Atulananda Acharya

Lord Nrsimha scares the anarthas
away from the heart

The problems that He sends us are His blessings, because it is only through the problems that we can advance. The problems will eliminate the anarthas, because it is due to the anarthas that we receive problems. -- Nectar revealed by Vaisnava Maharaj and Sripad Atulananda Acharya on the Sunday chat on May 2, 2004

Dear devotees, Dandavat pranams to everyone. Srila Guru Maharaj is on travel at the moment. Sripad B.V. Vaisnava Maharaj is present on the chat, we ask him please to give his mercy.

B.V. Vaisnava: Dandavats to Sri Guru and Gauranga and the present devotees. Mukham karoti vacalam, it is only the mercy of the Guru and the Vaisnavas that one can speak.

We are celebrating the day of Narashinga tomorrow [3rd of May]. It is something special. Nara means man, and shinga means lion, all this appearance. It is in order to protect His devotees, that the Lord is so merciful that He can make any invention to protect. Therefore the viriya aspect of God is this appearance. Viriya means power. Then the power of God is within this appearance. It is explained that to eliminate the anarthas we should pray to Narashinga to give us strength to change the things that we can. What are those things? Ourselves we should learn to love, but the anarthas do not let us. The anarthas wants to have instead of to give, they seem like black insects that do not leave us in peace.

Srila Puri Maharaj says: It is only when we liberate ourselves from the anarthas, that we can come to nistha. Nistha is important to advance on the spiritual path. It is the determination that takes us to the ultimate goal. Do not doubt, nistha does not know doubts. Praladha is a suddha bhakta with all determination and that is because he always is thinking in God, and from there comes the future. Now i would like that Gurudeva Atulananda continues; he knows everything, i know nothing.

Gurudeva Atulananda:

As you said very well, Nrsimha scares away the anarthas from the heart. It is said that the chanting of the holy name is like the roar from a lion that makes the small beasts in the forest to run away. It is like the roar in a cave of the heart. Nrsimha is like a lioness caring for her kids. The protection comes to us in a normal form from the Lord. Like the water flows down the Ganges, so descends the grace of Krishna. Srila Prabhupada liked that we worship Nrsimha, because He protects the sankirtan movement. The enemies of the sankirtan are internal and external elements. As Vaisnava Maharaj said very well, the internal enemies are the anarthas, and they are the most prejudicial, yes they are like mosquitoes that only want to suck and not give anything good. In this way, the best cure against these anarthas is to give. Before we had nothing to give, but thanks to Sri Guru, now we can be giving all day.

This is the duty of a brahmana, because the brahmana is the head of the society and we see that our head does not rest. The other parts of the body can rest, but not the mind, not the intelligence, even less. It has to be alert. In this way, the brahmana, like a good protecting father, must vigil for the good of the society. We have a social duty - this was the vision of Srila Prabhupada. The social duty is called daivi varnasram. It means, Krishna must be in the centre of our life. We should put Krishna in the centre, and therefore our ego must be erased. This is all the work to do, and the ego is erased through humility, and humility can be achieved only through closeness to God, Krishna.

Sridhar Maharaja said: "To feel small you must be near of the greatest". In this way we always must have the greatest present, and this is possible only if we erase our envy for the greatest, and this medicine we receive in Srimad Bhagavatam. So we see how this process cure us, it makes us sane from these sicknesses called anarthas.

We have been put into a big problem in this world by the illusory game of maya, and only Krishna can save us from this situation. This is also Vrindavan. Like the demons entered Vrindavan, in the same way they can enter your heart, but you must not stop being a vrajavasi just because of that. Vrajavasi means to claim for Krishna in moments of problems.

