at the feet of Lord Vasudeva, God of demigods. Having surrenderd to Gurudev, disciple should do all activities to satisfy him, for if Gurudev is satisfied all demigods are satisfied. Pupil can get eternal peace with the blessings of Guru only.

Suprasanne guro yasmat trapyanti sarv devtah I ( Hari. bhakti vilas 19/758 )

Guror-anugrahenait puman purnah prashantaye I ( Bhag. 10/80/43 )

Guru kripa jale nashi visaya anal I

Krishnete arpiya deh gehadi sakal II

Benediction of Guru Dev is water and fearful world is fire. Just as fire is destroyed by water even so benediction of preceptor destoyes all worldly fire of lust, anger and ego. Therefore, in order to get benediction of Guru Dev, one should obey him and surrender unconditionally unto the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna by all means thinking that everything including body, house, family members and wealth etc., are meant for the service of Sri Krishna.and His beloved Guru Dev. Hence never disobey, never disobey, never disobey Sri Guru Dev.

Main duty of disciple

Guru-shusrusanam nama sarva dharmottamottamamm I

Tasmad dharmat parodharmah pavitrah naiva viddyate II ( Hari bha. Vilas 4/355)

What is main duty of disciple? One who imparts knowledge regarding Lord Hari should be worshipped. Service of Guru Dev is main duty of disciple. It is the best duty of pupil. Devrisi Narada taught King Yudhisthar all about religion but in the end he told that service of Guru Dev is only means to get purification. In hari bhakti vilas (4/356) it is said:

Kam-krodhadikam yad-yadatmano-nist-karnam I

Etata sarvam guro bhaktya puruso hyanjasa jayet II

Man can conquer lust, anger, greediness and other bad qualities by rendering service to Guru Dev. Service of Gurudeva removes our all faults.

Sri Krishna himself said( Hari bha.vilas 4/344) :-

Prathamantu guru pujya tatschaiva mama-archanam I

Kurvan siddhim-vapnoti hyanyatha nisfalam bhavet II

First worship Gurudeva. Thereafter worship Me. By worship of Guru dev all desires are fulfllled. Without worship of Guru Deva My worship is useless. Therefore if disciple has desire to have success in his spiritual life he should always worship Guru first before worshipping Me.

Gurau sannihit yastu pujyed-anyam-agratah I

Sa durgatimvapnoti pujnam tasya nisfalam II

Devrisi Narada said (Hari bha. vilas 4/345) that in the presence of Guru Dev one who worships others he suffers very badly and his such worship is of no use. Hence pupil should be very alert in the presence of Guru Dev.

Tasmat sarva prayatnen yatha vidhi tatha gurum I

Abhedenarchyeda yastu sa mukti falam-apnuyat II

In Vishnu rahasya it said that desciple should worship Guru Dev by all means according to scriptural injunctions. One who understands personality of Guru dev as non-distinctive from God and worship him, easily gets liberation.

Pituradhik yabhaven yeh-archayanti gurum sada I

Bhavantya-atithayo loke brahmanaste vishamvar II

It is recorded in Padm Purana that those who consider Guru Dev superior to their fathers and worship him like God, they go to Brahm Loka and reside their as chief guests. In this purana Devhuti, mother of Lord Kapila Dev, says –

Bhaktir-yatha harau mehasti tadvannistha gurau yadi I

Mamasti ten satyen svam darshayatu me harih II

Just as I have firm faith and devotional services for God even so I have for my Guru Dev. Because of my unflinching devotion for Gurudev, O, Lord Hari bless me with your appearance before my eyes. It is clear from this verse that visibility of glimpse of God depends upon our faith in Guru Dev.

Never go to Gurudeva with empty hands

How to go to Sri Gurudeva for darshna it is mentioned in Hari bhakti vilas (4/343) :-

Riktpanirnan pasyet rajanam bhisajam gurum I

Nopayan karah putrah shisyam bhrityam nirikshayet II

It is mentioned in Smriti shastra that one should not go to King, Guru and doctor with empty hands. When somebody goes to Guru Dev for darshana he should go taking flowers, flowers and pranami etc. in his hands. Those who go with emty hands they also return back with empty hands as they do not have inclination for service. Without service nothing can be gained from anybody. Guru Dev does not hanker after money. Whose aim is money only he is not sadhu. But it is duty of pupils to serve their Guru Dev by all means.

Sadhu bhukha bhav ka dhan ka bhukha nahi I

Jo dhan ka b hukha, so sadhu Nahi II

Real Father

Who is our real father ? We think one who gave us this body he is our father and mother. It also correct in this material world. God is father of fathers, mother of mothers, leader of leaders, controller of controllers and intelligence of intelligents. But Manu Smriti tells us who is our real father (hari bha. Vilas 4-351).

Agyo bhavati vai Balah pita bhavati mantradah I

Agyam hira valam-itayahuh pitetyev tu mantradam II

Who is child and who is real father? It has been deciuded in Manu Smriti that one who is ignorant is a child and one who gives mantra or initiation is our real father. Ever well wisher and father of disciple is only Guru Dev. It is said by vedic scholars that man without knowledge is only child and giver of mantra is certainly father.

Harau ruste gurus-trata gurau ruste na kaschan I

Tasmat sarva –prayatnen gurum eva prasadayet II

If Lord Hari is not satisfied and angry, Guru Dev can award Mukti to his disciple. But if Guru Dev is not happy and satisfied, God can not give Mukti. Therefore by all means one should try to satisfy his Guru Dev. Obeying Guru Dev is the greatest service of him. Never disobey him and get Mukti.

Kavir ve nara andh hain guru ko kahate aur I

Hari ruthai guru sharan hai guru ruthai nahi thaur II

Hindrances by demi-gods

Sadhakasya gurau bhaktim mandi-kurvanti devtah I

Yannohatitya Vrajet-dvisnum shishyo bhaktya gaur dhravam II (Hari bhakti vilas 4/350)

After taking initiation, if disciple starts service of Guru Dev , all demigods become afraid of him. Why ? Why do demigods have jealousy with the servitor of Guru Dev. It is because of this reason that this devotee serving his Guru Dev will go to Visnu loka disregarding their loka. That is why demigods create problems and always try to destroy his devotion so that he could not go to Visnu loka leaving them behind. But true and sane devotee facing all problems continue his service for his Guru Dev and goes to Vishnu Loka. By the grace of Guru Dev he gets success in his goal. Demigods allure or entice him but he rejects all kinds of allurements.

To abandon Gurudeva a greats sin

Api ghnantah shapanto va viruddha api ye krudhah I

Guravah pujniyaste graham natva nayet tan II

Tat shladhyam janm dhanyam tat dinam punyath nadika I

Yasyam gurum pranamate sama-upasya tu bhakti-tatah II (Brahm vaivart prana )

Whether Guru Dev punishes, curses, angry or against, disciple should not do anything wrong against him ; despite he should continue to render his service for the satisfaction of him; and bring Guru Dev to his house . Desciple should not abandones his Guru Dev under any situation. In Kurma Puran it is said that Teacher of school, , father, elder brother. King, uncles, father of wife, Grand mother and father, orator of puranas, man of high caste, and old persons , all are Gurus.. All of them should be given due regards . This is social tradition. But giver of Matra should never be abadoned (kinch).

Updesta–aramamnaya-agatam pariharanti ye I

Tan mritan-api kravyadah krighnannop-bhunjate II

Bodhah kalusitsten dauratmyam prakatikritam I

Gururyena parityaktasten tyaktah pura harih II

Those who first take initiation from Vaishnava Acharya and then leave off him, they go to kritaghn ( Namak harami) hell. They suffer very badly in namak harami narak as they cheated their Guru dev. After death flesh of their body becomes so hateful even animals and birds do not like to eat flesh of dead body. Those who abandon their Guru Dev, Lord Hari already reject them. Abandoning Guru Dev is the abandoning Lord Hari.. Transcendental knowledge given by Guru is destroyed as soon as one leaves off his Guru Dev. Birth, place, family, day, hour and second, are appreciable if worship of Guru Dev is done. If worship of Guru Dev is not done everything is useless. Such person becomes evil soul and ruthless.