Prahlada Maharaja had his external problem to make his sankirtan. We have our internal and external problems. Thus we should pray like Prahlada did, in a determined and constant way. Krishna puts us into these problems, so that He can take us out of it afterwards, when we have become humble and have prayed for His grace. Krishna puts us into problem and only He can take us out of them. The problems that He sends us are His blessings, because it is only through the problems that we can advance. The problems will eliminate the anarthas, because it is due to the anarthas that we receive problems. Once the anarthas withdraw, there is no longer any problems. It is here that one is situated in nistha, as Vaisnava Maharaj said.

I consider this position of nistha very beautiful; it is very chaste and pure. In nistha one becomes like a chaste wife that does not hope for change and that only gives in an unselfish way. Nistha means to be disposed to serve Krishna with complete resolution, yatha tatha va vidadhatu lampato, unbreakable determination. This will be necessary and only the adversity can create this force within us. After this nistha comes the grace of Krishna, the positive acquisition, ruci, from here and forward.

From now and on at this state, the anarthas can be, some, but in a weaker form and they cannot affect the ecstasy of the devotee. They cannot put shadow in your devotion. Our prayer is to attain nistha, like Suta Goswami said: It should be unrestrained, this is a fundamental require. All power we will receive from the name, and to chant the name we need sadhu sanga and the sadhus are also needed. Therefore they will occupy us with seva and give Krishna katha, and in this way, together with the worshiping of the deity, the packet is complete. What a wonderful process! At once one starts to serve God! As Srila Prabhupada said: We are servants. Simple servants. You should be satisfied with serving Krishna. Bhaktivinoda Thakura said: You are Krishna das. If you accept this, you will not have to suffer anymore. This is all. Bhaktivinoda Thakura knew so much, he could explain the whole bhakti science, but he burst out saying: "I know nothing about religion, I only know that my duty is to satisfy You. I only know that I must serve and that You must be served". So in this simple way we were brought to the top of bhakti.

Srila Prabhupada was such an expert in taking us to this peak, that we had any base or backing, neither we had any culture or religion. It is that bhakti is unaffected and sincere. It consists in that we are sincere and simple, in that we become servants and Krishna will give us intelligence. He will give everything that may need. But we must approach in a sincere way, to chant and to serve. Do not make it complicated and do not fear. Do not think that the process is not effective. The process is very effective. It does not ask much from us. The process makes the greater part of it all, it just asks for our good will. It is like our body; the body makes practically everything, one just has to eat a little, and the breathing is automatically. The most important is provided in an automatic way. This is the way that Krishna makes the things as the loving Father that He is. The child only asks and the Father provides. Krishna says: Pray for devotion, pray for devotion. Do not pray for karma, j?ana or siddhis, all of this is cheating. If you pray for My devotion, I will be very happy to give this.

Look, Krishna is giving everything to everyone. He even gives us what He wouldn't like to give us. He gives alcohol to the drunk, women to the sexopath, in this way… eko bahunam yo vidadati kaman, Krishna is satisfying all desires. Like the demons can enter Vrindavan, so they can enter your heart in spite of already be surrendered, but the cure always was Krishna, the name of Krishna. Therefore there is no reason to despair, because in this world we must learn this science of complete dependence in Krishna. This means to eliminate the ego of everything, for more dependence, less ego. The ego is the subtlest substance, even more subtle than the intelligence. And that is the reason why it is very difficult to eliminate it, because we do not ever perceive it, only Krishna perceives it and Srimad Bhagavatam.

Srimad Bhagavatam says: You envy Krishna, and therefore you cannot taste this reading. When I read for the first time that I envy Krishna, I was very chocked. I had never seen it this way, but one can see that it is so, that everything is related. For envy of Him, one does not want to serve, neither listen to Him, and in this way we reject His help. We said that Krishna even gives what He does not want to give, so much wealth He gives to some rich, and so much fame to others, but we know which is the desire of the Lord: na danam na janam na sundarim. Even like this he is providing in big quantities what He does not want to give, just to please us.