Prati-padya gurum yastu mohad-viprati-padyate I

Sa kalpkoti narke pachyate purusa- adhamah II

It is mentioned in Anyatracha shastra that once who surrenders unto the feet of Guru Dev and take Diksha ; and thereafter he rejects and abadonds his Guru Dev he is paltry amongst men, he goes to hell and suffers there for a period of crore of crore kalpas. One kalpa is one day of Brahma. It constitutes a period of four araba and thirty two crore years (4, 32,0000000 ). He suffers hellish life and rot. If someone wants to protect himself from such rotteness , never abandons Guru Dev.

Our great loss

What is olur great loss? People do not understand this. In Hari bhakti vilas (3/38) our great loss has been described as undser:-

Sa hanistanmachchhidram sa ch-andha-jad-mukta I

Yan-muhurt kshanam vani vasudevo na chintyate II

What is our great loss? It is said if money is lost nothing is lost; if health is lost something is lost; if character is lost everything is lost. But our great loss is, if we do not perform worship of God. Passing our time without religious practices, is our great loss. People do not understand this loss. If our time, day, month and year are not utilised or passed in the service of Guru Dev and vaishnavas all are of no use or our everthing is vain. If we do not listen and chant the glories of Hari we are blind, deaf and dumb ; and we will always be dull. We shall be out of joy and enjoy ever existing eternal peace if listen and serve Guru Dev and glorify the glorious Lord Krishna. We shall delve in sea of happiness. Those who are without Guru Dev they dullard and paltry amongst people. Even after taking initiation those who are without service of Guru Dev they are unfortunate and God becomes unhappy with them.

Narayano-api vikritim yati guroh prachutasya durvuddhaih I

Kamlam jalad-petam, shosyati ravir–na-posyati II

In Jaydakhyan sanhita it is recorded that Lotus or water lily flower lives in water and sun nourishes this lotus. As soon aswater lily is separated from water the same sun dry or destroy it. Here Guru is water and sun is compared with sun and desciple with lotus. Likewise lotus, desciple is nourished by God if he is with Guru Dev and serves him, as soon as he gives up Guru Dev and stops his services, God destroys the same desciple. After abandoning Guru Dev, our ever well wisher God ruines us. In Srimad Bhagavatam (10/51/54) Srila Suka deva maharaj says Bhava-apvargo bhramato yada bhavejjanasya; Tarhya-achyuta sat-samagamah I

Sat-sangamo yarhi tadaiva sangatau, paravaresh tvayi jayte matih II

From the time immemorial the individual souls are suffering through the cycle of births and deaths in the forms of numberless species. When time for his liberation comes he gets association of vaishnava saints . Soon after getting company of vaishnavas he increases interest and love for Sri Krishna. Those who got company of vaishnavas they should understand that time for their liberation has come. Punya punja bina milaihi na santa. As a result of good deeds done in the past one can have association of sages. If one has association of sages for a moment his all apradhas are destroyed and he gets all fulfillments.

Sadhu sanga sadhu sanga sarva shastre kay I

Lav matre sadhu sange sarva siddhi hay II

Eka ghari adhi ghari, adhi se puni adha I

Tulasi sangat sadhu ki kate koti apadha II

To have company of vaishnava sages and listen their divine discourses, is the greatest atonement for all sins. King Parikshit committed a grave apradha against Samik risi and he was imprecated by Sringi Muni, the son of Samik Risi, to die within a period of seven days, he went to the bank of Ganges and listened Srimad Bhagavatam from Srila Sukdeva Maharaj and attained emancipation.

Result of disobedying Sri Gurudeva

Guru krripa jale nashi visaya anal I

Krishnete arpiya deh gehadi sakal II

Benediction of Guru Dev is water and fearful world is fire. Just as fire is destroyed by water even so benediction of preceptor destoyes all worldly fire of lust, anger and ego.. Therefore, in order to get benediction of Guru Dev, obey him and surrender unconditionally unto the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna by all means thinking that everything including body, house, family members and wealth etc., are meant for the service of Sri Krishna. and His beloved Guru Dev. Hence, never disobey, never disobey, never disobey Sri Guru Dev.

Ye gurva –agya na kurvanti papisthah purusa-adhamah I

Na tesam naraka klesh-nistaro muni-sattma II

Yaih shisyaih shasvad-aradhya gurvo hyavmanitaha I

Putra, mitra, kaltradi-sampadbhyah prachuta hi te II

In Agast sanhita it is said, O sane Muni or sage, who does not obey his Guru Dev he is a great sinner and perpetrator amongst men.He never gets perpetual peace.He does not get freedom from Hell Guru Dev is always worshipful. If someone disobeys him, his sons, friends, relatives and wealth all are destroyed..All are fallen down and there is no question of his auspiciousness. They never get success in any work.

Adhi-kshipya gurum mohat purusam pravadanti ye I

Shukaratvam bhavtyeva tesam janma-shatesvapi II (Hari bhakti villas 4-369)

Hari guru ninda sunai jo kana I

Paap hoy gau ghat samana II

Hari guru nindak dadur hoyi I

Janma sahastra pavai tan soyi II

If one disobeys, insults and slanders Guru Dev and considers that of an ordinary person because of ignorance.He takes rebirth as pig (swine) and suffers for a period of one hunderd years.Those who listen criticism of Guru Dev and God they commit sin of slaughtering cow ; and those who slander Guru Dev and God they become frogs again and again in the next one thousands births continuously. They never get exemption.

Earnest longing of disciple

Janm maranadi sansara-anal – santapto-ddipta shirajal-rashimiva I

Uphar panih srotriya-brahm-nistham gurum-upsrtya tam-anusarti II (sadanand yogindra krit –vedant sar )

How should one go to Sri Guru Dev ? One should not go to Guru Dev with pride and ego but submissively.He should go thinking that he is helpless and nobody in this world is my true friend to help me. Just as fire burns one‘s head and he does not get help from anybody, he runs near the water and jumps into, without thinking of his sinking even so one who is engrossed and burning in the fire of material worldly various desires should go to Guru Dev for perpectual peace. Sri Guru Dev should be from vaishnava preceptorial line and duly absorbed in Brahm meditation. In order to get himself purified one should go to such Guru taking flowers, incense sticks, sandalwood, fruits and pranami (donation) in hands and serve him with single minded devotion. Spiritual knowledge is very difficult to achievc. It is very difficult to find out a self realised soul or sage who can explain this divine knowledge in a easy way. In case someone meets such realised sage, it is very difficult to listen and understand him. It is said in Kathopnisad (1/2/7) that;

Sravanayapi bahubhiryo na labhyah I

Sravantohapi vahavo yam na viduyah II

Ashcharyohsya vakta kushlohsya labdha I

Ascharyyo gyata kushlanushistah II

Guru Dev should be a self realised Vaishnava. Only fortunate people get Vaishnava Acharya and listen him. Even after listening a rare can understand. All can not understand as the teachings of Vaishnava Guru are immaterial. Transcendental knowledge is very subtle. Even after hearing divine discourses, understanding is necessary. Understanding is also useless if one does not start practical life in accordance of his understanding. Understanding should bring modification in our habits, conduct, talk, living and in all fields of life. In Hari bhakti Vilas (4-366-367) Srila Sanatan Gsoswaki said :-

Avaishnava–updisten mantren nirayam brajet I

Punascha vidhina samya g grahayedvaishnavad guroh II

Nama–Apradh–yuktanam namany-eva harstyadyam I

Avisramast prayuktani tanye-evartha karani cha II

Even if someone takes initiation from Guru who is not vaishnava, he should leave him off and take re-initiation from a Vaishnava Guru. Having being surrendered unto the feet of Vaishnava Guru if someone chants names of Lord Krishna under guidance of Guru Dev, his all bad deeds or sins are destroyed. All impediments are removed. . Arth-karani sarv-prayojan sampadkani. (commentary of Srila Sanatana Goswami) Srila Sanatan Goswami says in his commentary that Guru Dev imparts transcendental knowledge if disciple goes to him having earnest longing with submissive manner.

Sreyascha preyascha manusyam –etastau sammpritya vivinakti dhirah I

Sreyohi dhirohbhir - prayaso vrinite preyo mando yogksheman II (kathopnisad 1-2-2 )

Human beings accept and follow two ways for their happiness. One is Preya marga which is cause of our bondage, another is Sreya marga which awards us liberation or mukti. Lustful men follow preya marga and fulfil their worldly desires. They become slaves or bondsmen of their senses. Therefore preya marga is cause of bondage. On the other hands sane persons accept and follow Sreya marga which is cause of our fulfilment. Followers of Sreya marga make senses as their slaves. Senses are led by them but they by senses. Because of influence of devotion passion does not remain in their hearts. They increase impetus to serve Guru and God.

Om yata - prapya na kinchid-vanchhati na shochati I

Na dvesti, na ramate, notsahi bhavati II (Narada bhakti sutra 1-5 )

Srila Narada said that having obtained devotional services man neither has desire, nor lamentation, nor jealousy nor enjoy anything , and nor becomes zealous for doing the acts against God. Sri Krishna has also said in Gita(12-17 ) ;

Yo na hrsyati na dvesti na shochati na kankshati I

Suhubh-ashubha–parityagi bhaktiman yah me priyah II

O, Arjuna ! One who neither rejoices not grieves, laments nor desires ; and who renounces both auspicious and inauspicious things such a devotee is very dear to Me. A pure devotee is neither happy nor distressed over material gain and loss, nor is he very much anxious to get a son or disciple, nor is he distressed by not getting them. If he loses any thing which is dear to him, he does not lament. Similarly , if he does not get what he desires, he is not distressed . He is transcendental in the face of all kinds of auspicious and inauspicious, sinful activities. He is prepared to face all kinds of risks for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord Krishna. Nothing is impediment in the discharge of devotional service. Such a devotees is very dear to Me. He is equal to friends and enemies. He is equipoised in honour and dishonour, heat and cold, happiness and distresses, fame and infamy and always free from contamination association. He is always silent and satisfied with anything he gets and is engaged in my devotional service. Such a person is very dear to Me.

Surse vihita shastre harim-uddisya ya kriya I

Saiva bhaktiriti prokta taya bhaktih para bhavet bhah vaha II (Si.Pu.Vi. 2-9)

Devotee performes only those activities that are recommended by scriptures for the service of God. In order to satisfy God whatever act is done according to scriptures, is called Bhakti. Following bhakti with firm faith one may get love for Sri Krishna ( Prema Bhakti).

Superiority of Bhakti (Devotion)

What is bhakti? Bhaj dhati sevayam iti bhakti. A desire to serve God and His devotees is called Bhakti.

Bhaktir-eva -ainam nayati bhaktir-eva -ainam darshayati I

Bhakti vasha purso bhaktir-eva bhuyasi II

Salokya-sarst-samipy-sarupaik-tvam-apyayuta I

Diyamanam grahnanti vina matsevanam janah II (Bhag. 3-29-13 )

According to commentary of maddhavacharya on Vedant sutra.3/3/57 , Bhakti takes a man near to God; Bhakti shows God to devotee ; God is under influence of bhakti ; Bhakti is superior to all other means. Where there is bhakti, there is God. My devotees , says Lord Krishna, never accept the different forms of salvation (mukti ) e.g. attainment of My realm, ( Salokaya mukti) ; power, wealth and fame similar to that of Mine (Sarsti mukti), ; the privilege of living near Me always (Samipya mukti), ; even favour of becoming one with Myself. ( Sarupya mukti) even if these are offered by Me. They covet nothing except My loving service. By following the process of jnan, salvation is easily attained, and the performance ol righteous actions lead one to various enjoyments here and hereafter, whereas even by thousands of similar methods, devotion to Sri Krishna remains unattainable. The highest fruit of Bhakti is Sri Krishna Prem, the true sign of which is want of satisfaction or insatiability. So self-contentedness of the Atmaramas who seek satisfaction in their self, goes counter to the attainment of Krishna Prem. Hence, this self-satisfaction is the most despised one even amongst extraneous or secondary fruits and must be avoided in the opinion of the ardent devotees. Tantra vachana speaks thsus-

Jnanatah sulbha muktir–bhuktir yajnadi–punyatah I

Seyam sadhan sahastrain- hari Bhaktih sudurlabha II

Om amrita svarupa cha I

Om yallabdha puman siddho bhavati , amrito bhavati, tripto bhavati (Narada Bhakti Sutra 1/3-4 )

Bhakti is a form of nectar. Having obtained Bhakti devotee becomes liberated and satisfied for ever. He needs nothing but bhakti only i.e. service of God and devotees. What pleasure is experienced by a devotee in bhakti that is not in knowledge, dispassiona and karmas. Bhakti is superior to all. Therefore devotees accept devotion only and nothing else. It has been described in Chaitanyha charitamrata (ch. ch. Ant 3/194) :

Bhakti sukh age mukti ati tuchchh haya I

Ateva bhakt gana mukti nahi laya II

Mukti and bhukti are paltry in comparision to Bhakti. Hence disregarding them devotees accept Bhakti only and delve into sea of perpectual happiness. This is the best way for attaining the final goal of human life. Devotees do not become doers. They depend absolutely on the blessings of Godhead. Everthng is done inthis material world at the Will of Supreme Lord through through three modes of Prakriti. Ignoant people becomes engrossed by Maya. They do not undersand that there is also controller of Maya. In Bhakti rasa-amrita sindhu. ( 1/1/17) pure devotion has been explained as under:

Kleshghani shubhda moksh-laghutakrita sudurlabha I

Sandranand-vishesatma Sri Krishna-akarsini cha sa II

Uttama Bhakti is the destroyer of misery, giver of good, inspirer of good inspirer of contempt for Moksha ( emancipation from the worldly bondage) extremely difficult to obtain, the essence of most highly concentrated bliss, and capable of attracting Sri Krishna Himself. Bhakti has capacity for removing - (i) miseries. Various miseries that are mercilessly toturing humanity irrespective of any position (ii) the seed of sins (Papabij ) ; (iii) nescience (avdidya )

Sins we have committed are two fold (i) Prarabdha, and Aparabdha. When the fruits of sins have been matured they called Parabdha; when they are yet to mature they are known as Akprarabdha. A person who is fortunate enough to obtain bhakti is always freed from sinful activities. Even when he attains strong faith which is the qualification for gaining bhakti he abstains himself from the sinful actions. Sinful impulses, ‘ the seed of sin ‘also finds no place in the hearts of those who are sanctified by pure devotion. Error regasrding the knowledge of one‘s own self (the jivatma ), is nescience. Lord Krishna said in Srimad Bhagavatam (11/14/18) Just as a blazing fire reduces every piece of fuel to ashes, even so unflinching devotion to Me, strikes at the root of all sins. Padyavali (8) It is said :- Vyadhasya - acharanam dhruvasya cha vayo vidya-gajendrasy ka,

Ka jatir–vidurasya yadav–pater–ugrasya kim paurusam I

Kubjayah kamniya–rupam-adhikam kim tat sudamno dhanam, Bhaktya tusyati kevalam na cha gunair-bhakti priyo madhavah II

Bhakti is so catholic that it is accessible to one and all irrespective of caste, creed , sex or age, faith and colour. Both literate and illiterate are equally placed with regard to it It is free from rigid restrictions as are seen in other practices. Bhakti is intended for all time and can be observed under all conditions, in all places and by all beings. No other mode of worship is so pleasing to God as Bhakti itself. Oh ! What were the religious practices done by hunter (Dharmna Vyadha) How old was Dhruva ? Did the great Gajendra (elephant }possess any learning ? Was Kubja –the maid servant of Kansa, and the hunchbacked woman ever beautiful enough to attract the Lord Krishna? Was the devoted Brahmin Sudama ever wealthy ? What was the social status of SreeVidur ? What prowess had Sree Ugrasen , the King of Yadvas? Did these deotees not captivate the Lord? Certainly they did. by what qualities? By pure Bhakti and Bhakti alone. The Lord is delighted by Bhakti and Bhakti alone. The Lord is delighted by Bhakti alone and not by the acquirement of any other virtues. God was extremely pleased with Gejendra on the merits of Bhakti alone. The incomparable glory of bhakti being such, all the Shastra, the saints, and the Lord Himself insist on all to practise devotion. It is desirable and preferable for one and all irrespective of his eligibility or status to follow the path of Bhakti in all sincerity. Sri Suta Goswami addressing 88, 000 sages said(Bhagavatam 2-3-10 );