So now imagine if you ask for what He wants to give you!!! This is to ask for bhakti. Krishna is claiming: Ask me for bhakti. I am the great giver, the universal giver, the great providing Father. Ask me for bhakti. If one is intelligent and very fortunate, he will understand this and will centre all his life to beg for this wealth, for this unique richness, or like Gurudeva Paramadvaiti said in the previous chat: We will cry for this treasure.

In this way, do not let us despair in no way, because bhakti is the most guaranteed way; the way that with greatest security can bring us to success, because it counts with the grace of Krishna. From our part we just have to put the determination, our collaboration, and Krishna will make the rest. It is like Sridhar Maharaja said: "If there is a good cook, why do you have to cook then? It is enough if you help that good cook." In this way Krishna is the great cook and He is providing from the most difficult, He just asks for our most sincere participation, and this is: Never stop sprinkling the plant of bhakti. The plant should always be irrigated through the chanting, and the weed must be pulled up. Both things are necessary. Not only chanting. Take this in serious consideration, because it is very important. Do not expect that the chanting will make everything, because Krishna is also giving you intelligence to fight your anarthas, like Arjuna was obliged to fight for himself. Krishna showed him that the battle already was won, but even with that he had to fight personally.

In this way Krishna will give you the weapons, in this way He will help you. He will not do the job for you. He will help you to be a good worker for you purity, for the cause of your love for Him. So in this way He will give you determination, enthusiasm, patience, capacity of austerity of renunciation, and particularly intelligence to distinguish between maya and Krishna. These are the weapons that He will be giving you. In Caitanya Caritamrta Srimati Radharani condemned His patience: Damned patience, She said, that makes me live without Krishna. So Krishna gives us job for all this life, an entire life of dedication and love for Krishna. He has everything planned for our complete dedication, so His grace is the weapons that He gives us, the capacity of more and more force from our part and also the stronger and stronger negative sentiment from our part, that I am very needed of this grace. So like this, when Krishna wants to come closer, He withdraws. The more He wants to help us in our purification, He shows our anarthas. Krishna is realistic and practical, so it is no reason to doubt in Him. We should accomplish with our fight like a great warrior. The warrior does not know when the war will be over and in any moment he can die, but even so he continues.

Arjuna asked: What happens with the yogi who fails? Krishna did not answer that no yogi would fail. He said: He will continue in his next life. In this way there is not really any failure, the failure is only apparent. It is like when Krishna meet the demons; in a moment it seems that the demon is going to win, but you already know the end… In the same way, if you practice bhakti, you will win, even though in some moments it will look like it is not so. In these difficult moments you should increase your faith in bhakti. Your faith is put on test, this is all, and therefore you should persist even more. This means to have intelligence, because you already have decided: My only refuge is Krishna. This is already decided and is the top of all intelligence, of all philosophic process, scientific and religious. It is the bahunam janmananam ante. It is the top. Stay on the top, even though the world tries to make you go down always, like the gravity force that never rests.

Thus i can resume it like this:

  1. Krishna gives the means by which we can execute our bhakti.
  2. Like brahmanas that we are supposed to be, we have a duty to accomplish in society, a duty without rest or despair.
  3. Krishna provides to everyone. Then how wouldn't he provide bhakti to His devotees, if this were what He wants to give? If it was exactly for this that He created us?
  4. Mother Nele has given us the most beautiful gift, of course, together with Srila Prabhupada, Sridhar Maharaj and Srila Puri Maharaj.
  5. Like the demons could enter Vrindavan, so the anarthas can enter your heart, but do not despair for this. It is the game of Krishna who wants to show how much He loves you, coming like a greatly armed gentleman, to be your saviour.
  6. Be situated in nistha without ever discourage, since that bhakti is unrestrained. Nothing in this world can stop it, just like nothing can stop Ganges water to flow down to the ocean.

Jay devotees, I hope you are very well. Thank you very much for your reception. Thank you very much Vaisnava Maharaj. Many greetings to all of you.

Manah Siksa Devi Dasi

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