Akamah sarvkamo va mokshkama udardhih I

Tivren bhakti yogen yajet purusam param II

Whether one wants to fulfil his mundane desires, or he is ever intent upon attaining Bhakti alone or seeking liberation , he should worship the Supreme Lord with intense bhakti. Bhakti is a very vast subject , Its characteristics are innumerable. A few of the important features are elucidated here. Sril Rupa Goswami described sixty four means of bhakti in Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu. In Srimad Bhagavatam Sri Prahlad Maharaj explained nine fold devotional service to his father, demon Hinranykaspu (Bhagavatam 7-23/24),

Sravanam kirtanam vishnoh smranam padsevanam I

Archanam vandanam dasyam sakhayam-atma-nivedanam II

Iti punsa- arpita vishnau bhaktis-chen-navlakshna I

Kiryate bhagvtayaddha tan-manye-adhitam–uttamam II

How to get nine fold devotion. Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu said, ‘ serve Sri Krishna and His devotees and constantly perform the Sankirtan of the Name of Sri Krishna. “ Prabhu kahen----krishna seva, vaishnava sevan . Niranteer kar krishna-nam sankirtana . By the single name of Sri Krishna all your sins are destroyed and it helps the appearance of nine fold devotion. (i) hearing the Glories of Sri Krishna; (ii) utterance of the names of the Lord; (iii) remembrance the glories of Sri Krishna (iv) showing respect by touching and serving the Feet of the Lord; (v) ritualistic worship; (vi) offering prostrations ; (vii) serving like a faithful servant; (viii) friendship with Sri Krishna, and (ix) absolute self surrender.

The Name of God is independent and All-Powerful. Hence, Name does not require the assitance of any other process for the fulfilment of its Efficacies. It does not even wait for initiation or such other ritualistic. Bhakti as practised by the aspirants, are of two kinds (i) Vaidhi bhakti-regulated by the rules and regulations of the scriptures, and (ii) Raganuga – spontaneous longing for the loving service of Sri Krishna. In both the cases there are the stages of sadhan for practice. There are sixty four principles of Vaidhi Bhakti including ninefold ways of devotion. All sixty four principles are summarised in the nine fold ways of devotion. Each one, in these nine modes of devotion is competent enough to bring us the highest realisation. Some of the devotees practised one single mode, whereas, some practised all the nine modes as mentioned in Bhakti rasamrita sindhu (1-02-264) as follows:

Sri visnoh sravane parikshid–bhavad-vaiyasakih kirtane I

Prahladah smarne tadandhri-bhajne lakshmih prithuh pujane II

Akrur–stvabhivandane kapipatir dasye-atha sakhye-arjunah I

Sarvasva–atmnivedane balirbhut krishnasi-resam param II

The great king Parikshit is noted for hearing (Sravana) alone, Sri Sukhdev for narrating the transcendental excellences of the Lord (Kirtan), Prahlad Maharaj is noted for remembrance of the Lord (Smarana) amidst all atrocities inflicted on him by his hostile father, and his group of equally demoniac admirer. Lakshmi Devi is a typical example for tending the Feet of the Lord (Padasevan), Prithu Maharaj is an ideal in ritualistic worship (Archan), Akrur distinguishes himself in the practice of bowing down (Vandan), Hanuman is an inspiring example for servitude (dasya), Arjun, Udhav etc, stand for friendship (Sakhya), and the ruler Mahabali is often spoken as a glorous idea of complete self-surrender ( Atma Nivedan). All these devotees are famous in their observance of one form of devotion (Ekanga) alone. While the ancient king Ambarish stands reputed in the practice of more than one (Anekanga ) Bhakti. Eka anga sadhe keho sadhe bahu anga. Ang haite upjaye premer tarang. Amongst the devotees of the Lord Krishna, the inhabitants of Vraja occupy the highest position. They followed or practised Ragatmika bhakti. Raga is the spontaneous deep and inseparable absorption in one‘s desired object of love. Whereas followers of Vaidhi Bhakti lack a spontaneous inclination in them to the service of the Lord. They are to be regulated and inspired by the injuctions of the scriptures. Gaudiya Vaishnavas cultivate practice of the Vaidhi Bhakti first to prepare their hearts for the appearance of Raganuga Bhakti. As such sadhan bhakti is of two kinds.

Aie ta sadhan bhakti duie ta pakar I

Eka vaidhi bhakti ara raganuga ara II

Ragahina jana bhjaje shastrer agyay I

Vaidhi bhakti bole tare sarva shastra gaya II

What is Raga? Srila Rupa Goswami said, “ Absolute undivided attention to one‘s beloved is called raga. It is devotion based on love. When devotion to Sri Krishna becomes full of raga, it is called devotion based on love (Rasganuga Bhakti). In other words loving thirst for Sri Krishna is called devotion based on love. In the beginning rules are necessary for those in whose hearts raga is not yet born. In Raganuga Bhakti Sri Krishna is only object of attachment that is called devotion based on love. Follower of raganuga bhakti is with earnest longing to see the joyful activities of Sri Krishna. Denizens of Vraja have loving devotion. They have all sentiments to witness Sri Krishna Lilas and serve Him as their own beloved. They are entitled to have Raganuga Bhakti. There is no question of intellect, shastras and reasoning . This loving devotion is of two kinds ; (i) Loving devotion growing from desire, and (ii) Loving devotion growing from relationship. Relationship includes sentiments of servitorship, friendship and parental affection.

Bhakti begins with faith (sradha). Devotional practice is the complete suppression of sins and woldliness. Slowly and slowly Nistha or devoutness is developed., Nistha is followed by Ruchi. Ruchi means intense desire to hear and chant the name of Sri Krishna. Next stage to Ruchi is Ashakti. Ashakti is loving attachment to Sri Krishna. These stages from faith to Ashakti or attachment are called Sadhan Bhakti. Bhav Bhakti is a stage of Sadhan Bhakti that develops into sponteneous loving feeling of Sri Krishna. Ashakti deepens into Bhav or Rati. It may be called Priti or exclusive love of God. This love of God is wholly spiritual and unalloyed . At the stage of bhav bhakti devotees get the following mental states(Bhakti rasamrita sindhu 1-3-25/26),

Kshantir -avyarth-kalatvam viraktir - man-shunyata I

Asha bandhah samutkantha nama-gane sada ruchih II

Ashaktis-tad -guna -akhyane pritstadvasti-sthale I

Itya-adayo–anubhavah syurjat–bhavankure jane II

Srila Rupa Goswami has explained the characteristics of devotee who has attained the stage of Bhav Bhakti. (i) Kshanti - means extreme forbearance, calmness of mind. A devotee of this stage never falls a prey to the innumerable ups and downs in the social world. Even under great provocative cicumstances he never loses his patience. Remaining undisturbed by any serious incident he ever remains calm and stready in his contemplation of the Lord or any other devotional practice he pursues.

(ii) Avyarthakalatvam; means no waste of time in worldly affairs other than God. It is special care in the utility of time. Devotee of this stage by his various experiences, he has understood the precious nature of time. He never wastes even a fraction of a minute, in any activity which has no direct relation with Sri Krishna and His services

(iii) Virakti ;- means non attachment. Indifference to or hatred for mundane affairs. Devotee is dispassionate to the various tempting offers of the world, the enjoyment of the transitory pleasures. The worth of all these sensuous object is well-known to him, as such these fleeting pleasures have ceased to arouse any charm in him. He is not after any material success. He becomes completely detached from the influence of these mundane objects and their allurements.

(iv) Manasunyata ;- It is lack of pride. It is disregard of honour and respect of one‘s self. This is an important characteristic of a true devotee. He is never influenced by the least ego. Devotee may be an embodiment of all excellent virtues, still, he considers himself the lowest of all.

(v) Ashabandha ;- means deep and firm hope in God‘s favour. Devotee is fully confident of his success towards the attainment of his final goal, and is convinced beyond any doubt on this issue. At every moment he is hopeful, since he knows that the Lord is an Embodiment of Mercy.

(vi) Samutkantha ;- means intense expectation for God‘s favour. Devotee is with excessive eagerness. His impatience for seeing the Lord reaches its highest pinnacle.

(vii) Nam gane sada ruchi :- It is a real taste of singing the name of the lord constantly. Devotee has desire to sing incessantly the glories of Sri Krishna.

(viii) Ashakti tad guna vyakhyane ;- means an uncontrollable attachment in narrating and listening to the Glories of the Lord. Devotee has enthusiasm in singing the glories of Sri Krishna.

(ix) Priti tad vasti-sthale ;- means Love for living in holy places of God. Devotee is fond of residing in the places which are graced by the residence of the Lord, such as Mathura, Vrindavan , Nabdvipa Mayapur Dhama .This is the stage of Bhav Bhakti from Ashakti. Bhava is gradually deepened into Prema. Bhav Bhakti is of five kinds (a) Shant rati. (b) Dasya rati. (c) Sakhya rati (d) Vatsalya rati, and (e) Ujjvala rati.

When stage of bhav bhakti is matured, it turned into Prema Bhakti When bhakti passes from bhav stage to that of Prema it is called Prema Bhakti. Matured bhav bhakti is called Prem. But Dasya , Sakhya , Vatsalya and Ujjvala Madhurya advanced to Raga having passed through Sneha, Mana and pranaya. Dasya rati can not go beyond the limit of raga. Sneha means, melting of the heart for God; Mana means –to whose influence Shri Krishna submits; Pranaya is the stage where Sri Krishna is the exclusive and dearest object of Love. Madhurya rati means to love Sri Krishna in the passionate spirit of love lorn girl regarding Lord Krishna as Divine Lover or Darling . This rati is of two natures. (i) Kevala Rati - It means Love of Gopis of Vraja for Sri Krishna. Vraja Gopis are example of this Kevala Rati. (ii) Aishvarya misra Rati - Devotees of Dwarika and Mathura etc, are examples of this rati.

Dasya rati terminates on obtaining raga only. Sakhya, Vatsalya and Ujjvala –Madhurya reach the stage of Anuraga where Sri Krishna appears to the full of infinite charm. Sakhya rati and Vatsalya rati terminate at the stage of Anuraga. But Ujjval-Madhurya reaches bhava. This bhava is the culminating point of Love of the Wedded wives of Sri Krishna. This Ujjvala –Madhurya rati of Vraja Gopis goes a step further and reaches ADHIRUDHA- MAHABHAVA. The best example of this Mahabhava is to be found in the life of Srimati Radhika Rani for Sri Krishna This Adhirudha –Mahabhava is of two kinds;

 ( i)          Madan – it is in the close presence  of  Sri Krishna, and 

(iii) Mohan- it is caused by the separation from Sri Krishna in love—lorn Gopis. Devotee feels hard to bear the separation from Sri Krishna. The best example of Madhurya rati in Vrandavan is Srimati Radhika. Madhurya rasa or rati is also known by another name of Sringar rasa. This means love for transcendental beauty Vraja damsels are the main resorts of this rasa. Srimati Radha rani is superior to all lovers of Sri Krishna. The sound of flute is the stimulus to this sentiment. Looking through the tails of the eyes and smile are auxiliaries to this rasa. This love of Radha Madhava never suffers the pang of separation being influenced by any force of cohesive or adhesive nature. This Madhura or Sringar rasa is called the Principal devotional sentiment. Sringar or Madhura rasa is of two kinds; (i) Vipralambha and (ii) (ii) Sambhoga. Vipralambha includes pre-union love (Purva raga), amorous anger (mana) and pravasa (separation from companionship) . Sambhog rasa includes consequent upon the union of the couple. Lord Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught us five fold devotional services to please God.

Sadhu sanga nama kirtana bhagavat sravana I

Mathura bas sraddhaya sri murti sevana I

(i) To have association of saints/vaishnavas; (ii) Chanting repeatedly divine names of Lord Hari; (iii) Hearing Srimad Bhagavatam , quintessence of all scriptures; (iv) To reside in holy places like Mathura, Vrandavan, Sri Nabdvipa dhama Mayapur, and Sri Jagannath Dhama etc ; (v) To serve the holy Image of God.

Sakal sadhan madhye srestha panch anga I

Krishna prem upjay aie pancher svalpa sanga II

Of all the means described in scriptures these five ways of Bhakti are superior. If these five ways are followed devotees may get love for Sri Krishna in their hearts. This is called Sadhan Vaidhi Bhakti.

Spiritual life under guidance of Preceptor

In Panglopnista (4-21-22) it is mentioned that:-

Yatra-yatra mano yati tatra- tatra param Brahm I

Tatra tatra param brahm sarvatra sam-avsthitam tatra-tatra samadhayah II

Sri Guru Dev is always absorbed in Param Brahm and realises presence of Param Brahm. He considers himself as humble servant of God. Wherever he has glance or vision he reaslises presence of Param Brahm only. One Param Brahm is prevailing everywhere. Duty of disciple is to lead his spiritual life accroding to teachings of his preceptor.

Guru mantra–anusaren layam dhyanam japam tatha I

Patham tirtham cha sanskaram-istam sarv parat-param II

Ista-pujam prakuryad sranuyat pathet I

Tad-ansha-vyapaka vishvam kathyate sapy-upasna II

According to mantras given by Sri Guru Dev, disciple should meditate, worship, study, and chant the name of God. Disciple should maintained regularity in life for spiritual practices. If disciple does not understand any thing he should ask his Guru Dev submissively and get clarification.

Result of slandering of Vaishnavas

Regarding slandering of Vaishnavas it is mentioned in Skand puran, (Hari Bhakti vilas 10-312) :

Hanti nindati vai dvesti vaishnavann-abhinandati I

Krudhyte yati no harsa darshne patnani sat II

Commentary of Srila Sanatan Goswami on this sloka ia as under;

Hanti praharti darshane satyapi harsa na yati napnoti I

Etani sat patnani patitya-padkani narka-vahanitya-arthah II

Astu Vaishnav-ninda-karinam parman–arthah I

Vaishnav-ninda srotrinam-api maha narka syat II

Those who slander, tease and beat Vaishnavas; have jealousy, do not offer prostration and becomes angry with vaushnavas, they go to Hell. Having seen vaishnavas who do not become happy and listen their criticism, they are fallen down and go to hell for suffering. Result of vaishnavas is a grave offense. Again in Skant puran, (hari bhakti vilas.10-310, 311 & 315) it is said that:-

Yo hi bhagavatam lokam - upahasam Nripa - uttama I

Karoti tasya nasyanti artha-dharma-yashah sutah II

Nindam kurvanti ye mudha vaishnavanam mahatm-nam I

Patanti Pitrabhih sardham Maharaurav-sangyite II

Pujito bhagavan vishnur-janmantar-shatairapi I

Prasidati na visvatma vaishnave cha-apmanite II

If someone derides upon Vaishnavas and does not respect them, his good deeds, property. reputation and son are destroyed. Even in order to have material progress in this world one should glorify and repect vaishnavas. They are like wish-yielding Gem. Foolish persons slander Vaishnavas and disregard them. They do not understand the importance of Vaishnavas. They go to hell alongwith their ancestors. Those who are unfortunate speak bad of Vaishnavas. Criticising vaishnavas if one worships Lord Vishnu in his hundred births, Lord Vishnu neither accepts his worship nor becomes satisfied with him. In Sree Chaitanya Bhagavat ( ant. 4/362 & m, .22/55) the same has been confirmed as follows:

Pujao Tahar Krishna na kare grahana I

Vaishnaver ninda kare je papistha jana II

Sul pani sam yadi vaishnavere ninde I

Tathapih nash pay kahe shastra vrinde II

Srila Vrindavan Das Thakur said in his Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata said that Sri Krishna does not accept worship from those who criticise Vaishnavas as they are great sinners. One may become equal to Sri Mahadeva as a result of his great penance, even then he will be destroyed by the Lord if he slanders Vaishnavas. Devotees are more beloved than Brahma, Shiv and Laxami ( Ch. Bh., ant 4-358 & 13-133))

Shesa Rma Aja bhav nij deh haite I

Vaishnava krishner priya kahe bhagavate II

Vaishnaver nindakarm nahi pade kane I

Save krishna bhajan kare –aie matra jane II

Sri Anant Dev, Laxami Devi , Brahma and Mahadev are emanated directly from the body of God but they are not so beloved as are vaishnavas. Those who never listen criticism of vaishnavas and understand that everybody is performing hari bhajan, they can attain Sri Krishna Prema without fail. To attain Divine Love for Lord Krishna is the ultimate goal of human life. Slandering and seeking faults in vaishnavas or devotees is a greatest offence. Those who criticize others including devotees are not suppose to have favour of God.

Prema bhakti hay prabhu charnarvinde I

Seyi Krishna paya,Je vaishnava nahi ninde II

Ninday nahik karya sabe paap labh I

Eteke na kare ninda, maha maha bhag II

Aninduka hayi je sakrit Krishna bale I

Satya-satya krishna tare uddharivo hele II

Kahare na kare ninda krishna-krishna bale I

Ajay chaitanya seyi jinivek hele II

Ninday nahik labhya sarva shastra kay I

Savar samman bhagavat dharma hay II

Sanyasio yadi vaishnaver ninda kare I

Adhah pate jay sarv dharm ghuche tare II

Sadhu ninda shunile Sukrti hay kshaya I

Janma-janma adhah-pat vede aie kaya II

Anindaka hayi je sakrit Krishna bale I

Satya - satya krishna tare uddharivo hele II

Chari veda padiyao, yadi ninda kare I

Janma janma kumbi pake dubiya se mare II (ch. bh. m. 9/244-246, 10/312-313,& 20/144,148,149)

Vaishnaver thayi jar haya apradh I

Krishna kripa haileo tar prem badh II

Strain-madyapere prabhu anugrah kare I

Nindak vedanti yadi tathapi sanhare II

Je sabhay vaishnaver ninda matra haya I

Sarva dharma thakileo tavu hay kshay II

Sannyasi sabha yadi hay ninda karm I

Madyper sabha haite se sabha adharm II

Madyper niskrti achhaye kon kale I

Parcharchker gati nahe kabhu bhale II ( 22/8, 19/95,. 13/41-43)

Prem Bhakti at the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna is obtained by those who never slander vaishnavas. They are fortunate. Instead of criticizing, praises of Vaishnavas should be sung. Those who really perform Sri Krishna Bhajan they do not earn sins of slandering the vaishnavas. They become non-criticisers of vaishnavas and win non-conquerable Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu easily by chanting the holy names of Sri Krishna. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Lord Krishna. He taught how to chant His own name ‘Krishna’. Lord Krishna united with Srimati Radhika rani and descended from Golok dhama in the Kali yuga as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Sridhama Mayapur, West Bengal on the bank of ganges, Bharatavarasa. Even a sannyasi slanders vaishnavas he also falls down from his elevated stage. His all ritual rites are destroyed and he suffers in all births to births in future. It is so said in Vedas. If one does not criticise vaishnavas and utters Krishna Krishna Krishna. Sri Krishna liberates him very soon. Even after study of four Vedas if one criticise vaishnavas he goes to Kumbhipaka hell and suffers there for limitless period. God can bless those who have sexual life and drinking wine but God can not bless those who speak bad of vaishnavas. God destroyes even Vedantis if they criticise vaishnavas. Their all good deeds are destroyed. If in the meeting of Sannyasis criticism of vaishnavas is done, that meeting is worse than the assembly of intoxicaters. It means there are chances for intoxicaters to get fulfilments but no chances are there for those who slander vaishnavas. Vaishnava born in any family is always worshipful by all. There is no question so far caste, education, beauty, wealth and activities are concerned. Nasti tesu jati vidya-rupa kul dhan kriyadi bhedah ( Narada Bhakti sutra 72 ). In padm puran ( ch,bh,adi. 16-304)it is said :

Svapakam-iva nekshet loke vipram-avaishnavam I

Vaishnavo varnvahyoh-api punati bhuvan trayam II

In this world meeting with avaishnava Brahmana is worse than meeting with chandal, eater of dog. Vaishnava may be born in any of four castes ( Brahmana, Kshastriya, Vaisya and Shudrda ) or out of these four castes, he purifies three planets (Lokas). Vipra who is not vaishnava can n ot become Guru. Talk with non-vaishnava vipra is prohibited. As stated in ( adi 16/305 & 303)

Brahmana haiya yadi avaishnava hay I

Tav e tar alapeh puny jay kshay II

Kim-atra bahunoktena brahmana ye hya-avaishnavah I

Tesam sambhasanam sparsam pramadenapi varjjayet II

In Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata Srila Vrindavan Das thakur said that if one talks with avaishnava Brahmans, his all good deeds are destroyed. Therefore we should have association of vaishnavas only. Sri Shankar said to Devi Parvati, what to speak more, even by mistake one should not touch and talk with non-vaishnava brahmana. All scriptures forbid any dealing with Brahmana who is not vaishnava.It clearly mentioned in Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat (adi. 16-302 & 4/356,357,360,361, 363 &364).

E’ sava viprer sparsh katha namaskar I

Dharm shastre sarvtha nisedh karivar II

Ye vaishnava name hay sansar pavitra I

Brhmadi gayen ye vaishnav charitra II

Ye vaishnava bhajile achintya krishna paie I

Se vaishnava puja haite bado ara nayi II

Hen vaishnaver ninda kare jeyi jana I

Seyi paya duhkh–janma jivan maran II

Vidya-kul-tapa sab vifal tahar I

Vaishnava nindaye je je papi durachar II

Ye vaishnava nachite prithvi dhanya hay I

Jar drastic matra dashadike pap kshaya II

Je vaishnava jana bahu tuliya nachite I

Svargero sakal vighn ghuche bhalmate II

Kaliyuga pavanavtari Lord Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says, by glorifying the glories of God by vaishnavas whole world becomes purified. Brahma, Shiva and all demigods sing songs in appreciation of Vaishnavas.. If one serves and glorifies vaishnavas he can gets inconceivable Krishna very easily. There is no the best penance except worship of Vaishnavas. Critciser of vaishnavas always suffers in this life and next life. He is sinner and perky. His education, wealth, meditation and high caste etc all are in vain. When vaishnavas peform kirtana and dance raising their both hands, earth becomes fortunate and all impediments of heaven are removed. All sins in all sites are destroyed by the glance of vaishnavas. In Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat (ant. 4-391, -13-391) it is mentioned that :-

Ithe jeyi eka vaishnaver paksh hay I

Any vaishnavere ninde, seyi jaya kshay II

Shulpani sam yadi bhakt ninda kare I

Bhagavat praman tathapi shighra mare II

If one takes side of one vaishnava and disparage other vaishnavas, he is destroyed by Lord Vishnu. Even getting power and becoming equal to Sri Mahadev, God of death, is destroyed if he sladers vaishnavas.. In Hari Bhakti vilas ( 4/370-371) Srila Sanatan Gsoswami said as follows:

Ye guru drohino mudhah satatam pap - karinah I

Tesanch yavat Sukritam Syann san-shayah II

Atah prag gurumbhya-archya krishna-bhaven buddhiman I

Tranvran saman kuryat pranaman dand-patvat II

Those who are against Guru Dev, are sinners. Their all good deeds done in the past births are turned into sins It is certain that their all good acts are not accepted as good deeds if they do not respect and serve their Guru Dev.

In order to preserve past good deeds intelligent persons worship Guru Dev likewise Sri Krishna. They worship Guru Dev first then Sri Krina. They offier prostrated obeisances to the feet of Sri Guru Dev and serve him humbly at all the times Worship of giver of mantra , Gurudeva, is superior to all worships.- Gurunapi sarvesam pujyah panch vishesatah.

How to offer Dandvat pranama

Sri Ved Vyasa, the world teacher, has mentioned in Kurma Puran process of Dandvat Pranam.

Vyatyast-panina karyam-upsangrahana guroh I

Savyen savyah sprastavyo dakshinen tu dakshinah II

When pupil goes to Sri Guru Dev, he should offer prostrated obeisances . How to offer it is mentioned in this verse. Laying down on the earth at the feet of Guru Dev, he should remember that he should touch left foot of Guru Dev by his left hand and right foot by right hand. This is method of offering dandvat pranam to Sri Gurudeva.

Atha Sri Guru -padanam prapya - anugyancha sadhakah I

Prak sankritam haregeham pravekshyan paduke tyajet II (Kurm puran )

Disciple with prior permission should enter the Temple for performing worship of holy Image of God. He should sweep inside and outside the temple. He should never enter the temple with sandals. Sandals should be kept out side.

Sayam pratah-rupaniya bhaikshyam tasmai nivedayet I

Ya cha chanyad-apya-anugyatam –upyunjit sanyatah II

Disciples who are living as Brahmachary, Vanprasthi and Sannyasi in Gurukul or Math should go every day morning and evening from door to door and beg for donation or gift. Whatever they get, should be handed over to Guru Dev. Whatever Guru Dev gives them as prasada, disciples should be satisfied. Guru Dev is he who can award emancipation from the cycle of birth and death.

Gurur na sa syat svajano na sa syat, Pita na sa yat-janani na sda syat I

Devam na tat syann patisch sa syann, Mochyed yah samupet-mrityum II

Sei se param bandhu, sei pitamata I Sri Krishna charne jei prem bhakti data II

Sakal janme pita –mata sabe pay I Krishna Guru nahi mile bhaja hihaya II

In Srimad Bhagavatam (5-5-18) Srila Sukhdev Maharaj said, Guru is not Guru, friend is not friend, father is not father, mother is not mother , deity is not deity, husband is not husband if they are not capable to award liberation from the worldly bondage. One who can give us perpectual eternal peace for ever, is our friend, father, and mother. He is all in all for us who grants us love for Sri Krishna. In all births everybody gets mother and father, but not Guru and Sree Krishna. In this human life only we can have Guru and Sri Krishna . So we should become intelligent and surrender to Guru Dev and start meditation.


Individual souls are engrossed by the energy of illlusion. Because of good and bad activities they wander through the bodies of 84 lakhs species (84,000,00 ) as per description given below; 9,000,00 (nine lakhs) times as living beings in water, Fish, c;rocodile, frog, tortoise etc. 20,000,00 (twenty lakhs) times in the forms of trees , plants of flowers and stone etc. 11,000,00 (Eleven lakhs) times in the forms of various insects, germs etc. living in drains. 30,000,00 (thirty lakhs ) times in the bodies of various kinds of animals; 10,000,00 (ten lakhs) times as different birds ( small and big) 4,000,00 (;four lakhs ) times as human being Total comes to 84,00,000

As such individual souls after wandering in 80,000,000 (eighty lakhs) births and deaths in different species, gets human life for 4,000,00 ( four lakhs) times. This is golden opportunity given by God as a result of our good deeds in all previous births, for meditation. Human life is the best life amongst all species. This golden chance is not given even to demigods who earnestly long for human body for performing Hari Bhajan, for hari bhajan can be done in this human life.

Bade bhagya manusy tan pava I

Sur durlabh sadgranthanhi gava II

Sadhan dham moksh kar dvara I

Payhi na jehi parliok sanvara II

If we perform penance in human life, door for our liberation will be opened for us and we would have place in spiritual world. After getting birth in human body, individual soul always tries to get happines but never gets it because he seekes happiness in worldly life enjoying with perishable objects. How can he get perpectual happines in his material life. It is impossible. Ever existing happiness can be acquired by serving the Supreme Lord as the Lord is ever existing principle and form of happiness.

“Anand mayoayam purusah anandam-evayam labdhva ananandi bhavati.”

When one surrenders unconditionally and realises I-ness and God-ness, he can have happiness in meditation. Without surrendering unonditionally there is no peace even in meditation. Who am I, is not known to me. This is cause of my sufering. I try to identify Myself with my body, but I am not this body. Na-aham deham chida-atmeti I am something else conscious living in human body. This kind of knowledge we can have listening and studying scriptures from divine master. Attainment of Param Brham is absolutely under Sri Gurudeva. It is said in Hari bhakti vilas (10-413-414))

Gyanasya sadhanam shastram shastrancha guru-vktragam II

Brahm praptirto-hetor-gurva–adhina sadaiv hi I

Hetunanen vai vipra guru–gururtarah smritah II

When attainment of Param Brahm is under Sri Gurudeva, he is always worshipful if he teaches us right religious way for our spiritual progress.

Gurorapya-avliptasya karyo-akaryam-ajanatah I

Utpath pratipannasya parityago vidhiyate II

In Mahabharat , (Udyodg parv 179-125) It is said that if Gurudeva is leading lustful life and does not know what is good and bad karmas, such a Guru should abandoned by the disciples. He is Guru by name only and not true Guru. If one hears Hari katha from him, he goes to hell. One should not have association of those who criticise vaishnvas. “Vaishnava vedvesi chet parityajya evam” . It is recorded in Vishnu smriti that Guru who has desire for personal service from desciples and long for name and fame, is not true Guru. Pari-charya-yasholipsuh shisyad gururna hi ( Vishnu smriti) Sri Mahadeva tells Mahadevi in regarding true spiritual master in padm puran;-

Gurvo vahvah shanti shisya–vittap-harkah I

Durllabhah sad-gurur–devi shisya santap harkah II

In Padm puran Shiv said , O, Devi! There are numberless Gurus who snatch wealth from their desciples but romover of miseries of disciples , Guru is rare. It is very difficult to find out real Guru in this world. In Bhakti Sandarbh -237, Srila Jiva Goswami has mentioned ;- “Guror-apya-avliptasyeti smaranat tasya vaishnava bhav-rahityen avaishnava-taya avaishnavoupdisteneti vachan visaya tvachch . Yathokt-lakshanasya sree guror-vidyamantayantu tasyaiv mahabhagavatasyaikasya nityasevanam paramam sreyah”. If Guru is attached with worldly enjoyments and is against vaishnava, such a Guru should be abandoned by disciple because of his nature of non-vaishnavism his greatness has been destroyed. Disciples should always serve a Vaishnava Guru whose life is for the service of Lord Krishna and vaishnavas. Parmarth-gurvasrayo vyavaharik guruvadi parityagenapi kartavyah (bhakti sandarbh-210 ) Srila Jiva Goswami says that having abandoned worldly Guru one should accept spiritual Vaishnava Guru for his bright future. One who examines Spiritual Master as that of ordinary person. goes to hell. Gurusu narmati yasya va narki sah. It is a great sin. God sends jiva to this world for suffering and Gurudeva takes jivas out of this fearful world and sends to spiritual planet of Lord Krishna. It is recorded in Hari bhakti vilas (10/415-416)

Yasmat devo jagannathah kritva martyamayi tanum I

Magnanuddharte lokan karunyachchhastra panina II

Tasmad – bhaktir-guro karya sansar-bhaya bhiruna I

Shastra - gyanen yo agayanam timiram vinipatyet II

Lord Hari having manifested in the form of human being ( Gurudeva) liberates the fallen souls very kindly by his hands of scriptures. He teaches scriptural principles and shows right way leading to emancipation. He does not only teach but also leads his life according to his own teachings. He is incarnation of mercy of God. His is predominated God. By his scriptural lessons he dispells ignorance of hearts of the fallen souls and enlightens with transcendenal knowledge. It is, therefore, main duty of disciple to serve Gurudeva sincerely and regularly who is only our ever well wisher. Shastra pap-haram punyam pavitram bhog mokshdam I

Shantidancha maha-arthancha vakti yah sa Jagad-guruh II

It is said in Hari bhakti vilas (10/417) that if we listen shastras from Sri Gurudeva, our all sins are destroyed and we become purified. Shastras award purity, peace, good deeds, fulfilment and devotion. Well-conversant in the teachings of Shastras is called World Teacher. Hearing Hari katha is called Bhakti. Sree Narada says :- Hari katha-rucdhirhi bhaktihюю Interest in the stories of Lord hari is called Bhakti. Lord Chaitanya devasaid ( m. 25.120) ;-

Sarvva desh - kal-dashay janer kartavya I

Guru pashe seyi bhakti prastavya srotavya II

Srila Vishwanath chakravorty thakur in his commentary on sloka (10-29-32) of Bhagavatam has said:- “ Prathamam dharma-updesta acharya psevyate, paschat-updiste acharniya dharmmah anuvrityeva niskapataya dharmmah siddhyet “ Function of disciple is to serve his Sri Guru Dev honestly who imparts spiritual knowledge. Thereafter he should chant, hear and remember glories of God according to the teachings of his Guru Dev.

Gurau prasanne prasidati bhagavan hari svayam. ( Kalki puran) Acharye tosite vishnustositah syann sanshayah. (Hayshirs panch ratra) Gururyasy bhavet-tustastasya tusto hari svayam. ( bhakti sandarbh) If Gurudeva is satisfied with the loving service of disciple, God becomes satisfied. It means satisfaction of God depends upon the satisfaction of Sri Guru Deva.

Yatha siddh-rasa-sparshat tamram bhavati kanchanam I

Sannidhanad gurorevam shisyo vishnumayo bhavet II

Just as by touching chemnical liquid silver becomes Gold so disciple living with Gurudeva and doing his service sincerely, also becomes worshipful like God. There are three things to get love foi Supreme Lord. What are those three things? These are ;- 1. Firm faith in God, 2. Interest in uttering mantras given by Gurudeva and ; 3. Constantly rememberance of pastimes of Sri Radha-Krishna.

If disciple offers prostrated obeisances unto the Lotus Feet of Sri Guru Dev, dust particles touch his body, sins of all births are destroyed. Sri Guru Dev blesses the fortunate persons in the four ways. Viz. 1. By touching , 2. By having glance over whoever comes to him, 3. By ordering to do some service, and 4. By accepting whatever disciple brought to him.

Sri Mahadeva is World Teacher. He teaches us how to get love for Supreme Lord in the present age of Kali Yuga. Once Srimati Mahadevi asked him how can the fallen souls get salvation from the worldly life. In reply Shiva said, O Devi! there is Mahamantra in Kali Yuga chanting which a man can attain his ultimate goal. Devi asked him to disclose Mamantra to her. Sri Shivajee said regarding religion of Kali Yuga as under;-

Harim bina nasti kinchit papnistarkam kalau I

Tasmat-lokoddharnartha harinam prakashayet II

Sarvatra muchyate loko mahapapat kalau yuge II

O, Devi ! there is no any other means except chanting holy names of God in the age of Kali Yuga. In order to liberate all human beings Lord Hari has manifested in the form of His names.

Kali kale nama rupe Krishna avatar I

Nama haite hay sarva jagat nistar II

Since Lord Krihna has manifested His numerious holy names and each name is identical with the personality of Sri Krishna. There is no distinction between Him and His names. Abhinn tvam nama-naminah. Your name and you are identical. Chanting names of God in Kali Yuga, all chanters get emancipation without fail.. Mahadevi requested to tell her form of Mahamantra. of Kali Yuga. In brhyayamal shastra Sri Shivajee says :-

Hare Krishna pad-dvandvam krishneti cha pad-dvayam I

Tatha hare pad – dvandam hare ram iti dvayam II

Tadante cha mahadevi! rama rama dvay vadet I

Hare hare tato–bruyad harinama sam–uddharet II

Mahmantram cha krishnasya sarva-pap–pranashakam iti II

O, Devi ! In Mahamantra , firstly ‘Hare Krishna‘ words should be spoken twice, then ‘Krishna ‘ twice; thereafter ‘Hare‘ should be uttered twicely. As such first line of Mahamantra becomes , Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Regarding second line of Mahamantra Sri Shivajee says, first Hare Rama Hare Rama should be spoken. After uttering Hare Rama twicely Rama Rama should be spoken and thereafter Hare Hare.. As such , O, Devi ! Mahamantra of Kali Yuga is --

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare II

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare II

Therefore one should take initiation of this Mahamantra from the bonafied Vaishnava Acharya and chant the same at all times under all circumstances as taught by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (

Khaite suite yatha tatha nama laya I

Kal desh niyam nahi sarva siddhi haya II

Ki shayan Ki bhojane kiva jagarane I

Aharnish bhaj Krishna balah vadane II

While at meals, or while taking rest, or while awake.or while working go on incessantly chanting the Holy Name ‘Krishna` meditating upon Him. The constant chanting of the Name, enables the chanter to realise his true nature in relation to the Lord. There are no rules. time and place fixed for chanting holy names of the Lord. But Conditioned souls have sunk to the deplorable depths of various evil propensities. They are struggling against heavy odds, being surrounded on all sides by innumerable mundane distractions that are commonly known as anarthas.These anarthas are fourfold : (i) weakness of the heart; (ii) offence; (iii) evil desires and, (iv) error relating to the true knowledge of the eternal truth.

These anarthas destroy our Bhakti. There are ten offences also to stop our spiritual progress. We should escape ourselves from these ten offences mentioned below : (i) Satam Ninda : Speaking ill of Sadhu-vaishnavas, publishing false scandals about them, causing harm or injury to their persons or adopting other violent methods, like disrespecting them;

(ii) To regard Sri Vishnu as absolutely different from His auspicious Names, Form, Qualities etc., or to treat Him on a par with the other lesser demi-gods, constitutes an offence Sri Krishna is the Supreme Goddhead, the Transcendental Autocrat. He is Prime Cause of all other causes, God of all demi-gods. All other demi-gods are powerful owing to the inspiration they receive from Sri Krishna. They are delegated with ceretain powers by Him To treat Him as on a par with the other demigods who are not independent and who receive strength from Him, is an offence against the Holy Name;

(iii) Guru-avgya: Disregarding the spiritual master who is the greatest exponent of the Holy name. Sri Guru Dev, though he appears before us, talks to us in our language, dresses like us, takes food like others and behaves with us like human being, is not an ordinary mortal, but he is purely a transcendental personage.. An aspirant to the chanting of Name, and desirous of achieving success in his efforts, should treat the Guru as merciful converter of all our evil propensities, erroneous notions and whimsical behavours.The Name of the Lord never manifests on lthe tongue of one who disregards his Sad-Guru.

(iv) Speaking too lightly or contemptuously of the sacred and infallible shastras.. The shastras are not the creations of any mortal. They are originated directly from, the Supreme Lord Himself. Sri Vyasadev, one of the Manifestations of the Lord expounded and expanded the same for the enlightenment of the ignorant worrld.

(v) To be under impression that the whole Glory of the Divine Name explained in the Shastras is merely an exaggeration far from the real facts.They are of opinion that the praises on the efficacy of the Holy Name are simply hyperbolic. Thinking so is an offence against Holy Name.

(vi) Taking all the efficacious and incomparable Names of the Lord as imaginary. Most people are given to a belief that Godhead has no Name. They are of the opinion that any object with a name or form is the production of Maya. Their opinion on Transcendental Object is totally mistaken.

(vii) Committing sins repeatedly and intentionally on the strength of the Name. After listening to the marvellous Glories of the Divine Name, none should continue with loathsome activities and sinful tendencies, knowingly and unknowinglly.A firm conviction on the efficacvy of the Name is highly praise-worthy and most needed by all. The Divine Name by chanting which Divine Love is achieved, should never be used for destroying one‘s sins.

(viii) Regarding the Holy Name in the same category as that of all other religious practices, such as moral duties, religious vows, renunciation, sacrifice, etc. Chanting of Sri Hari-Nama is direct service to the Lord.. Sankirtan should not be compared with other practices. One utterance of the Name “Krishna” is more beneficial than the performance of even crores of horse-sacrifices. Yamaraj,the god of death, will punish a man who compares a single utterance of Sri Krishna-Nama with even crores of hosrse-sacrifices. Inattentiveness while chanting the Name must be avoided at all costs.

(ix) Imparting the Holy Name to persons who have no faith in and are averse to chanting the Holy Name and who are irreligious from their very birth, constitutes an offence. The Holy Name should not be imparted to others, out of selflish motives, such a receiving money and earning a name and fame etc

(x) Want of taste for the chanting or hearing of the name owing to extreme addiction to worldliness even after listening the Excellences of the Name repeatedly is one of the extremely grave offenses that we are prone to commit.This attachment to the phsysical body and the pursuit of worldly pleasures deviates the mind from its true function of devotion to the Name and provokes us to commit offenses very often.

These are ten offences generally we commit against Holy Name. These are mentioned in Padm Purana. Commission of the Namaparadhas must under all circumstances, be eschewed by the aspirant. There should be no bargaining with the Holy Name for worldly gains. Constant chanting of the Name is the sole remedy to escape from these offences. The Name is the only refuge for one who has offended it. Hence chanting the name incessantly, depending upon Its Mercy, is the surest way that would save an aspirant from the various offenses, he has committed against the Name. There is no special rule in selecting place or time for uttering Sri Hari-Nama. In acts like gift, sacrifices, uttering mantras, penace, yogic practices etc., rules and regulations are observed but never for chanting the Name. He who utters the Name even once avoiding all laziness, becomes pure-hearted and exclusively devotes himself to the Supreme Lord. The Name –Sankirtan imparts bliss to the whole Univcerse.

The End.

Gurudeva in Vraja dhama parikrma Disciple in deep meditation in mountains

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